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Day 6 of Diva Las Vegas the half way point in the trip

Well we got up and we are all moving a little slower as the late nights are catching up to us. I think we were in bed about 3 am and I actually got up about 9:30 and started getting ready and it took me longer today. This is me at the elevator. We were meeting at the dealertainers before we head out our first stop is Planet Hollywood hotel casino as we are going to the Nathan Burton magic show at 4 and need to get our tickets. As I said all are moving slower and it was just Cassandra, Cristine, Kellie and me that were going and we were going to get Julie’s ticket.

We drove over to Planet Hollywood and went into their mall yes a lot of these casinos have big malls in them they are actually small cities with everything you need and they do that in hopes you won’t leave. Well as luck would be we walked right into the information booth and we could get our tickets right there and the theater the show is in is just down the mall. We bought our tickets $44 and got a 45 minute pre show with another magician so we had to be at the theater by 3 now. We were hunger so we had lunch.

After lunch Cassandra and Kellie went back to our hotel to get Julie and Cristine and in took the chance to walk the mall. There was a young lady in an awesome costume passing out coupons so we stopped so I could get a picture with her. It was funny as she asked if Cristine was my mom, Cristine was flattered by this so I guess I would make a pretty good daughter. If I had thought I should have got a picture with all 3 of us.

We continued around the mall and walked into the casino. It was really nice inside and the female dealers all had on these really cute outfits but the tables were all at least $15 a hand, gambling is getting expensive for this girl as I gamble for fun so the cheaper the better. Well we went back into the mall and continued on around as the mall is in the shape of a circle. We did take time to go into one store and I bet most can guess which one, yes Victoria’s Secret. We had several of the girls working there ask if they could help us and if we needed anything to just ask. One young lady even talked to us for a while, they made us feel just as welcome as anyone else. We got back to where we started and met up with Cassandra, Julie & Kellie and went into the pre show.

The first magician was Armando Vera and his show was close up and only about 25 people and he had great interaction with us. He did a lot of card tricks and boy was he good. He could move cards around and find any card in the deck. It was an awesome show and if you like this type of magic you should check him out. His show goes about 45 minutes and then we went down to our seats for the main show.

The main show was Nathan Burton and he won the Americas got talent a while back and how he got started. His is a comedy magic show and it is awesome and worth every penny of our tickets. If you are in Las Vegas and looking for a fun show that really isn’t that expensive you should check this show out. We all laughed so hard and the magic tricks were awesome.

After the show we walked back through the mall and casino and met up with others from Diva Las Vegas for dinner at PF Chang. It was so nice and we had a great time and of course got a few more pictures. I thought this was a cute picture of me and Julie before dinner. We were upstairs and had a bunch of tables all put together so we could talk and interact with each other. The food was awesome and it was just a fun night. I got to talk with many girls I have met before and met some new friends.

We stayed here till after 8 and then we had to go as Cassandra had to be to the airport at 9 to pick her wife Peggy up as she flew in tonight to spend the next few nights here with us which will be so much fun. Also tonight Michelle is flying in but she won’t get in till around 10. I made a quick trip to the room to make sure my makeup was still looking good and then back down to the casino.

I was the first bone down there so I sat down at a blackjack table and started playing and I did okay which means I didn’t lose money. Cassandra and Peggy got back and it was so awesome to see Peggy again now we just have to wait for Michelle to show up. Julie wanted to play Craps and I know how so we went over to a table. They were busy but we found a place the bad thing is it was a $5 table and as you have to have more than one bet to really have a chance to win it gets spendy. Peggy was with us so Peggy and I pooled our money and Julie played on her own and I just told her where and how to bet. The table was a little cold and soon it was Julie’s turn to throw the dice and she did awesome. She threw for about 15 minutes or more before she threw a 7 and lost. She was doing so well the whole table was cheering for her and the people at our end were high fiving her and me when she hit her points. We all made money and we should have walked away after she was done as we were up but we kept playing. In the end I think we all finished just a little up but had a blast.

Michelle finally got there and we all went back over to the blackjack tables and found a table we could all sit at and played for quite a while. We gambled for a good 5 to 6 hours and in the end I think I finished with $10n more than I started with. It was a supper fun night. It was about 3 am when I was done, Cassandra was still playing so I cashed in and off to my room for some sleep that I really need now as we have had some really short nights.

One final picture from dinner tonight. Thanks for reading

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