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Out with friends for a few hours

Well it has been another long week and I needed a little Susan time. The group was going to House of Louie for Chinese food and that sounded good so I decided to join them if even for just dinner as I really can’t stay out late during the week. My plan was to be there by 7 which is usually not an issue. So tonight I started getting ready a little early. I was all ready to leave by 6:10 so I was going to be early; at least that is what I thought. I looked out my front window and there were 6 or 7 neighbor kids playing basketball in the street right in front of my house so I waited for a bit. About 10 minutes later the guy across the street came out to play with also. Now it was a really nice sunny day so they may be out there for a while. Now I know the lady next door and also across the street knows about my dressing and I am pretty sure so do their husbands but I am pretty sure their children don’t know. So the question is how do I get out during the summer when it is nice. I thought for a moment and I really wanted to go out so I came up with the best idea I could.

I took my wig off and put it in the front seat of the car. Put on a man’s shirt over my top, sunglasses would hide the eye makeup the only issue was my red lipstick. For this I held my cell phone up like I was talking in hopes it would cover enough of my face that they wouldn’t notice. With this I started my car and opened up the garage door. I pulled out on the street and they stopped playing as I drove through the middle of them all. They watched me pass and I am not sure if they noticed anything or not but I was on my way out. I stopped just around the corner and took off my male shirt and put my wig and bracelets back on and I was all Susan again.

I got downtown Portland about 7:10 so not too late and found a parking spot right in front of Fox & Hound as this is where the group meets even if they are going to House of Louie and I figured I could see if they were there before walking the two blocks to House of Louie. Well just as I parked Cassandra and Chris came out to head over for dinner, they were the only two so far so I got out of my car and joined them.

Now tonight I wore my 4″ heels so walking a couple blocks was a challenge but fun. We got to House of Louie just as Cristine showed up. We all went in and got a big table as we knew there would be more showing up. Well somehow we started talking about Apps on cell phones so I was going to show Cassandra one of mine so I went into my purse to get my phone and it wasn’t there. I had forgot I was holding it as I drove away from home to hide my lips and had just sat it down on my passenger seat while driving so that is where it was. Now they don’t have a big problem around here with car break ins but than a smart phone just sitting on the seat is pretty tempting so I had to go get it which would mean walking the two blocks back to the car in my heels. So off I went. As I was leaving Roxy was coming in so we passed each other. Now I didn’t run but I did walk as fast as I could but still trying to look like a lady. I was almost to my car when I ran into Mikaela and I told her where I was going. She went on to House of Louie and I continued on to my car and sure enough right in the middle of my seat was my phone. I felt better now and walked back to the restaurant still a little faster than normal. I could really feel it in my lower legs and by the time I got back and sat down I could feel my leg muscles, this was a pretty good workout but got me thinking, how do girls go out and dance in shoes like this all night. My legs and feet would be dead.

Well Jan, Lynn and Julie all showed up so we filled up the big table and actually squeezed in so we could fit 2 more chairs at our table. We had a great dinner and I got to talk with Mikaela a lot more. She has been coming out regular for the last few weeks and has become very self confident in being out. She showed me her new shoes which were really cute and she got them at Target so I will have to go there and check out their shoe section as they seem to have the bigger sizes.

We had a really nice time but as always it went way to fast and soon we headed over to CC Slaughters so the girls could play pool. I went in for a little while yes my plans on leaving no later than 9 well you know how that goes as it was already past 9. We talked some more and of course Mikaela wanted to get a few pictures and I was only too happy to agree. Seems I don’t think about pictures as much anymore which is a shame as I like having something to post in my blog. This is Mikaela and me in CC’s.

It was a fun night and so hard to leave my friends and go home but I knew I had to so I said my goodbye’s and I was on my way. I will see them again Friday night as always but also Saturday as we are going to Harvey’s Comedy club which is always a fun night out. I am also going and getting a much needed pedicure Saturday afternoon with Peggy which will also be so much fun so I will have a lot to blog about this coming weekend.

Thanks for reading.


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