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Friday night with friends 5-3-13

Well it has been a long and interesting week for Susan so I was really looking forward to Friday night. I was meeting some of the girls early downtown Portland at 6 so I had be ready early but more on that in a later blog, this is about going to Sweet Home and spending a fun night with my friends.

I got to Sweet Home about 7:20 right behind Chris and Cassandra and Cristine pulled in right behind me. We all went inside and Diane was already there, she is in town this week so it was great to see her and catch up with her and what is going on in her life. Another cool thing is Levi the bar tender is back at work, he has been off the last month so it was great to see him again. Cassie was also there in boy mode, I think I have seen her this way once or twice before but I still see and think of her as Cassie as that is how I know her best. I think they is the hardest part for people as we tend to focus and think of people how we met them or how we know them best as change is always a hard thing but I think once people meet you both was they realize you really are the same person just dress different.

Well I was hungry as I skipped eating today so Susan could get out early so I ordered right away, they have really good food here and do a nightly special which is what I get most of the time. It wasn’t long and more girls showed up, Roxy, Victoria, Julie, Jennifer and Kim. Kim had in this really cute dress and looked really beautiful as always, actually all the girls looked nice as we all try to present ourselves positively. It is just such a fun night to be able to be out as Susan with my friends as a group someplace we all find safe and comfortable.

Jan and Lynn also showed up so we had a good little group out. It was great to talk with everyone and catch up on what is new. It was also nice to see some of our friends from the Karaoke group out also. It is so awesome that they have accepted us coming here and I think most of them actually look forward to us being there on a Friday night as we look forward to seeing them. I got to spend some time talking with Kim which was awesome, I love spending time with her as Susan almost as much as I do when I am my male self. Well Kim had to leave so I walked her out to her car, always sad to say goodnight.

Well I got back inside and spent some time talking to Jennifer and Victoria, Jennifer just got her new drivers license with her female name and picture on it. She is so happy and things are going well where she works. It really is fun to just have a nice conversation and spend an enjoyable evening with friends. Some of the girls played pool; Diane seemed to be the one who was on a hot streak tonight. She won several games and the ones she lost were from sinking the cue ball when she was gonging for the 8 ball.

Karaoke started and Chris sang several songs one was new and one I liked so I was standing up front next thing I knew Chris was next to me and I was singing along with him, not very loud but still having fun. As I have said I will sing with others just not by myself.

Heather was there she is one of the Karaoke group that we met the first nights we were there and she is always happy to see us there. Tonight she was so excited as she just got engaged and she had her fiancée there also. We all congratulated them as it was funny as it seemed so much more fun being there as Susan than my male self. Guys don’t seem to get as excited over things like an engagement as females do and tonight I got to share in that.

Heather wanted to sing Karaoke with me, she is just like me she won’t sing by herself, and actually I don’t think I have seen her sing at all. I said I would and she said I had to pick the song. I thought for a moment and all I could think about was ABBA as I like them so she went up and put in a request. We were going to sing Fernando. Soon it was our turn and we went up and both got microphones. Now like always I thought I knew the words but turns out I didn’t’ and really had to watch the screen. Well I looked over and Heather didn’t know the song at all and she wasn’t even singing so I was on my own. Luckily Chris came to my rescue and got her microphone and came up and finished the song with me. Luckily it was not a busy night and several of the Karaoke group was outside smoking. It was fun though.

It was a fun night and always went way to fast. Soon it was almost 1:30 and we said our goodbyes for the night. Now we look forward to next week which will be busy for not just Susan but several of us. Susan will be out on Tuesday and Wednesday as I have those days off work, and also Friday again with my friends. I will of course blog about those days well most of them as there are some parts I will not be able to go into in my blog. But for one thing it will be a busy and interesting week for Susan.

Here is a link to a video that Cassandra did for Diva Las Vegas 2013. Check it out.



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