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August night out with the girls at Harvey’s Comedy club

Well it has been a busy couple weeks for my male self with vacations at work so Susan has stayed locked up for a while, this is actually my first day off in almost two weeks so I was really looking forward to a girls night out.

I can normally get ready in an hour or so but today I wanted to enjoy the time I had so I started off with a nice warm bath that turned out to be s long one as I fell asleep for a while but it felt so relaxing. I also spent extra time doing my makeup and getting reedy a little over an hour nod then to pick out just the right dress, well that was not that hard as I wore my favorite maroon dress and of course my 4″ heels as I figured my feet could take it as it has been two week since I last wore heels.

Well I was ready a little before 6 and on my way, I got downtown and parked by 6:40 and walked to Fox & Hound. Laura, Jan and Cristine were already there. I ordered a drink and a snack as I wanted to eat later at Harvey’s as they have been so wonderful to our group I think it is fair to spend some money there. Petra showed up for dinner with us even though she couldn’t go to Harvey’s. Melissa, Julie, Trixy, Barb and Mikaela also showed up soon and we all sat and talked for a while as we waited the time to leave and walk to Harvey’s. after a little while I moved to the other end of the table so I could talk more with Julie, Trixy and Mikaela. It was great to see Julie and Trixy as it has been a while since they have been out.

I also got to talk with Mikaela as she broke up with her girlfriend a few weeks back and I wanted to see how she was doing. Well it turns out she has already met a new girl and even told her about Mikaela and she is fine with it, actually she is going to meet Mikaela for the first time tonight as she is going to meet us at Harvey’s. Mikaela has shown her pictures but this will be the first time in person plus she will get to meet all of us too. Very cool.

Well as always time goes quick and soon it was 8:30 and time to walk over to Harvey’s. it was a nice warm evening so it was a very enjoyable walk, we even stopped a couple times so Mikaela could get some pictures of herself out walking in downtown Portland.

We got to Harvey’s and got our tickets we had 13 of us for tonight’s show. We then went in and sat in the lounge to wait for the early show to end. Well of course Camera’s came out and pictures were taken. This is Mikaela, Me and Melissa before the show. Well as we waited Lynn, Queeny and Victoria showed up so now we were just waiting for Mikaela’s new girlfriend. Well she showed up and she seemed really nice and was not at all bothered by us which was really nice, she introduced herself to all of us her name is Meryl. I think it will be easier for us to remember her name then for her to remember all our names and match them to a face as there were 13 of us.

Well it was time for the show to start so we all went in, we were in no hurry as we come once a month and we always let our favorite waitress Kim know how many we have and she always sets up tables for us which is awesome of her. We sat down at the tables and Melissa, Mikaela, Meryl and I all shared a table. It was nice as we got to talk before the show and get to know her a little better.

Well the show started and as always the comedian’s were awesome both the opening and the headliner. Again I can’t remember the opening comedian and they don’t show that on the web page but the headliner was Ian Bagg and he was awesome. He would engage the audience with questions and then have jokes about what they said which must be hard to come up with stuff that fast but I really think that makes for a better show as it is fresh and relevant to the area and people there. We all laughed so hard it was just a really fun night and of course went by so fast.

After the show we all walked back to Fox & Hound for a bit, I was glad when we got there as my feet were really feeling the pain of walking so far in such high heels but then what is important is how you look right at least that is what I always tell myself. We sat for a while and talked but than one by one we called it a night I think Julie, Trixy and Melissa were the only ones left and I think they were going to CC Slaughters to dance a little. It was just such a fun night and I am already looking forward to next month.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great day.


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