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Back at Sweet Home with friends.

Wow it is Friday night after a long short week for my male self. Being gone from work for a week in a half was wonderful but when you get back you have all the work to catch up on so even though I only had to work 3 days seemed like a week. Ad that to the fact we had so much fun, did so much during our vacation I almost needed a vacation to recover from my vacation, probably why I took Monday and Tuesday off when we got back. Any way I am so looking forward to tonight with my friends. I got home from work and started getting ready.

Now it was a nice sunny day out so I could see the neighbor kids all 7 of them out front playing so it was going to be tricky getting out. I know both the neighbors know about Susan but I don’t think their children know so I still have to be a little careful going out. I know at some point they will find out but still why rush it. Well I was already by 6:30 and I looked outside and couldn’t see anyone so I decided to put my wig on and just go for it. Now I can see out front but if they are just down the street I would not know. Well I pulled out of my garage and the street was clear and I was on my way.

I got to Sweet Home and found a parking spot right in front and went in. there were several people sitting at the tables we usually take so the group had got a table closer to the front door which was fine the only bad part is it was right next to where they do Karaoke so not a lot of room to move around the tables but still fine. Cassandra, Cristine, Laura and Amy were already there so I joined them. It wasn’t long and more of our group started to show up. Guinn, Michelle, Little Julie, Rose, Diane and even Bobbie from Idaho was in town for the weekend. Little Julie had met a girl when she was out dancing and invited her to come meet the group so she should also be here in a little while.

I got a chance to really talk with Little Julie tonight which was nice as she does not get out much with the group at least on Friday nights. Actually we all had a good chance to talk and catch up and of course we all had to tell about our trip to Las Vegas which was so much fun. I am hoping that next year we even have more from our group go as that would be so much fun. It is still so hard to believe Diva Las Vegas has come and gone for this year. All the buildup to it and the excitement waiting for it and then like that it is over but I have such wonderful memories and pictures so all is good.

It was great to be back at Sweet Home after missing 2 Fridays in a row and see all the wonderful people we have gotten to know, Jody the bar tender, Heather, Jessica, Michelle, Victoria and several others from the Karaoke group that we have come to know and all came over and said they missed us last week so of course we had to tell them also about pour trip to Las Vegas.

Well Little Julie and Laura played pool actually several of us played pool tonight but for some reason Cassandra didn’t play. I even played a few games and won a couple. Little Julie and I were finishing up our game which I lost when another couple came up and wanted to play pool and wanted to play doubles against us, their names were Elise & Jordan so we actually played two game and won both. They were really awesome and we had a blast with them. Little Julies friend Moxie showed up and brought one of her friends with her and they were both awesome. They were both GG’s had no problems hanging out with us. I got a chance to talk with them both and they are really nice.

It was such a fun night and we met several new people again tonight. It was such an awesome night and of course went by way to fast. Soon it was after 2 and they were closing down so we had to leave. Wow how fast time goes by.

Saturday night we are having a Prom night at one of the girl’s homes, a chance for those who never got to wear a Prom dress and wanted to can. I have looked but didn’t find a Prom dress so I am going but will just wear my red dress, I know they have seen me in this dress before but I am not going to miss it over a dress. Besides I want to see the dresses the other girls found plus the most important part is being with my friends.

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


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