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First weekend of summer and I am out with my friends

Well it has been another long week so I was looking forward to a Friday night out with my friends. Now next week will be very busy for my male side so I really wanted to enjoy tonight. It is the first weekend of summer and we are finally going to have some nice weather, actually just a little too hot. Today was in the upper 80’s and for the next few days will be in the mid 90’s which is hot here as we normally only get a few days a year that break 90. No I love nice weather but as I tend/need to wear heavier makeup as I have more to hide then natural woman perspiration is my enemy as it makes my makeup feel and look bad, being a lady is hard work but so much fun. I started getting ready about 5 in hopes of being out the door by 6:30 well it was almost 7 when I left. Luckily I can make it to Sweet Home in about 15 minutes.

I got there and the parking lot was full so I had to park out on the street and walk a little in the heat. Now I just have to mention this as when I got out of the car I caught my panty hose on something and put a small run in them how frustrating. I love the feel and look of panty hose as I really think they make my legs look so much better but really a run so easy. Now the reason I bring this up as sometimes you can wear them forever and others it is a onetime shot. These were bran new one I had just put on a half hour ago and the reason for that is the pair I wore Wednesday night I hooked my heel on when I got out of the car and put a run in them which by the way was also a brand new pair, someone needs to design a run proof nylon, well just a little off topic. Inside Cassandra, Chris and Laura were already there so I joined them. Chris had his laptop and was showing us a couple funny videos he found online. I ordered their special a seafood combo and we sat around and talked for a while.

Well it wasn’t long and more of our girls started to show up and soon we were crowded around the table. Cristine, Bobbie, Roxy, Michelle, Cassie and Kim showed up. Kim had on this really cute colorful skirt and looked awesome; this was going to be a wonderful night. Well we started to play pool and Laura and I were first to play. I did pretty well and almost won but missed my 8 ball shot and Laura didn’t so she won. I went back to the table and sat next to Kim so we could talk. Kim, Chris, Roxy and I spent the next hour just talking and having fun.

Well it was time for Karaoke and the other group still hadn’t got there yet as they were helping one of them move so Kim and Chris were first to sing and they did awesome as always and Laura was next and also did great. It was funny as at this point there were so few people singing that after these two songs the Karaoke guy Mark sang next then Chris, Kim and Laura again. Kim sang the song “One way or another” by Blonde and did awesome. Chris sang “Live and Let Die” by Paul McCartney and did great. I love both these songs. It was after 10 when some of the Karaoke group showed up and about 10 of them put their names in to sing.

Well Kim and I put money up to play pool and waited our turn. I went first and got to play Cassandra. I really wanted to win not just because it is so much fun to win against Cassandra but also I would get to play Kim the next game. Again I played well but again missed my 8 ball shot and Cassandra didn’t and won. While we were playing one of the ladies at the bar told me how cute my heels I was wearing were and they really are as I get all kinds of compliments on them something I have never gotten on any of my male shoes. Well Kim played Cassandra and did awesome as she does not play a lot of pool. She only had one ball left when Cassandra was going for the 8 ball and Cassandra scratched and sunk the cue ball and loss so Kim won, way to go Kim.

Well by now it was getting late and Kim had to leave as she had to get up early to do some work so I walked her out to her car. It was a beautiful night for a walk as it was still about 75 out. Here is a little funny side note, as a guy I have walked with girls and always had to slow down and wait for them and always wondered why they walk so slowly. Tonight and last Wednesday when I was walking with Kim I found myself falling behind and having trouble keeping up with her and then it hit me. I had on my 3 ½ inch heels and hers shoes were flat. You can’t take as big of steps or walk as fast in heels. I love heels but they really are not made for walking especially on uneven ground. It is still strange to walk her out as her boyfriend while dressed as Susan. She even told me how pretty I looked tonight as she loves the dress I wore which I already knew, I wore this dress tonight just for her as I knew she would be there and I wanted to look pretty for her. Well we said our goodbyes and she headed off home and I went back inside.

It was pretty busy inside and Karaoke was in full swing. Petra had even showed up and she went up and sang a song also and did great. We sat and talked some more and listened to Karaoke for another hour or so and just had a wonderful time. It was almost and it was just Cassandra, Cristine, Bobbie and I left from our group when we decided to call it a night. It was still 73 outside and so nice. It was just a wonderful evening all the way around.

Now we get into the heat for the next several days and Susan has a going away part for Jenn tomorrow as she is moving to California soon and I assume we will be outside some of the time, I will have to get some pictures. It will be sad to see her move away as she really is an awesome friend and I will miss her.

Well thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend.

We still haven’t heard anything on our case against the P-Club & Chris Penner but we do know that all the legal briefs have been filed and now it is just waiting for the judge to render his decision. The one thing we do know Chris Penner has put the old P-Club up for sale which really doesn’t change anything.


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