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Day 3 of Susan on her way to Las Vegas

Well we woke up this morning and got ready for the trip to Las Vegas. Being a girl takes more time to get ready and as Cassandra is traveling in male mode she was ready really fast so she took all our bags down and loaded the car while Cristine and I got ready. Even with this she still had to wait on us to do our makeup. Thank god she is also a T-girl as she knows how long it takes and didn’t mind waiting. It was a little after 10 am when we left, which was fine as 10 was our goal. Cassandra was waiting in the car for us and all I had to carry down was my purse and one small bag which had mostly my makeup. It is nice being a female.

The drive to Las Vegas was fine and we stopped at a McDonalds drive through to get something to eat on the road. Now eating a hamburger without messing up ones lipstick is a challenge but I am getting better at it. It really does force you to take smaller bites which makes you eat slower. We still haven’t decided what we will do tonight when we get there a lot will depend on how long it takes us to get there we are hoping to be there by 3 to check into our hotel which will give Cristine and I time to freshen up of course Cassandra will have to dress completely. Julie and Petra are already in Las Vegas waiting for us to get there and I think a few others might be too. This will be such a fun week and I just know it will go by so fast.

We got to our hotel just before 3 and Cristine and I went in to get in line while Cassandra got all our stuff to the bellhop and then went and parked the car. The line was not nearly as long as it was 2 years ago when I was here. We only had to stand in line for about 15 minutes which gave Cassandra time to park and get back to the registration area. We were next in line when she got there. Veronica was already there and checked in about 10 minutes before us. We asked for adjoining rooms and found out there was a $15 per room per night for adjoining rooms so we just asked for rooms close. Cristine and I are right across the hall from Cassandra which is more than good. We unpacked for the week and I really brought more outfits than I need. I have 2 dresses for each day and almost 4 tops. Now Cassandra is getting ready as she has to transform from male to female. I just freshened up my makeup and decided to just change tops instead of wearing a dress tonight. I am wearing my 3″ heels with my Capri’s which is something I have never done before, only wear my high heels when I wear a dress.

Cristine, Cassandra and I were going to meet Petra downstairs so off we went. I had to get a picture of me and I thought waiting for the elevator was a good place plus this is one of my new outfits I bought for the trip. Well we got downstairs and met Petra and then we walked over and got our players cards for the casino and then we walked through the casino checking things out as they are completely remodeling the casino and it looks a lot different than the last time we were here. The casino is really nice but they have replaced most of the carpet with shiny, smooth tiles which is a little slick in 3″ heel but the sound of your heels on the floor is unmistakable.

We had decided to go next door to Margaritaville for dinner which is in the Flamingo Hilton and we have gone here each time we have been here as they have a deck you can eat on overlooking the Strip. Now walking down Las Vegas Blvd (the Strip) as a girl in high heels is so much fun and yes we did get a few looks just because there were hundreds of people walking by and I am sure it was because of how great we looked and how well we walked in our heels. We ordered drinks while we waited for Julie and Veronica to show up.

Julie and Veronica finally showed up and we ordered dinner. Our waiter was awesome and so much fun. It was a wonderful time and for the most part the other people there paid no attention to us. It was also awesome watching the sun go down and the day turn into night on the Las Vegas strip. This also meant a few more pictures as Susan has had her picture taken at Margaritaville each year she has been here. This is a close up of me on the deck the other one from here will be at the end of the blog as I am having trouble with spacing and have more pictures to fit in.

As we were getting ready to leave I ran into Sue who I met here two years ago when I was here so I got to talk to her for a little while and catch up which was nice. Well we started back for our hotel by walking back down the Las Vegas strip and ran into another girl from Portland who was here for Diva Las Vegas, now this was the first time I have met her and she seems really nice. Of course we stopped walking and now are just standing on the Strip talking when a man started walking towards us and I could see his wife and two daughters all had their cameras out so I knew what they wanted and of course we were all to happy to get our pictures taken and I even had one of his daughters take a picture on my camera. I am sure this will be the highlight of their trip because by the time we were done they had all got their picture taken with at least one of us, Veronica on the left, Susan and Julie on the right with Trish looking between us. What a fun time.

We got back to the hotel about 9 and we found a blackjack table that was empty so several of us sat down to play. Now the Quad has what they call dealertainers in one of their blackjack pits and what that is are all the dealers impersonate some star and actually perform on a stage in the pit area when they are not dealing cards so you not only get the fun of gambling but a show at the same time. I can’t remember all of them as they move around so much but some were Prince, Huey Lewis, Elvis, Dona Summers, Whitney Huston and a few others and they were all so much fun to play with as they not only talk to you and get to know you but they cheer for you and give High Fives when you get a good hand, it is the most fun you can have playing Blackjack. We were having so much fun time slipped away from us. The only bad part is the tables were $10 a hand which is more than I like to gamble but what can you do.

The table we were at was awesome and we had other players there they not only didn’t care we were there but were having a blast playing with us. Julie and I never left our spots as we were doing well Cassandra, Veronica, Petra and Cristine tried other tables. Before we knew it, it was almost 3 am I had been sitting at the same table for almost 6 hours so we called it a night, Julie and I were the last two to leave. Now was the fun part of cashing in and going to the casher to get our money. I was so excited as I won $340 while playing which was awesome. Now on the way out Julie and I had to get a picture with one of the dealers, there was no one at the table where Whitney Huston was dealing so that is where we went and she was more than happy to get a picture with us and we talked for a bit with her. It was such a fun night.

Now on the way back to the room I had to stop at hotel reservations, Cristine and I are sharing a room and the key she had didn’t work in the door to the room so I had given her mine so I needed a new key and I was amazed as there was still a couple people checking in at 3 am. Well I got to the counter and of course had to show her my ID which I am getting more at ease with. I handed it to her and smiled and said I look a little different then my ID and added it has been a long day and haven’t had a chance to freshen up. She smiled and said I still looked good and then she looked at the ID and realized what I meant and smiled. She made me a couple new key cards and off Julie and I went. It was a really awesome first day in Las Vegas so far.

Here are a couple more pictures from Margaritaville. You can see Caesars Palace behind me if you look close.


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