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Day 4 first full day in Las Vegas

Well for our first full day in Las Vegas we all got up a little later after being out till 3 am last night. We met in the casino and then Cristine, Cassandra, Petra and I walked over to Margaritaville for lunch. We were all hungry and wanted to sit out on the patio as it was such a nice day. We had to wait about 20 minutes in line for a table and had a chance to talk to a family that was here from Main which was fun. They asked us what was good as we had told them we had eaten there last night. We finally got seated and had a good lunch and of course I had to get a picture before we left. We actually sat there for a while and just talked and enjoying the nice weather and people watching.

After lunch we walked back to the hotel to get cleaned up for the evening dinner and get together. This would give us a chance to meet others that came to Diva Las Vegas this year and to catch up with some we have met at previous Diva Las Vegas. I did change into a dress and high heels and redid my makeup. We were all ready and met in the casino at 5 for the trip to the Artisan hotel where the dinner was. We got to the Artisan and went in and there were already a lot of t-girls there. Well one of the first things was to get some pictures before it got too busy.

We checked in with Beverly as she was one of the event’s organizers. I even got a chance to talk with her for a while which was nice as I missed last year it had been 2 years since I had talked to her. This is me in my black dress in my best pose. It was a fun time and I got a chance to talk with many of the girls I have met before.

I got to talk with Keri and Angela who are also from our group but don’t get to go out with the group very often. I also met Amy who was here for her first Diva Las Vegas. She seemed very nice and we had a good chance to get to know each other. Valerie was also there, I met her and her girlfriend (now wife) 2 years ago as we played golf together that year. Her wife will fly in later in the week. Cami also was there and I had met her the same year playing golf. We are all looking forward to playing golf tomorrow and it sounds like we have about 20 of us playing.

I also got a chance to meet Laura & Laura; they had contacted me on Facebook as they were going this year. It was so nice to put a face to their names. Laura met her wife while she was out as Laura and it just worked out that her name was also Laura. I had got pictures with them but must have been on one of their camera so will have to get one the next time I see them. I also got a picture with Julie and just had to post it as it was so cute.

It was such a fun night and met so many new people and being blonde I can’t remember all their names it was a good think we had name tags because I found myself having to look to remember them. The Artisan is a really nice but small hotel and has no casino but very friendly. It is really dark inside so when you walk in from the bright sunlight you can hardly see till your eyes become accustom to it. They also have paintings all over the walls so I spent some time looking at them.

I also got to meet Angela and Vivian and I can’t remember where they are from but we chatted for a while and of course more pictures. They both had on really cute dresses and looked great.

I am not sure but would guess there were at least 60 t-girls there plus significant others. This was the main welcome meeting and next to the farewell dinner Friday night will be the biggest event. That is one of the things about Diva Las Vegas they try not to have everyone at the same place at the same time, one of the reasons they have 4 to 6 different events going at any one time.

We got so busy meeting and greeting with everyone that we never did eat dinner so it was a good thing we had a late lunch. The staff here were awesome and had on really cute corsets so of course I had to get a picture with one of them, didn’t get her name as I had another blonde moment but they are below.

We stayed till after 9 before we left as we had to run out to North Las Vegas airport as Julie had flown in and brought all our golf clubs and we don’t want to have to get up early tomorrow to run out there and get them as we have to be to the golf course by 8:30. We are all so looking forward to it. We got back to the hotel about and all went to bed as we have to get up early and do our makeup so we all look pretty to play golf.

Thanks for reading.


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