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Fun Friday night out with my friends 5-24-13

Well it has been a long week and I was so looking forward to getting out with my friends for a little Susan time, it has been over a week since Susan has had a chance to be out and she was ready. I got home late from work so I had to hurry to get ready which is never good as I really enjoy the whole getting ready part too, but the need to be out with my friends was more important. The good thing is with all my practice I can get ready in a hurry if needed and still look presentable. It was about 5:45 when I stepped into the shower to start my transformation and I was driving away from my house at 6:40 which for a lady is good when you think about all that goes into my transformation.

I got to Sweet Home just as Cassandra was getting out of her car so I knew others were there which really is not a concern for me anymore. It is funny as just a few years ago I would park where I could see the door and would not think about getting out of my car till I saw another t-girl go in, wow have I grown as Susan. Any way inside Laura, Amy and Cassandra were there. Now they were pretty busy inside as there was a group having a birthday party. Turns out one of them were turning 50 and they had a big party for her. Cassandra went over and talked with them and wished her a happy birthday and in her usual fashion she was soon getting pictures with them and having fun. The rest of the night we had really good interaction with them which was cool.

It wasn’t long and more of our group started to show up, Melissa, Cristine, Bobbie, Rose, Michelle, Diane, Victoria, Bob, Carol, Jan, Lynn and I am sure I missed someone. It is so fun to have so many wonderful friends out on a Friday night as it just makes it so much more special. We ordered dinner and this week I did not have the special which was a Hawaiian burgers which I love but instead order their chicken basket. I just couldn’t see a way I could eat the burger with teriyaki sauce and pineapple on it without totally messing up my lipstick and possibly my makeup, yes how I look comes before the food I will eat.

Now we did play pool tonight and it was Melissa’s night for pool, she must have played for over 2 hours straight and won game after game. I played her once and did okay actually she was way ahead but I had a little run and at least made it a respectable loss as I only had 1 ball on the table when she sunk the 8 ball to win. Carol was talking to Cassandra and she wanted to walk across the street to Walgreens as she needed a new lipstick and didn’t want to go alone so Cassandra asked if I would go with her which I was only too happy to do as I was almost out of my red lipstick and had planned I stopping there tonight but as I was late getting there I skipped it. Any way we walked across the street and they were actually pretty busy. We spent a little time looking at the makeup which is always fun. They had my color in and it was a buy 1 get 1 half price so I was debating about buying two of which they only had 2 in the red color I like. Well Carol was looking for a red color and I told her this was the color I was wearing which she liked so she decided to buy one so now I didn’t have to buy both to get the sale price which worked out great. We only had to stand in line for a few minutes and then we were back across the street again.

Well it got to be time for Karaoke and the other group normally there on Friday nights had not shown up so Cassandra asked Levi the bar tender and found out they had a private party to go to and wouldn’t be there which was sad as they are so much fun but then again it was still pretty crowded so had they been there it would have been hard to move around. Well Karaoke got started and Lynn and Laura both sang several times as there were not as many people singing. Well it was about 11 and some of the Karaoke group did show up after their party so that was fun as several of them came over and talked with us.

Well it was a fun night and as always goes by way to fast. Girls started leaving and soon it was down to just Jan, Lynn, Cassandra and me. It was after 1 am and we were all getting tired as it really had been a long week. We talked with some more of the customers and finally at 1:40 Cassandra and I were the last of our group to leave. What a fun night.


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