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Relaxing and fun Saturday for Susan

Well today is Saturday and I have been looking forward to today for weeks. I am getting a pedicure today at 3 and going to Harvey’s Comedy Club tonight so I also thought I would go out early and maybe do some shopping or find a Starbucks for an hour or two first. Awesome plans but as always things don’t always work out as planned. By that I mean I was running late as things kept coming up and before I knew it, it was after 2 and I finally ready. Now I was meeting Peggy for pedicures at 3, I left my house at 2:10 and the Nail salon, Glamorous Nails (17475 Sw Farmington Rd. Aloha (503) 848-8259) is a 45 minute drive so I had just enough time to get there as long as I didn’t hit traffic so no shopping today.

I have been looking forward to getting g a pedicure for a long time; my last one was last fall. They are so relaxing if you have never had one you really need to try it. Well I got there just before 3 and Peggy was just pulling in. well we went in and they were busy, there were 5 women all getting pedicures so we had to wait a little. It is a good thing we made an appointment. Peggy and I went over and looked at the nail polish and picked out our colors. Now I love red and almost always choose a red color but being summer I picked a color called “That’s Berry Daring” which I thought would be a good summer color. Well it was a little after 3 when we got in the chairs and the one lady started on Peggy’s feet but the lady doing mine was still finishing up another lady so I just sat and soaked my feet for a few more minutes.

She finally finished and came over to me and said she was sorry I had to wait which really was no big deal. She has done my nails before and also removed my acrylic nails for me so she remembers me by name actually all the woman working here do which makes you feel special. Well for the next 45 minutes they trimmed our nails, scrubbed the bottoms of our feet, messaged our feet and calves, put lotion on and rubbed it in and then finish off with a hot towel. It really is the best 45 minutes you can have. The whole time Peggy and I were talking and sitting in a chair that messages your back. It is such an enjoyable time and having Peggy there made it all the better as it is always so much more fun to go with someone else.

  • Well it was time for the nail polish, now if I had doubts about the color as soon as she put it on they went away as it was an awesome color and perfect for summer. It really is a shame I don’t go barefoot so everyone can see them. Really the only time they are visible is when I am out as Susan and have open toe heels on and then it is seen through my nylons as my legs really need nylons to look good. Other than that it is just me who sees them at home but trust me they are gorgeous. Women are so lucky to be able to do this all the time and show them off. After she had put the color but before the top coat she said she was going to paint a little flower on my nail for free because I had to wait which again I told her was not problem. Any way she painted this little flower on each of my big toes and then did the same for Peggy. It is so cute, I have never had the nail art as I said no one other than me would really see it but now that I have it I really like it. She finished it off with a top coat and then all that was left was to let them dry. They were still really busy as people kept coming in to get pedicures and some were told they would have to come back as they only had 5 ladies working. It is a good thing we had an appointment. Here is a picture of the flower on my toes; there will be more pictures at the end of the blog.

Well it was about 4:15 when we left all the ladies there said goodbye to me by name which again made me feel welcome. I went over to Peggy’s as I was going to change there into my dress and freshen up for going out tonight plus Peggy also needed to get ready and she only lives about 5 minutes from this nail salon. Teresa stopped by so the 3 of us sat around and talked for a while and before I knew it, it was 6:10 and we hadn’t got ready yet. It was a quick transformation well really all I needed was to change clothes and touch up my makeup so I was ready by 6:30. I drove myself as I would leave for home from Harvey’s and Peggy road with Teresa.

I got downtown right at 7 and found parking close to Fox & Hound, Laura and Cristine were already there. It wasn’t long and others started to show up. Trisha and her wife showed up which was awesome as they have not been out with the group for a long time as they don’t get to Portland as often as they and we would like. It was great to spend some time with them and catch up on what is new; this was going to be a fun night. Peggy, Teresa, Julie, Trixy, Melissa, Jan and Lynn all showed up at Fox & Hound so we would have a huge group walking the 7 blocks to Harvey’s.

It was a nice summer evening perfect for walking so we left about 8:30 and went over to Harvey’s for the 10 o’clock show. We got there early enough that we found tables in the lounge so we didn’t have to stand plus we did not need to be first in line as we come here every month and know the people including our awesome waitress Kim. She always waits on us and we text her ahead of time and she makes sure we have tables reserved so we can all sit together.

Well we got inside for the show and found our tables and Kim came over and greeted all of us with a hug. She told me she loved my hair and asked if I had just got it done which made me feel good as she couldn’t tell it was a wig, the lighting is dim inside the show room. The show started and both the opening comedian and headliner were awesome and as another blonde moment I cannot think of their names but we laughed so hard. Harvey’s really does get some great comedians and if you are ever in Portland or live nearby you should go and check them out as it is a super fun night.

Well as always the show went by so fast and it was time to leave. We had 16 of us there for the show tonight. Kim our waitress came out and took a picture of us and texted it to Cassandra who couldn’t make it tonight. She gave us all hugs goodbye and told me it was great to see me again as she missed me the last few time, she had noticed I had not been with the group the last few times how special does that make one feel.

Well we all walked back to Fox & Hound as that is where most of us parked. It was sad to see the night come to an end as always. It was so great to see all my friends out for a fun night.

Well as promised here are some more pictures from my pedicure. You really should give it a try. Thanks for reading



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  1. I love getting pedicures, but I never have the nerve to ask for color! Lucky you! it looks great, love the art.

    Comment by Andie | September 6, 2013 | Reply

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