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Out again with friends at Sweet Home

Well it has been another long week for my male self so I was not able to get out at all this week so I am really looking forward to tonight. I got a text from Cassandra wondering what time I would be there so we agreed to try to be there by 6:30 which means starting getting ready a little earlier which is okay with me as I love the whole time getting ready and transforming into Susan. I spent about an hour and 40 minutes becoming Susan and it was so worth it as it really relaxed me after the long week. I was getting dressed and notice 3 of my neighbor kids out-front playing so now I had that to worry about. Not much I can do about the makeup but I can leave my wig off so that was my plan. I finished getting dressed and looked out again and didn’t see them so I put my wig on and down to the car I went completely as Susan. I opened the garage door and no one in sight so I pulled out and turned down my street only to see the 3 kids riding their bikes towards me on the side walk. Not much I could do at this point but pull down the sun visor and keep going. Wonder if they saw me and realized who I was.

I got to Sweet Home right at 6:30 and Laura was the only one from our group there. we both ordered dinner as they had the New York Steak dinner special which is their best I think, Cassandra showed up just a few minutes later and Melissa was right behind her. Well we all had dinner and talked for a bit, we are trying to get a small group together to go golfing next month as we had so much fun at Diva Las Vegas golfing. We are hoping to get maybe 3 foursomes to go the only problem is we need to make sure those who say they will go show up. Melissa is the one who is putting this together which is awesome of her.

Well we started to play pool and Laura and I were first. It was a good game and Laura was a little off but at the end she was down to the 8 ball and I still had 3 balls left when she missed giving me another shot and I ran the rest of the table, I sunk all 3 of my balls and then the 8 ball to win so I was off to a good start. Next I played Melissa and well the outcome was not the same. I did play a good game but Melissa was just a little better and won.

More girls showed up including Bar, Cristine, Veronica, Joan, Guin, Michelle, Cassie in male mode, Petra in male mode, Jan & Lynn so we had a good turnout. It is always harder in the summer to get girls out as it stays light so late and tonight is the longest day of the year. A lot of T-girls don’t like going out when it is light outside, I remember a few years ago I would not leave my home till it was completely dark so in the summer time it was always after 10 before I left. Now I want to go out and how light it is out doesn’t matter to me.

Well it was great to see these girls out and talk with them. This was Barbs second week in a row as last week she came out to one of her neighbors. She use to get dressed in the car as she has a long walk from where she lives to her car. I can remember dressing in my car years ago, seems we do what we have to when we want to go out. Any way she was a little disappointed as she walked out to her car again this week as Barb and didn’t see any of her neighbors. How cool is that as she has gone from worrying about them finding out to wanting them to see her, a big step.

I also got to talk to Guin for a bit she also hasn’t been out as much lately, she went full time several months ago so she goes everyplace as Guin and she is doing great. It was fun talking to her and catching up on how things are going for her. I also got to talk with Veronica as she was in town this weekend and joined us. Last time I saw her was at Diva Las Vegas. Well it was my turn to play pool again and Melissa was who I got to play as she had been winning since she beat me. It was another close game but I lost again.

Well it was time for Karaoke and Laura was the first to sing, actually it was a small crowd tonight as the Karaoke group that always shows up had a party they went to instead. We all missed them as they are such a fun group to hang out with. We did meet several new people there though. The table next to us had 3 men at it and one came over and started talking to Cassandra, his name was Kirk, he introduced us to his partner and friend and we actually talked with them for a long time.

I was also at the bar getting another drink and the girl next to me told me how cute my shoes were which they really are. I also told her how cute here shoes were as she had on these low boots with 4″ spiked heels. I think her name was Nicky any way for the next 5 minutes or so Nicky, I think her mom and I stood there and talked about heels. I have found this an easy way to start a conversation with woman. On the other hand this does not work with men after all when was the last time you heard a couple men talking about shoes and how cute they are. One of the fun things about being Susan is I get to talk about stuff like shoes, makeup and cloths.

Well a lady at the bar came over and told us how great we looked and what girl doesn’t like to hear that. Her name was Ahndine and she also introduced us to her boyfriend Mathew. They were really nice and we talked for a while. She even told me I looked like Taylor Dayne, now I know she is a singer but that is all so she told me if I didn’t know who she was I must be younger than her. Well I was pretty sure I was older then her as my makeup really helps. Any way she was shocked to learn that not only was I older but 10 years older and she made the comment that she hopes she looks as good as I do when she is my age which made my night. Now this is the funny part as she asked me how I look so young and good and I told her it was daily moisturizer and of course makeup as that really helps. She went back to her table and got her purse and came back and touched up her makeup and put on some lipstick. I know a lot of woman don’t like makeup and maybe if I had to wear it every day all the time, well I think I would still love it. Any way we had a great evening and made some new friends.

As I said it had been a long week and I really only planned on staying out till midnight but as always time flies and soon it was after 1:30 so we decided it was time to leave actually it was just Cassandra, Jan, Lynn and me still left. Well we said our goodbyes and of few went. It was a great way to end a busy week.

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a great weekend.


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