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Day 7 of Diva Las Vegas the last day Diva Las Vegas

It is the final full day of Diva Las Vegas and it is so hard to believe how fast the week has gone by. We were still up by 10 am even after getting to bed after 5 am, these short nights are catching up to me so I guess Susan is not as young as she use to be. We were all up and ready and on our way by 1 pm. We really didn’t have any plans till the big Farwell dinner tonight at Bahamas Breeze but we did need to get some rope to tie some stuff on the roof of the car as Michelle is going back to LA with us and we will have extra bags also. We found an Ace Hardware and Peggy and I went in to find some rope, now I have done a lot of shopping as Susan but this is my first trip as Susan to a hardware store.

After this we went back to the hotel and Cassandra and Cristine went to the room as Cassandra wanted to get her stuff packed as she had a lot of stuff, she does not travel light but than none of us do. I could do this same trip as my male self with just my one bag but Susan needed 3 bags one just for hair and makeup. Oh the simple joys of being a girl.

Peggy and I took the car and went back over to the mall at Planet Hollywood as Peggy has never been there and we wanted to shop. It is really a nice mall even though most of the shops are higher end but still fun to look around. We checked out some clothing stores that had some really cute dresses but they would not look the same on me as they are really designed for smaller ladies but still fun to look plus just being out wandering around with someone else makes for a fun day.

We also spent some time in a jewelry store and they had a lot of beautiful things. I found a really beautiful necklace but it is one that just slips over your head and you guessed it, it was to small fur me but Peggy bought it and I am sure it will look awesome. They also had a huge selection of earrings but all for pierced ears, it really is a shame I don’t have pierced as they have so many cute earrings. We spent about an hour and a half wandering around before we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We were all so looking forward to tonight even though we know it means the end to a wonderful week and now we have to wait till next year which I am already looking forward to.

I really didn’t need much time to get ready as I knew exactly what I was going to wear which I think is the first time this week I have worn what I planned on without changing my mind. I wore my maroon dress, high heels and my long wig and of course had to change my lipstick to match my dress, it is a girl thing. Plus it is so much fun walking through the hotel.

Awe got to the Bahamas Breeze around 6 for the social hour before dinner and it was so much fun to see the friends I have made over the last few years plus meet some new ones. The other cool things is everyone had cameras and there were so many pictures taken. As I have so many they will be at the end of this blog. I even got some pictures with the wait staff including Autumn who I met two years ago here and she had told me that the waits staff that works the Diva Las Vegas dinner all request to work this night as they think we are such a fun group. It is just a super fun night.

After we left the dinner we went back to the hotel and down to the casino, now it is a little different being in the casino in a nice dress and high heels and I was a little worried I would stand out but there were a lot of woman walking around the casino all dressed up but then tonight is a Friday night. We had a couple people walk by and next thing you know Cassandra is talking to them and got a picture with the husband than the wife wanted a picture with both Cassandra and me. We talked to them for quite a while and we were talking about gambling and I asked him if he knew what happened when you lose too much and he said no so I told him he was looking at it and I pointed to myself and the wife broke up laughing. They really were a lot of fun.

We sat around and talked for a while and then we all wanted to do a little gambling for our last night here. I was only going to gamble a little as I was going to drive Peggy to the airport Saturday morning as she had to be there at 5:30 am so we had to leave the hotel by 5 am. Well I went back to the Pai Gow table and sat down to play, I like this game as it is a lot slower pace than blackjack. Cristine went with me and I was explaining how it is played to her. another seat opened at the end of the table so Cristine sat down and also played, the guy next to her was nice and was helping her. well before I knew it, it was a little after midnight; wow does the time go by fast when you are having fun. I quit and was up so I walked away a winner but I know it will be a short night.

Now as I was driving Peggy really early in the morning I slept in my full makeup so all I would have to do is a quick fix in the morning to make it at least passable enough to walk through the hotel at 5 am, I figured anyone seeing me would just think it was a late night for me. Well I got up and through on some cloths, remember I have no male cloths so I had no choice but to be Susan. Well doing this half asleep and in the dark so I didn’t wake up Cristine was also a challenge. I even knocked over my purse. I met Peggy outside her room and took her to the airport and was back to the hotel by 6 so I could get a little more sleep before getting up. Anyway I got to the room and went to get my room key out of my purse and my wallet was not there, it turns out when I knocked over my purse it fell out onto the floor of the room. So now I am locked out and have no ID on me so I can’t go to the front desk so I had to knock on the door till I woke Cristine up. Well I finally got back into the room and into bed.

Thanks for reading and here are the pictures

Beverly and Me at dinner, I met her the first year when Cassandra, Peggy and I came to Diva Las Vegas.

This is Cami and I we met two years ago while playing golf.

This is Sue and me and I am blonde and can’t remember but I think I met her at the first Diva Las Vegas I went too.

This is Laura, Me and her wife Laura. I met them for the first time last Monday night but we did exchange messages on facebook as they saw I was also going to Diva Las Vegas. They are an awesome couple.

This is another one of the wonderful waitresses we had but she really need high heels as I towered over her.


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