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Last Friday night out before I leave for Diva Las Vegas

Well it has been a long and busy week for Susan and I was so looking forward to Friday night with my friends at Sweet Home. This will be my last chance to see some of them before Diva Las Vegas as Cassandra, Cristine and I are leaving next Friday morning and going to LA for the weekend before we head over to Las Vegas. Actually we will have a good group going to Diva Las Vegas this year, I think we have 11 for sure and 5 others that will probably make it so it will be almost like going out with our group just in Las Vegas. There is still time as you can still register through Sunday April 7.

Well I was all ready and out the door right on time which was nice as I got to Sweet Home early enough to get one of their 4 parking spots. Samantha, Chris and Laura were already there and had our usual table. I was hungry and they had my favorite special New York Steak as the special tonight so I ordered it. To my surprise Levi was not there, Jodi was working who by the way is also awesome. It is funny though I think I met Jodi the first night I was there as she was sitting at the bar and I think it was a couple months before I realized she actually worked here as she has Friday nights off so would come in as a customer. Any way I asked her about Levi and it turns out he will be off the rest of the month so Jodi will be there on Friday night.

Well it wasn’t long and more of our group started to show up, Amy, Roxy, Kim, Kimberly, Kara, Michelle, Samantha, Queeny, Victoria, Jenn, Alicia, and I know I am missing someone but we had a really good turnout. It is good to see so many girls going out on a Friday night. Kim sat next to me so we got a chance to talk which is awesome; missing last weekend out it has been a while since I have seen Kim and just seeing Kim puts a smile on my face. I really want to get together with her next week before I leave for Diva Las Vegas so we can have some time together but that will be my male side so no blog about that. Around 10 or so Kim left and I walked her out to her car. I have to wonder what people think as they watched me in my dress and high heels walking her out, not generally how you see a boyfriend walk his girlfriend out.

I also got to talk with Kimberly, I have seen her a few times in the last several month, we only met for the first time in person several months back but we met online I am guessing 10 years or more as we met on the old Yahoo 360 which by the way is where this blog started and Susan really started to introduce herself to the world via the internet. The internet has really made it easy to reach out to others, I wish the internet had been around when I was in my early 20’s, wow did I just say that, that kind of dates this old girl.

I got a chance to talk with Michelle she is flying in to Dive Las Vegas on Tuesday to meet up with us for the rest of the week. She is thinking of flying as Michelle which would be so much fun. It is something that I would love to do I am just not sure I could ever get up the courage to do it. There are so many things to consider, TSA and how they react, ticket people in the boarding area, and the general public. After all every place I go if there is an issue I can just leave, go get in my car and I am gone. You can’t do that on a plane. Years ago I actually went and parked my car and to the MAX train into Portland to do some shopping for that very. Once I got downtown I was there. My car was 12 miles away so I couldn’t just jump in the safety of my car. It really does ad a whole new outlook on being out and it does build confidence in one’s self. I told her she should get her nails done before she goes if she flies as Michelle.

I am so looking forward to Thursday night and getting my nails done as I love Acrylic nails. I am a little worried as I have one nail that is damaged and I am not sure if they can put Acrylic on that one so I may only have 9 beautiful nails and one short painted one but what can one do. Any way after I get them done I will be Susan till I get my nails removed 12 days later. It will be an awesome trip and I plan on getting lots of pictures as Susan needs more new pictures to post.

Well the Karaoke group showed up and Sweet Home got busy. I still haven’t worked up the courage to sing but several of our group did, Chris, Laura, Victoria, Michelle and Queeny all sang and did great. It was a really fun night because I got to hang out with my awesome friends and spend time with Kim. It got late and girls started to leave. Victoria, Chris, Laura and I were the last 4 from our group there. I think we finally left around 1 am.

The next few days will be busy for me getting ready for vacation so I doubt if Susan will make it out before her Thursday night nail appointment but then watch out for Susan.

Thanks for reading.


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