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Friday night at Sweet Home June 14 2013

Well it has been another long week and this is my first chance to get time as Susan and go out so I have been looking forward to it all week. The weather all week has been on the cool said and rainy even today was rainy and cool till about 5 when it cleared off for the weekend and got warm so now I am wondering if the neighbor kids will be out playing when I leave, anyway no time to worry about that as I need to get ready. I took extra time tonight getting ready as I really do enjoy the whole experience of becoming Susan. I know some probably think my spending 2 hours getting ready would not be fun but I always point out that I don’t do this every day, maybe if I was doing it all the time I would think different but I doubt it as I find it fun and relaxing. Anyway I was ready to leave and looked outside and saw no one so off I went.

I got to Sweet Home right at 7 sand their parking lot was full, all 5 spots so I found a spot on the street. The bright side is the fact their parking lot is so small it is easy to walk across it in my high heels. Inside Chris, Roxy and Laura were there. We weren’t sure how busy it would be tonight with the weather being nice suddenly and also it is Pride weekend so a lot of the girls will be out on Sunday but no matter who shows up it will be a fun night.

There was a lady at the next table and as I walked by to go order my dinner she stopped me and told me how cute my heels were which made me feel good. I will point out as a guy I have never been stopped by anyone and told how cute, nice, hot or so one my shoes were, actually I have never had anyone comment on my male shoes but it is a common thing when I wear heels. Anyway we talked for a bit and she also had on really cute spiked high heels.

Well Kim showed up and it was great to see her again, actually my male side saw her last night and tonight it is Susan that gets to spend time with her. We talked for a bit, she has a friend coming tonight that she has known for years. It was just turning out to be a fun night.

Well some more of our group showed up, Melissa, Petra, Alizabeth, Michelle, Bob and Barb. Barb was telling us as she left home she walked behind a couple of her neighbors and finally went up and said hi and talked to them as Barb, wow what a big step. She talked to them for a bit and they seemed fine with her so now she is out at least a little. I know two of my neighbors know and are fine with it and I know they have seen pictures of Susan but I have not met them face to face yet, actually I am not sure they would even want to meet me as Susan. After all it is one thing to know someone crossdresses but another thing to meat or be a part of it. I have seen many comments online where people have said they have no problem with transgender people they can do whatever makes them happy but a lot of time they add that it is not something for them or that woman don’t want a man that dresses. I guess I am lucky I found Kim and met her as Susan first. Any way it was a big step for Barb.

It was fun to spend time with my friends and talk. Kim’s friend finally made it his name is David and he seems really nice. I got a chance to talk with him and he did have a few questions about transgender most of which I think was more how to talk to us and address us without offending us which I think is a big stumbling block for many as they just don’t know what to say or are afraid they might offend us or we might take something the wrong way.

Now this is the spot where I give my opinion and how I view it and think of it, this is just my opinion and may or may not be that of anyone else. There that being said here goes. The general rule of thumb is if someone is dressed as male refer to them as male, he/him/sir/mister if they are dressing as female then refer to them as female, her/she, miss. If you are not sure what area of the transgender community I fall in then ask I will not be offended is you ask me if I am transsexual/drag queen/crossdresser or so on. After all just looking at how I am dressed you cannot tell well maybe you can tell I am not a Drag Queen. I and most transgender know that people have questions plus most of us like anyone else like to talk about ourselves as it is something we know a lot about. I also know that most people don’t know all the different terms for transgender people and what they all mean, I am not sure even I know all of them and their correct meaning. That is okay and if you ask me I will tell you what I know. Now as always this is me and not all transgender will feel the same but I hope most will.

Well it was a fun night and soon Karaoke started. Kim, Chris, Laura and Alizabeth got up and sang and all did awesome. It was a little busier than earlier but still not a big crowd. Lorraine even showed up which was great as I have not seen her for awhile. She was telling me that the P-Club is up for sale. This is the club we use to go to till about a year ago when we were asked not to come back as the owner didn’t want to be known as a gay or tranny bar. Well we had our hearing a little over a month ago and know just waiting on the Judge’s ruling which hopefully will be buy the end of August. We have heard that his business has really fallen off the past year.

Well it was getting late and Kim needed to leave so I walked her out to her car. We talked a little more and then I went back inside and they were really busy. That few minutes I was outside everyone must have come in. I talked with David a little more. I hope he felt welcome with our group. About 30 minutes later he said it was time for him to go so both Chris and I told him he was more than welcome to join us anytime and he said he would.

Heather was also there she is one of the Karaoke group that loves us. She got engaged a while back and she finally got her ring sized and had it on so she of course had to come and show us. She was so excited and never stopped smiling the whole night. Even her fiancé came over and talked with us for awhile.

Well it was about 12:30 when the few of us left called it a night. What a great start to my weekend. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend. 


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  1. Susan
    I really had a great laugh on the comments about your male shoes.

    Comment by Julie Taylor | June 15, 2013 | Reply

  2. Susan, I just found your blog and really love it. Your insight is so honest and supportive in this matter. Cant wait to read more about your adventures. Please keep up the great work.. love Darla

    Comment by Darlagirl88 | June 24, 2013 | Reply

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