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Tuesday meeting with attorney 4-30-13

Well it was an interesting day for Susan; I had a meeting with Sue-del my attorney and also Chet the attorney from BOLI at the BOLI offices. Now these were individual interviews with them before our hearing which is set to start on May 7 2013. I am very nervous about this as I have only testified once before many years ago and then I was my male self. This time I will be testifying as Susan and for something so very important.

Well my appointment was at 4:30 so I really had to rush, I got off work a little early but still with rush hour traffic I had no time to waist. I got to the BOLI office right on time and went in and checked in, again a little intimidating when you are by yourself. As I waited Brad Avakian the Commissioner of BOLI was leaving and stopped and talked with me. Now this case is so important to him and BOLI that he filed the case in his name so in effect he is the complainant and I am one of the witnesses. It was nice to meet him though and did make me feel a little less nervous.

Well I finally got my turn and went into the conference room with Sue-Del and Chet. This meeting was to go over when I would testify, what to expect and I also found out that the other side is going to use several of my blog entries which I am not sure for what. Wow I never thought my blog would be used for something like this. The meeting lasted about an hour or so.

Now it is all so real as I realize that the hearing is going forward and I will be testifying in something that is so huge and really important. I never imagined that I would be involved in something like this and if you had asked me just two years ago I would have said I would never be in front of a judge as Susan and even now I still can’t believe that this is happening. I did feel better after the meeting as I have a better idea of what to expect and how things will work. I am actually looking forward to it I think as it will really be a new experience for Susan.


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