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Day 2 a full day in LA

Well it is the second full day of Susan’s adventure to Las Vegas, we are in LA today and we decided to go to Hollywood and see the walk of fame and explore the city. Actually I found out we are not actually in LA but the cities just outside, what can I say I am blonde. We were all ready and left the motel by 11:30 for a fun filled day which included traffic. The fun thing was we stopped for gas and while Cassandra put gas in I cleaned the windshield which by the way is a first for Susan. While I was doing this a man walked through the gas station and as he walked away his head turned more and more to watch me. I would like to think it was because I looked so good but while he was watching me he almost walked into a parked car. We all had a good laugh about this after all this is West Hollywood and you would have to think he has seen a T-girl before.

We got downtown and noticed they had tour busses that took you sightseeing so we called and decided to take the tour. What could be more fun than riding around with other people and seeing movie star homes? Of course I had to get a picture of me on Hollywood Blvd. The cost was only $29 dollars. Actually it would have been $39 but we got a discount. Cassandra had called the number on her cell phone which goes through her radio in the car so as we discussed it the guy we had called could hear us and was willing to make a deal. He started off by offering us $10 off and in the end said he would pay the $10 to park our car so we went ahead and agreed and it was a fun tour. We were going to buy a map of the starts home and try and do it ourselves but this was more fun and we saw a lot more. If you like this stuff it is worth it once probably wouldn’t pay to go again.

I think there were about 7 others on the small bus with us and we had a great time and the tour took about 2 hours we even stopped once to get out and take pictures of downtown LA and the Hollywood Sign, at the end will be a picture of me on top of the hill and you can barely make out the Hollywood sign behind me. While we were driving around Cassandra took a picture of us to text to one of the girls we are meeting in Las Vegas so I had her send to me as I thought it was cute and you can see the other people behind us in the tour bus. I do have lipstick on that is a rose color and not really noticeable in the picture. There were so many people downtown walking around and we had a blast.

After this we were all hungry as we had not eaten yet today so we looked for a place to eat. We finally found an Outback Steak House; actually we used the GPS to find it. It really is fun to just be out with the general public having fun. We had a nice meal before we head out tonight to the Oxwood. After dinner we drove back to the motel to clean up and change outfits for tonight.

I decided to wear my red dress for the night as Cassandra wore a black dress and cristine had on a multi color dress, plus my red dress just looks good. We got to the Oxwood a little before 8 which was nice as there really was no one there yet so parking was easy plus we got there before they started charging the cover at 9. We sat at the bar and talked to some of the ladies there, it turns out that the t0girls never show up much before 9 or 10 so it was pretty quiet for a while. Of course this was a good chance to get some pictures so I had Cassandra go out front with me and take a couple pictures of me in front of the Oxwood. They don’t have a sign other than on the building above the door. It was fun to be standing on the sidewalk with cars going by.

Around 9 a few started to show up so we moved over to a table by the pool table and put our names up on the list to play. Cassandra finally got to play and won so I got to play against her. I made some good shots and did really well, it got down to we were both going for the 8 ball and I missed my shot and Cassandra made hers so I lost but it was a fun game. I put my name up again to play but there were 12 people a head of me. Pool here is big and the T-girls who play are good, I think at one point in the night we had almost 30 girls signed up waiting for their chance to play.

I got a chance to talk with some of the other girls here a couple I met 3 years ago when I was here with Cassandra and Peggy, one even remembered me but several remembered Cassandra but she has been here more times than me. We even met a T-girl named JC and it was here first time to the Oxwood, she has gone to Hamburger Mary’s before though so it wasn’t her first time out. We talked for a while and she seemed really nice.

Well about an 1 ½ hours later it was my turn to play pool again and got to play a t-girl named Stacy who by the way is really good at pool. I made some good shots band we had fun but for the second time I lost. I had a blast though and as there were 20 girls already signed up I figured there was not enough time left for me to get another chance to play.

They also have a dance floor here and there were a lot of girls dancing and on Saturday nice they set up two small stages with a pole and yes they have a couple girls that do pole dancing which is interesting to watch. It is amazing how they can hang on the pole with just their legs wrapped around it and flip upside down.

Later on Stacy came over and talked more with me and Cristine. She seems really nice; actually all the girls here were nice. I wish I had gotten some pictures with some of the girls here just didn’t think of it. Maybe next Saturday on our way home I can get some more pictures if I can remember. There was also a girl walking around taking pictures of the girls and she asked if she could take my picture and of course I could not say no as Susan loves the camera. Turns out she has a web page I think for the lady that hosts the show that was put on. If I can find the web page I will post it later.

It was a fun night and I think we stayed till 1 am before going back to the motel as we needed some sleep before tomorrow when we make the drive to Las Vegas. So far it has been a wonderful. This brings day two of being Susan 24/7 for the trip to an end but I know I will wake up in the mooring wi8th my beautiful nails for another fun day of being female.

Thanks for reading.

One more picture, this was taken earlier in the day on our tour from an overlook up on Mulholland Drive. I have to learn not to slouch which I do trying to hide my height. Next picture will be better.

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  1. Reminder to Susan. “Don’t slouch Susan.” LOL


    Comment by Dana Teresa Vandehey | April 14, 2013 | Reply

  2. This is sounding wonderful Susan. Just remember to pace yourself so you have plenty of energy for DLV, it’s always a great time.

    Comment by Sarah Charles | April 14, 2013 | Reply

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