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Day 7 of Diva Las Vegas out on the Las Vegas Strip

Wow it is hard to believe how fast this week is going. I got up and got ready a lot slower as the late nights are catching up to us all. I got to bed last night a little after 3 am again and was up by 10 to get ready. It was about 12:30 when Cristime and I went down to get something to eat. We had sent Cassandra a text and hadn’t heard back from her. We got a quick snack and then went to the casino to see if any of the girls were there. we didn’t see any so I sat down at a blackjack table as the dealertainer (Beth Middler) was one that was here 2 years ago when I was here and I had played a lot with her than and she actually remembered me. I started off good but soon my luck changed but I was having fun. The next dealertainer was Shakira and she also remembered me. Well my luck didn’t change and so when the money I bought in with ran out I stopped and went to find Cristine. She had found Kelli at the slot machines so we talked about what we wanted to do. The problem is we could not get a hold of Cassandra and she was the one who had everyone’s phone numbers and was coordinating between us all.

Kelli wanted to do a little shopping so we walked next door to Harrah’s and checked out their shops. It was the nicest day so far we have had here in Las Vegas low 70’s and no wind. So we decided to walk up the Las Vegas Strip and check out some of the other casinos as it has been many years since Kelli has been to Las Vegas and we all wanted some sun shine.

The next hotel casino was the Venetian which is huge and very upscale but very beautiful from the outside. We ran into Veronica and she was on her way back to the Quad so we exchanged numbers so we could stay in contact and I also got Michelle’s number so now we were all in contact except for Julie and I texted Cassandra a few more times and still nothing. This is such a fun day as we are out walking with hundreds if not thousands of people and yes we did get a few strange looks but no one said anything to us nor did we have any problems. We were just a group of ladies out enjoying the day and the sights. We actually took many pictures here. This is where we met up with Michelle; this is a picture of Michelle and me by the fountain out front. This is also one of my new outfits I bought for this trip; I just love the color of my Capri’s.

Now we all had our cameras out as t-girls love getting pictures taken. We moved over by the canals and took more. This is the best of the 3 I think but since the other 2 are good they will be at the end of the blog. I am so glad I wore my low heels today because we were doing a lot of walking today.

Michelle wanted to go to the Fashion Mall which is right on the Las Vegas Strip and just a block down but are they big blocks. We got to the mall a little before 5 and started looking around. It was so funny as we finally got a text from Cassandra, her and Peggy had just gotten up at 5 pm. We were all going to meet up at 6:30 and go down town Las Vegas to the Fremont Experience and spend some time down there which I was really looking forward to as Susan has not been there yet.

Michelle wanted some ne eye shadow so we went into Macy’s and down to the cosmetic counter where Michelle was helped by a very friendly lady. She did her eye makeup and showed her how to do it and helped her pick out a great color pallet for her eyes and we were treated awesome here. Kelli and I wanted to get back to the hotel as we wanted to freshen up before going out for the night so we caught a cab back. I am getting good at freshening up so it didn’t take me long.

We drown downtown to the Golden Nugget to park. I think this is the biggest and nicest hotel casino downtown. We were all hungry so we went to their buffet which was a little expensive but oh so good. Going to a buffet is fun but as Susan I had limited choices as I love BBQ ribs but there was no way I was going to eat them as I would have had BBQ sauce all over my face and ruined my makeup and lipstick not to mention having it under my long pretty nails.

After dinner we walked down Fremont Street and it was wall to wall people and they have people who dress up as different stars, superheroes and so on and you can get a picture with them, they can’t charge but they expect a tip. Several of us got so pictures and I think the big one was the two showgirls. I think we all took several pictures with them.

From here we went to a place called Drink & Drag which is the biggest LGBT bar anyplace or will be when they are all done. They have 6 pool tables 8 to 10 lane bowling alley. Game room and bar and dance floor and they plan to add another 65,000 sq feet on the floors above. They really weren’t busy but it was the middle of the week.

After this we went out and watched a couple of the light shows which are awesome. All the casinos turn off their outside lights during the show which is pretty cool. The shows last 10 minutes or so and they do them every hour.

Now it was after midnight so we went back to the casino for the rest of the night. I played a little blackjack and did okay but when the table went cold I stopped and went over to the Pai Gow table as it is a lot slower game. I love blackjack but at $10 a hand if you are losing it doesn’t take long to go through your money. I did well at Pai Gow and when I stopped I had won back all I had lost that day plus some. I went over to check on Cassandra and checked my phone to see how late it was and it was after 5 am so I went up to bed. I think this is the latest I have been up in a long time but it was so much fun.

Thanks for reading.


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