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Day out as Susan

Well it turns out I had the day off today. Now I had no plans as it was a last minute thing so what to do, yes be Susan for the day and go shopping. I got up early and by early 8 am and got dressed. I really had no plans so I decided to start off at Starbucks and chose the one at Cascade station by the airport. I have been here once before the day of our hearing and it is a big one. I got there at 10 am and they were a little busy which surprised me for a week day. I got my drink and found a table and sat down to play on my computer. I thought about it and sent a text to Stefia as she goes out during the day a lot and hoped that she might be out and able to get together for lunch. She texted me back she could do lunch but had to be home by 1 pm and also her car was in the shop and would need a ride so I would have to pick her up which was fine as it turns out she was not that far from where I was, now if I had gone to my normal Starbucks the one I was at last night I would have only been about 5 minutes from her house. I agreed to pick her up at 11:30 so I still had time to catch up on things and finish my drink.

I left Starbuck’s and headed for her house and got there right at 11:30. She walked out like it was the most natural thing in the world to my car. Now I am not so sure I would have been able to do that if I was being picked up even with the fact two of my neighbors know about Susan. Well we decided to go to McMenamins on the Columbia River for lunch. Now I have been here several times as my male self but didn’t think anyone would remember me.

We got there and they weren’t really busy so we got a table inside and talked for a bit before ordering. It was nice to be out and have someone to have lunch with. The food was good and it was just a good time. After lunch Stefia had our waiter take our picture which she e-mailed me so I have it for my blog. It is nice to have a new picture every now and then. Seems I don’t take as many pictures anymore which is a shame. After lunch I drove her back to her house and then I was off on my own again.

I decided to drive down to Clackamas Town Center and do a little shopping; well it was more about being out than buying anything. I started at JC Pennies and then out into the mall and down to Macy’s and then down to Nordstrom’s. This is the biggest mall in the area so there is always a chance of running into someone you know but being the day time I figured the risk was low. It was an enjoyable time and I spent a little over an hour here. Now what to do next.

I went from here to Lloyd Center for a little more shopping, this mall is the oldest in the area and usually not that busy. I checked out some of the stores and spent a little time in Barns & Noble which if you are out just to spend some time this is a great place to go as you can browse and read and just have a good time. Kind of like going to the Library.

Now I got done here at 4:30 and wondered what to do, should I go home as I really can’t stay out late tonight which is the reason I am out today. I realized that it is now rush hour on a Friday night and it would take me at least an hour or more to get home with traffic, which means I would not get home till 5:30 or 6. My other option is stay out and meet up with my friends at Sweet Home for an hour or so. Now they really don’t show up there till 7 well maybe 6:30 so either way I have some time to kill so what better than finding a Starbuck’s to update my blog and catch up on e-mails. Besides there is always a Starbuck’s near. Well you guessed it I am now at Starbuck’s updating my blog. It is the one by Fred Meyers off Broadway in Portland. I picked a table right in the front corner with 2 big windows so I can watch people walk by; it is fun to people watch from time to time. I figure I will stay here till 6 and then make my way over to Sweet Home, have a little dinner than home.

It has been a fun day and the sun is shining which after two weeks of rain and darkness is nice. I guess things just worked out.

Thanks for reading.

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