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Friday night with my friends

Well it has been another long week for my male side so I really was looking forward to so Susan time with my friends. I am always so glad when Friday gets here and I can relax and be Susan but Fridays are awesome because I get to spend it not only as Susan but bout with my friends which is the best thing ever. Now being Susan is part of who I am and I need that chance or time as Susan to be happy but what is really key to being happy is having friends who accept it that I can spend time with. In some way it make me feel perfectly normal as Susan as a person.

Now my friends I have all met as Susan first with the exception of my two neighbors so that really made it easier to be Susan with them and yes several of them have met my male side now. Being able to go out with them and share this part of my life has really helped me grow and has made me the happy, healthy, and well balanced person I am and that hast to be good. I thing being with people you can talk to about this side of one’s life really helps you understand it. The transgender community is so big and encompasses so much from crossdresser to transsexual’s and Drag Queens and anywhere in-between. It can be hard for someone to understand who they are and where they fit in, as for me I am a Crossdresser, I live part of my life as a female and I am comfortable in both my male and female rolls.

Now I will say that I may be a little more comfortable in my female roll but that may be too many factors. One I have lived most of my life as my male self and really only been expressing my female side the last few years and by that I mean I have dressed all my life but as far as going out and presenting my female side it has been a short time so that newness may be one of the reasons I am more comfortable as Susan. I think the biggest reason why I am more comfortable in my female side as I am more open. By this I mean as Susan I hide very little mainly who my male person is, name, work where I live but everyone knows that I am male and cross-dress. As my male side I have had to hide not only a big part of my life but a big part of who I am so I am always on my guard and as such I don ‘t let people get real close to me which is a shame but something a lot of transgender people share.

Now when my two neighbors ladies (and I think their husbands) found out I was a little scared but more than that I was relieved as that had always been one of my biggest fears. They are fine with it and I have not noticed any difference in the way they act towards me which has made it a good experience. I sometimes wonder if they have questions about this side of me which they are afraid to ask as we have never talked about this since that first night but I would hope that they feel they could ask me as I am always willing to talk about this, I think that helps everyone understand more. Maybe one day I will bring it up and see if they have any questions but it is good to have understanding neighbors plus since they already know I would love to talk to them about it.

Wow got a little off track there so back to my Friday night. I was going to Sweet Home again tonight to meet my friends. It is such a fun night out and a great way to end a week. I got there at 7 and Chris and Laura were already there. I figured it would be a smaller group tonight as it is Rose Festival in Portland so lots of things to do downtown and also Tomorrow is the second Saturday of the month so we are going to Harvey’s Comedy Club again, we go here once a month and as of now we have 15 signed up to go so that will keep a few home as some of the girls can only get out once a week. Well it wasn’t long and Cristine, Bobbie, Roxy, and Michelle showed up so we had a full table. Some of the girls played pool; yes Laura did the best and won the most games. What is cool is the other customers here accept us and like us being there so we have good interaction with some of them which makes us feel like we are part of the bigger group.

Well time went by and soon it was Karaoke time. Chris and Laura sand several songs each and as always did a great job. Several of us even went outside at 10:40 as the international space station passed over us at that time and being a clear warm night we could see it. It was amazing how fast it moved across the sky, I would say only 2 minutes to go from horizon to horizon so you know it must be traveling fast. I am sure the cars going down the street were wondering what we were all doing standing out front looking up at the sky. There were probably 10 of us out there looking up.

Well we went back inside and picked up right where we were with our conversations, pool games and Karaoke. It was a fun night and as always went way to fast. Heather showed up, she is one of the Karaoke group that loves us and she always comes over and talks to us for a bit. She couldn’t stay late though so she and her fiancé left. Kelsey also showed up about 12:30 she was the one who first got me to sing Karaoke here with her. I got to talk to her briefly too. Well it was late and most of our group had left and it was just Laura and me. She was going to sing one more time so we decided to leave after her song. It was almost 1 when we left but it was a fun night.

Now it was home and to bed as tomorrow I am having more Susan time. I am getting a pedicure with Peggy at 3 and then the group is going to Fox & Hound at 7 and over to Harvey’s at 9 for the late show. I may leave my house early and go shopping or to a Starbucks before our nail appointment. The only thing that may be an issue is being a nice sunny Saturday my neighbors may be out working in their yards of the neighbor kids may be playing in the street, any way I am looking forward to Saturday.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I liked specially the off track part of the post. It gives a bit of a personal touch to it. I always blamed my secret hobby for not having many friends in my live. The so called friends in my live are the friends of my wife. Since I am more out of the closet the amount of friends from my side increased drastically.
    About your neighbours, it could very well that they have not really the understanding of cross-dressing and feeling uncomfortable to talk about it and scared to embarrass themselves with questions. So now they act like ” live and let live ” don’t ask questions.
    What happened with Kim ? Since DLV I have not seen you mentioning her anymore.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    Comment by angeladevial | June 9, 2013 | Reply

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