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Fun evening with friends

Well it is another Friday night and time to go out and have some fun with my friends. I so look forward to this night all week long but especially tonight as it has been a really busy couple weeks and this is my first chance in almost 2 weeks to have some Susan time. I so love spending times with my friends I have made as Susan. It also gives me a chance to escape from my daily life as a man and forget about all the issues, and problems I face on a daily basis. I think the world would be much better place if everyone you get away from their issues every week for a few hours, I am not saying by crossdressing but finding something that completely relaxes them and for me that is being Susan. O don’t just get to forget about stuff but I take on a new persona of Susan, friends, experiences and the rest of my life goes away for those few hours. I read someplace that the way to be happy is find something you really enjoy and then make time to do it on a regular basis and I have found just that.

Well I got all ready and off I went to meet my friends at Sweet Home. Laura, Cassandra and Chris were already there when I got there. Actually it was only 7 pm and I there were only a couple other people there at this time. It is actually pretty quiet here till about 9:30 when they get the Karaoke going. That is when most people start to show up. Well we ordered dinner and sat around and talked for a bit. It really is about being out with friends and the social aspect of it and not so much about where we go or what we do for me.

Kim showed up next which was awesome as I some really like spending time with her. We actually got together Wednesday and had a BBQ at my house but that was not Susan time. It really is awesome that I get to spend time with her as both male and female; I guess I am really lucky on this. Anyway she had on this really cute summertime dress and looked awesome. It was going to be a wonderful night.

Well a few more girls showed up, Melissa, Mikaela, Cristine, Bobby, Bob, Petra and Christina. Christina came last week when I wasn’t there so this was the first time I have met her. She seems really nice and has been living full time now for about 3 years. We got a chance to talk for a bit and get to know each other which is always nice meeting new people.

David also showed up, he is one of Kim’s friends and has come out with us a few times. He lives somewhat close to Sweet Home so he stopped in for a bit which was nice. He seems really accepting of our group and is fun to talk to so hopefully he will stop in again. Well it got to the time for Karaoke and of course Kim, Chris, and Laura put their names into sing. They all sang several songs and did an awesome job as always. I was joking with Mikale about her singing and she asked when I was going to sing and I told her right after she did. Well about an hour later Mikaela did go up and sing so now I guess I will have to come up with a song to sing. I am okay singing with someone else but I still can’t get up the courage to sing on my own. It is funny but going out as Susan on my own doesn’t bother me but singing Karaoke or dancing scares me and I think people will stare at me. Makes no sense I know but what can I say.

Well it get late and Kim needed to leave so of course I walked her out to her car. It is always sad when she has to leave but I can look forward to the next time I see her. Well I got back inside and it was really starting to get busy as a lot of the Karaoke group had shown up now. I played a couple games of pool, I lost both but came close to winning and had fun and that is what counts.

Well it was a fun night and it was amazing as it got later it got busier and there were still people coming in after 1 which when you figure they close at 2:30 suppressed me. Well others left and it was down to just Cassandra and me and we got balking. And before we knew it it was after 2 am and the place was packed. We actually had to stand in line to pay our bills so it must have been a really good night for the place.

Tomorrow night the group is going to Harvey’s comedy club for our monthly outing. I am so looking forward to it; I think we have 16 signed up to go. We are also planning a golf day, we have 8 people that have paid and Cassandra is working on getting a tee time for us. That will be a lot of fun.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great weekend

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