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Day 9 of Diva Las Vegas back to LA

Well Diva Las Vegas is over for the year and nit seems to have gone by so fast this year. It is Saturday morning and we are getting ready for the trip back to LA, well actually Van Nuys California where the Oxwood is. Michelle is going with us as she will fly back to Portland from LA on Sunday. This means we have an extra person in the car plus more luggage. We all took our stuff to Cassandra’s room and called a bell hope up to get it and take it to the car and it actually took two as we had about 4 bags more than he could fit on his cart.

We got all our stuff downstairs and now we had to tie several of the bags on the roof reason we went and got the rope yesterday. Now Cassandra and Michelle were both in male mode but as I took no male cloths on this trip plus the fact I have long red acrylic nails I am Susan for the whole trip but I did help them tie the bags down which I found out is not as easy with long nails. The drive was nice and we got to our motel about 4:30 and Cassandra and Michelle had to transform from male to female which took awhile as for me and Cristine we just had to freshen up, change to a dress and heels and of course a red lipstick to go with my black dress. We were all ready and on our way by 6:30 so we were going to be really early as the Oxwood doesn’t get busy till 10.

We got there and I was hungry so Michelle and I walked across the street to a little restaurant that I can’t remember the name. Now I am sure this was a sight as I had on my little black dress and spiked heels as we walked across the street. We sat and ordered dinner and chatted for a bit. The staff was wonderful and always referred to us as ladies but then they are across the street from the best T-girl place in Southern California.

Michelle and I got back over to the Oxwood around 8 and they still weren’t that busy. They were setting up the little stages for the pole dancers. We joined Cassandra and Cristine at the bar for a while. A man sat next to me and I could feel him watching me so I just kept my attention towards Cassandra, Cristine and Michelle. A few more t-girls started coming in so we moved over to a table by the pool tables which I was glad as I still find it uncomfortable to attract male attention, just not my thing. I know dressing and acting lick a lady will attract male attention but it is really the only thing about being Susan that bothers me.

We all wanted to get some pictures and we thought what better place than on the pole dancing stage so all 4 of us went over and got several pictures. We even tried to swing on the bar and trust me it is not as easy as they make it look. A couple times I thought a was going over backwards. I even got a dollar tip; yes the man at the bar that had been watching me came over and gave a dollar. I will put most of these pictures at the end.

Well now that we all had our pictures it was time for pool. We put our names up and waited for our turn. You need to get on the board early as once they get busy they can have 20 to 30 different names waiting to play. My first game I played I did really well and was down to the 8 ball and missed an easy shot and the lady I was playing against didn’t but we had fun. So I put my name up again with about 15 people ahead of me so I knew that would be my last game as it was almost 11 and the bar was getting busy. It wasn’t quite as busy as last week but still 60 to80 t-girls there.

While we waited we talked and amongst ourselves and also with some of the t-girls from the LA area. It was a fun night and yes I had another guy come over and hit on me and I politely declined and told him I wasn’t interested and he was fine with that and moved on to another t-girl. Well it was almost midnight when it was my turn to play again and I was playing a guy who plays in tournaments so I really didn’t stand much of a chance. I had on ball left and he was on the 8 ball so my shot was always to leave him no shot in case I missed m ball and it worked as he tried to make a bank shot around my ball and scratched so I won. He was not really happy about it but not that he lost to me but rather that there were now over 20 names in front of him to play again so he may not get another chance to play before the night is over. Now I got to play again because I won and I did okay but still lost but having won against him made my night as it is always fun to win against someone who is way better then you are.

We stayed way later than I think any of us planned as we wanted to be on the road by 9 am and it was almost 2 am now and as you know Susan can’t just roll out of bed and be ready she needs time to look her best. I think I got to bed a little after 2 as it was not far back to our motel. We planned on getting up at 7 and while Cristine and I get ready and do our makeup Cassandra was going to take Michelle to the airport after all Michelle is flying home as her male self and that is also how Cassandra is traveling.

It is so hard to believe that I have been Susan nonstop now for 10 days; I guess time does fly when you are having fun. But as our trip comes to an end it is sad as I know on Tuesday I have to have my beautiful nails removed and then Susan goes away till next Friday. I still have the trip home on Sunday and Monday which I am not sure what I will do probably go shopping.

See I am not a graceful dancer but I tried.

Way harder than it looks

Maybe my best attempt

Just posing.

I got down and then leaned back in the next picture not easy

Almost slipped here and though I was going down.

My tip

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