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Friday nights with my friends

Well another week has come and gone and it is Friday night and time for Susan to get ready to go out with her friends. Now I know what is on everyone’s mind and that is my date with Kim on Valentines evening. Well I hate to disappoint but there will not be a blog about that as this blog is about Susan and her life out and last night it was my male side that had the date as I wanted to introduce Kim to him as he is a big part of my life and who I am also. All I will say is it was the best Valentine’s Day I have had, male or female and I am sure both my male side and Susan will have more dates with Kim. Well onto tonight.

Well getting ready was a bit more of a challenge tonight mainly picking out an outfit to wear. Not sure if others go through this but I just couldn’t decide on an outfit as my wardrobe is actually pretty limited and it seems like I wear the same things over and over again. I really do need to go out shopping and buy some new dresses, actually I need some more casual outfits too as Diva Las Vegas is coming up fast less than 2 months away so that is my goal more shopping. Maybe that should have been my New Year’s resolution.

Well any way I finally settled on my blue and black dress which really is cute and I was ready to leave. I got to Sweet Home just a little after 7 and Chris, Roxy and Cassandra were already there. We sat and talked and of course I ordered dinner, tonight they had their Sirloin steak dinner special which is awesome so that is what I had.

Well as always it wasn’t long and others started to show up and I could tell we would have a good night. Now here is this poor blondes attempt at remembering who all was there and I am sure I will miss some so I apologize right now as some come early and leave and other later on. Amy, Kellie, Kelley, Diane, Cristine, Jan, Lynn, Michelle, Rose, Jennifer, Sasha, Guinn, Laura, Tracy, and two new girls that for the life of me I can’t remember their names and I think maybe one or two more I missed so we had a really good turnout.

It was cool to see Jennifer out as she has not been able to come out for a while and it was fun to talk with her and find out how things are going. Actually it is fun to talk with all the girls and just hang out and of course the most important part is being with friends. I really don’t care what we do or where we go as long as I have friends there to spend time with.

Well as it got later more people came in, the Karaoke group usually starts to show up around 9 or so as they don’t start Karaoke till between 10 and 10:30 so till than the place is not that crowded but once they show up the place gets really busy and that is when it gets really fun. Karaoke is always fun and I really do enjoy it. Still have not worked up the courage to sing by myself but I am willing to sing with someone else. Tonight Michelle wanted to sine YMCA and I told her I would go up and ding with her and do the arm moves for YMCA, yes I am old enough to remember this, don’t do the math. It was so much fun and by the end we had almost everyone doing the song. Chris got up a few times and sang as he always does and is really good.

We had a really good time. I talked with Chris and Roxy some about Saturday night, yes Kim and I (Susan) have another date, and we are going over to Chris’s for dinner and a movie which will be fun. It will be just the 4 of us for a couple’s night which should be a lot of fun oh and yes Kim and I are a couple now. This leads me into a new issue as I blog about my life and journey as Susan how do I deal with Susan time with Kim? I don’t want Kim to feel that everything we do, say or where we go will wind up in my blog for everyone to read and I would never do that as there are things that should be private but I also want to be able to record Susan’s journey. This is something Kim and I will have to decide on and I know I can make posts that are private that only I can see which is a cool function of WordPress. I will have to talk with Kim about this.

Well it was getting late and people started to leave. I was really getting tired as it was an early morning for my male self and a long busy day. I really should have left earlier but as Susan I really like my time out and always have a hard time leaving which is why I usually don’t go out with the group midweek as I would stay out too late and Susan needs her beauty sleep. Actually most of our group stayed out later than normal and when we left at yes 2:40 we still had Cassandra, Kelley, Kellie, Amy and me there, I think this is the first time I can remember there have been 5 of us close down a place

Well thanks for reading; I have to get some things done now before I get start getting ready for my date tonight. I need a little extra time as Susan wants to look beautiful for Kim.


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  1. So glad things are working out with Kim, and too bad we won’t hear too much about it, because you know we all would love a juicy love story, but I get it, privacy and all. And she is probably reading this right now, so I should tell her how amazing and beautiful she is so that you can earn a few extra points! Anyway, great to hear that you are having such a great time on all fronts of your life! Yay! Hmmm, did I mention Kim was amazing and beautiful, did I leave that part out? OK, good got it in there.

    Comment by Alexis Alexandra | February 17, 2013 | Reply

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