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Wednesday dinner with friends

Well I had the opportunity to go out Wednesday night so I thought I would go downtown Portland and meet up with my friends for dinner. Now it was a nice day and is staying light later so as I was getting ready to leave I noticed my neighbors were out front. Now as I have said in previous blogs my two neighbors know about my crossdressing but their kids do not and that is what made it hard as their kids were also out playing in the street so what to do. Well I put a shirt over my top and left my wig off and on went the sunglasses the only thing that they might have noticed was my lipstick but I tried not to look towards them so hopefully the kids didn’t notice anything. Down the street I stopped in a parking lot to put my wig on. Funny as I use to do this all the time when I went out during the summer.

I got downtown about 6:50 and found a parking spot about a block from Fox & Hound. The walk to Fox & Hound was nice as it really is a nice day out. Kim, Chris, Roxy, Laura, Cristine, & Michelle were all there. I sat next to Kim so I could talk with her; it has been a while since Susan was out with Kim. It was nice to have a nice dinner and chat. Julie, Lynn, Jan and Cassandra also showed up so we had a good group for the night.

We also had a new girl show up named Isabel; she was in town from Southern California and had gone to Victoria Sinclair’s to get ready. She seemed really nice and did a great job remembering all our names which is something I don’t think I could have done with meeting that many new people. Turns out she has family in the area so I am sure we will see her again. Cassandra and I talked about Diva Las Vegas which is fast approaching, April 14-19. It will be so much fun.

It was a fun night but as always went way to fast. The rest of the group was heading over to CC’s to play pool but as my male side has to work early I had to head home.

Thanks for reading.


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