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Friday night with friends

Well another long busy week has come to an end and what better way to start the weekend then spending time with my friends. I really look forward to my Susan time as I find it so enjoyable and relaxing and a great way to get away from the everyday issues that my male side faces. It all starts with my time getting ready, yes I even enjoy this time as I find it relaxing. I guess the fun of doing my makeup has not gone away.

I got to Sweet Home a little before 7 and the parking lot was full even the street was full and I had to go up the street about 15 cars which is the farthest I have had to park away but luck would be on my side as I was just parking I saw another car pull out that had parked right by their drive so I moved up to that spot. I knew Cassandra would be there early as she sent out a text and of course so would Chris. I got inside and Cassandra, Chris, Cristine and Kim were already there. It was great to see Kim there so early which started my night off great right from the start. This was going to be a good night as I got to sit next to Kim and we could chat. Roxy got here a little later tonight as she doesn’t have to work as early Saturday and wanted to stay out later so she could hear Chris Sing Karaoke.

It wasn’t long and other girls started to show up, Amy, Kelli, Sasha, & Laura so I knew we would have a good turn out tonight, actually the last few Friday nights have been really good. Sweet Home was actually pretty busy for as early as it was which is good for their business. It was funny as about 8 about 6 girls left to go to Tiger Lilies for dancing and as they went out the side door about 6 more girls came in the front door at the same time so we just exchanged girls. Michelle, Jan, Lynn, Guinn, Victoria, Petra, & Jennifer all came in.

It was great to see Victoria out, she just got back from Thailand a few weeks back and although she came out a couple weeks ago only stayed for a little bit that night tonight she stayed most of the night which gave us all a chance to talk with her and find out how things are going. She looks and sounds like she is doing well which is good.

We even had a new girl named Rene who made it with her friend Sharla; Boy I hope I got her name right. Rene lives in Southern Oregon and was in town for the week and thought she would join us. She actually read about Sweet Home and our group going there Friday nights in my blog. It is always nice to meet new people but still a little strange when they have been reading my blog as they seem to know about me while I am trying to learn about them which is something I am still getting use too. Now our group was big tonight and I know I missed some names but I would bet we had over 20 there and as such we had our 2 normal tables, some were at the bar, playing pool and also the open table in the corner so with us spread out so much it was hard to get a good count.

Well it was after 9 and Kim was tired as she had a really busy week so she was going to leave and I walked her out to her car. It is funny as this seemed like such a natural thing, a boyfriend walking his girlfriend out and I never even thought about the fact I was Susan tonight and wearing a dress and heels. I guess I am just really comfortable even as Susan that sometimes I don’t even think about it. Anyway we talked for a bit about getting together this week for a movie before saying goodnight. It was on the way back in as I heard my heels on the pavement that I thought about the fact it was Susan who had walked her out.

Back inside I went over to where Rene & Sharla were sitting and talked with them for a while as I wanted to get to know them. Rene is married and her family and friends know about both sides of her and support her which is so awesome. Sharla is her friend who lives in the Portland area and is supportive of her also so she came out with her for the night. Both of them are really nice and we talked for probably 30 minutes. Meeting new people really is fun.

Well it was time for karaoke to start and of course Chris sang for Roxy and also Lynn sang. They are the brave ones in our group and sing every week. Of course we also talked with some of the regulars from the bar as we really do have good interaction with everyone there. Heather from the Karaoke group is just so awesome always comes over and talks with us as does Kelsey and her fiancée. It really is a friendly place to be on a Friday night.

A couple guys that I think Heather knows wanted a picture with us and you know how I and most t-girls feel about having our picture taken, we couldn’t get up fast enough. About 15 of us crowded around them for pictures but again I never thought to get my camera out, another blonde moment on my part.

It was a really fun night and I think it was about 1:20 when we called it a night. Always sad to see the night come to an end. W

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend.


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  1. Now that you mentioned it, I have a feeling that I know you and can’t wait to meet you in Vegas. I even mentioned your name in the Edmonton Winterfest event and one of the Calgary girls knows you.
    Have a look at the pictures on Facebook of the Edmonton Illusions Social Club. It is the girl with the red dress and red hair. On one of the pictures she is alone holding the camera.

    Comment by Angela d'Evial | February 25, 2013 | Reply

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