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Out on a Sunday night

Wow I don’t normally get a chance to go out as Susan on a Sunday night but being a holiday weekend and no work on Monday the thought was there. while I was thinking about this I got a text from Cassandra, her and her wife Peggy were thinking of going to CC Slaughters for the drag show at 8 and wanted to know if anyone was interested. Well you can imagine how long it to me to text her back I was in. I was trying to think how long it has been since I have gone to CC’s on a Sunday night for their Drag Show, the best I can find is two years ago so I am way over do.

Cassandra and Peggy were going to be there at 7 to get us a table, so that was my goal even though I knew I wouldn’t make it. I did pretty well as I was parking my car downtown at 7:20 helps getting there earlier as parking is easier. I only have to walk about a block in a half. I got inside and they were nit that busy yet. Cassandra and Peggy actually had two tables as we had more girls that said they were coming. Amy, Teresa, Jan, Lynn & Cristine were also there so we had a good little group already considering it was a Sunday of a Holiday weekend and we had only decided to do this a few hours ago.

The show didn’t start till 8 so it gave us a chance to talk which is always fun. It is funny as my male side is not a big conversationalist but Susan loves to sit around and talk. It was great to see Peggy out again and we had a good chance to talk. We both need pedicures for the summer so we talked about going together and decided on Saturday June 8 if something doesn’t come up between now and then. Now I love going and getting a pedicure and if you have never had the experience you really should but going with someone else just masks it that much more fun and special so I have that to look forward to.

As it got closer to show time CC’s got busier and of course more of our group showed up. Bob, Cassie, Petra, & Phaedra all showed up. It is so great that Petra is getting out more with the group. She actually made it to Diva Las Vegas this year for a couple day. It was also wonderful to see Phaedra, I can’t think the last time I saw her but it has been a while. Our group has grown so big so fast which is awesome but the one down side is with so many in the group it is easy to lose track of people until they show up and you start thinking how long it has been. Any way it was great she was there and that I got a chance to talk with her.

Well the show started about 8:15 and by that time the place was packed, it really was good we got here early and got seats as it was standing room only. It was so crowded it was hard just to move around. I guess people really do love a good Drag Show and this one is awesome. They only do it one night a week but it is by far the best in Portland. So if you are ever in Portland on a Sunday night and like Drag Shows you really need to go to CC Slaughters, no cover for the show but even if there was it would be worth it.

The show was awesome as always and the 3 main Drag Queens, Bolivia Carmichales, Honey Bee Hart, & Ginger Lee are just wonderful and do a great show. It is amazing how fast the night went. It was soon after 10 and Peggy and Cassandra had to leave, I figured I would stay just a little longer and before I knew it the show was over and it was after midnight. Jan, Lynn, Crsitine and I were the last of our group and the place was still packed. It was such a fun night out. Well we all walked out and said our goodbyes. It is good I don’t have to work tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

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