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Fun Friday night with friends

Well it has been a long week, for that matter it has been a busy summer so far this year but I was going out with my friends tonight so all was good. It seems the last few months have been really busy and my Susan time has been limited, I have been only getting out about once a week instead of my twice which although sad is okay. Susan is a part of me and she needs to be able to get out and express herself but even if it is only once a week it is okay.

I have said it before but there really is a need for a crossdresser or transgender person to be able to express that part of them on a regular basis. For me I find if I can’t or go long periods without that part of my life I tend to start thinking about it more and more and when can I dress and it makes it hard to concentrate on other things like work. I also find that at night when I try to go to sleep my thoughts go to Susan and wanting to dress and then it is hard to clear my mind to sleep which make it harder to sleep and get good quality sleep. It is funny as I sleep the best the nights I have gone out as Susan as it makes me so relaxed and calm. I guess this is my way of saying Susan is a big part of me and she will never go away.

Well I started getting ready early as I have said I enjoy the whole part of Susan including the getting ready. I took a little longer than normal as I wanted to look perfect, well as perfect as in could. I spent extra times on my lips as I love red lipstick which is probably the hardest to get to look perfect. Now normally I line my lips just outside my lip line but I was reading online that with red lipstick you shouldn’t do that so tonight I stayed inside which made my lips just a little narrower but I really do think they looked better and it must have worked as I got 4 compliments on how good my lips looked so I will have to remember that trick.

Well I got to Sweet Home and Amy, Cassandra, Laura, Melissa, Cristine & Bobby were already there, actually they were pretty busy for as early as it was. Now Levi is gone as he got a new job which he love by the way so Paul the owner was tending bar now on Friday nights. Now he is awesome also as I have talked to him many times over the last year we have been going here so it is not like we have to get to know someone new. He even remembered most of our names which was nice.

Well we ordered dinner and talked and some played pool, it was Melissa’s night for pool as she won almost every game she played, I say almost as she did lose twice and once was to me. Now I have to describe this shot I had 2 balls left and she only had 1 and her one ball was kind of blocking my other one on the one end of the table and yes the cue ball was here too. All 3 of these balls were within 6 inches of the one corner. Now I might have been able to make the ball but if I missed she would have had an easy shot on her ball and the 8 ball to win so I decided to shoot at my other ball which was at the opposite end of the table right up against the rail in the middle of the two pockets almost impossible to cut but if I missed she would not have a shot on her ball so that is how I went. I had to just barley cut my ball to get it to slide down the rail and had to hit it hard enough to get it to the pocket. Well I did just that, I just nicked the ball and it slid right down the rail about 12 inches and into the pocket, just perfect. Now the really cool part and something I had not even thought about was as hard as I hit it the cue ball came back on almost the same path and tapped my other ball in the opposite corner pocket, yes I made both balls in one shot. I think I could set that same shot up 1,000 times and not make it, where was the video camera when you need it.

Well it got later and the karaoke guy showed up and people started to sing. Lorraine also showed up which was awesome as we have known her for several years, we actually met her at the P-Club when we were allowed to go there. Just for an update the owner of the P-Club is still trying to sell it and we have not heard anything on our complaint against the P-Club. Actually we all figured it would be the end of August at the earliest before we got a ruling from the Judge which is fast approaching. We also figure if the Judge rules in our favor that the owner will appeal so we all figure it will be several years before we have a final ruling. It was great to see Loraine again and talk with her.

The Karaoke group was all there which is always fun as we get along great with them; actually we get along with pretty much all the customers that come here. It is just a really friendly neighborhood bar. Well Melissa got out her phone and took some pictures this is Cassandra, Melissa and me. Veronica and Jan even showed up.

Several of us are golfing again in the morning at Wild Wood Golf course. They were so awesome the last time we went there and when Cassandra called to make tee times again they were excited we were coming back. It is great to see businesses that treat everyone the same. Well we are planning on being at the golf course by 11 which in itself is not that early but then again for us there is a lot to do. I will need to leave my house by 10 or shortly after to be there on time. This means I need to start getting ready by 8:30 so I have to be up early in the morning so it will not be a late night tonight. Yes we all are doing our makeup to go golfing we are such girly girls.

Well it was a fun night. We had a blast and several of the regulars came over and talked with us. What a great way to start a weekend. It was about 12:20 when we left so we could all get our beauty sleep for golf on Saturday. Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great weekend also.


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