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Thursday night before Diva Las Vegas

Well it is finally here after waiting months for Diva Las Vegas. I got home from work and it was a rush to get Susan ready for her nail appointment. I knew it would be so I packed all of Susan’s stuff yesterday accept for what she needed today and have it in my car as once I leave for my nail appointment I will not be back home for 12 days and will be Susan 24/7.

I was ready and out the door by 4:10 so I would be early for my appointment and hoped I could get in early. I got to the nail salon at 4:30 and I was the only one there so got right in which was great. Now I have come here many times over the last 15 years but now it is under new owners but they kept the same name. They were really friendly towards me but then again I am spending money. The only bad part was neither of the people working here spoke very good English so it took a bit to communicate with them.

It is so relaxing to be in a nail salon getting my nails done and tonight was special as I was getting acrylics which I so love. It was amazing watching her do my nails and she made it look so easy. It only took her about 45 minutes and I had long nails and now was time to pick out a color. I chose a red color by OPI I think it is called the thrill of Brazil and it is a beautiful bright red. As she was painting them several other women came in to get their nails done. One sat next to me and picked out an Orange color for her nails and we talked for a bit. She loved the color I chose and said she should have picked the same. It was so much fun to sit there and carry on a conversation with her, I know she knew I was transgender but never said a thing or asked me about it. The only bad part was while we were talking I bumped one of my nails and messed it up so the nail tech had to redo the polish but this gave me more time there to talk with her.

It was a little after 6 when I left the salon and I think this is the first time I have not messed up one of my nails getting into the car probably because I did it still in the salon. Now I had an hour drive to Cassandra’s house as I was going to spend the night there so we could get an early start in the morning for our drive to LA. I had told her I hoped to be there at 7 and I was right on as I parked in front of her house at 6:58. Cristine was also spending the night as the 3 of us were all driving down tomorrow. Cassandra had made tacos for dinner and they had just started to eat when I got there. I got a plate and Peggy got me a drink and the 4 of us ate dinner and talked about the trip. Peggy is not going with us but will fly in Wednesday night and spend a few days with us.

After dinner it was time to pack which I am glad we waited as it gave my nails more time to dry so I didn’t mess them up. We got everything packed in the car and it is full but then again ladies need more luggage. I actually took way more than I will wear for the trip; I think I have 12 dresses and about 20 tops for an 11 day trip. Once we were all packed Cassandra went to move the car into the garage but the battery was dead. Seems she had left the doors open for a while so we had to jump start it from her other car so here I am as Susan with my pretty nails helping hookup jumper cables. It was in interesting time and we finally got the car to start and I did it all without chipping a nail.

After this we talked some more and decided to get up at 4 with hopes of leaving by 5. It was a fun night and my first of many as totally Susan. Now it was after 10 so it was time for bed as we were getting up early in the morning.


April 12, 2013 - Posted by | Diva Las Vegas, Out and about as Susan

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