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Girl’s night out to the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Well it turns out some of the girls have never seen the Rocky Horror Picture show, I myself have only seen parts so we decided to go and see it at the Clinton Street Theater. Now part of the fun is dressing up as the characters so I pulled up pictures and did the best I could with what I had mostly tried to do my makeup to match the show. As you can see I had a short black skirt just couldn’t bring me to just wear the panties out in public, fishnet, high heels and of course a red corset and yes it was tight. Now we were meeting at the 52 street bar first as the show didn’t start till midnight. Doing my makeup took longer than I thought partly as I really went overboard on the eye makeup.

I was ready to leave and went to get into my car and that took a little work as I had to keep my back straight, maybe just a little too tight on the corset but it is only one night. Wow once inside my car it was hard to sit as I am not use to always sitting up straight plus I really couldn’t twist like normal so even looking over my shoulder while driving was a challenge.

I got to the 52 street sports bar about 7:30 and even getting out of the car was hard, I have a small car and I never thought about it but I always bend over to get my head in and out and tonight I couldn’t do that. Now I did wear a wrap over my outfit and was a little nervous walking into a sports bar dressed like this but hey I had a good reason. Cassandra, Chris and Cristine were already inside so I joined them. Well we had to get some pictures and Cassandra had the bright idea to take them outside along the street so even though it was cold out especially in my outfit outside we went. Look at those cute shows I had on, 3 ½ inch heels. For a Saturday night there wasn’t much traffic on the street which surprised me but on the bright side dressed as we were it was probably good.

It was cold out or just felt really cold as we were not wearing much so we actually made two trips outside as we went back in briefly to get warm. Now sitting on a bar stool when you can’t really bend is hard, I don’t know how woman 100 years ago wore corsets all the time. I had only had it on for a little over an hour and was ready to take it off except for the fact I had nothing else to wear.

I ordered dinner as I didn’t eat earlier and was hungry; the funny thing is I could barely eat half my dinner as my corset was so tight. Maybe I found the secret to losing weight, the Susan Miller diet, just put on and wear a really tight corset.

Well Cassandra played pool with a couple of the regulars and won and one has to wonder what they were thinking after being beat by her in her little maids outfit not that they haven’t seen us in here before as some of the girls have been coming here on Monday nights for football but the outfits we all had on tonight were way over the top.

Kim showed up and had on this great Maids outfit, she has seen Rocky Horror before and knows all of the characters and how they dress. Maybe I should have had her help me with my outfit. Any way she also had a corset on under her outfit but ended up taking it off. Well Kim just looked so cute I had to also get a picture with her, yes Susan loves getting her picture taken especially when she is dressed in a way she hasn’t before. What a cute picture the only bad part is I tower over Kim in my heels.

Michelle showed up in her little maid outfit and she had the guts to just wear the panties and stockings. Wow that was awesome; I should have gotten a picture. I bet she had the best outfit at the show

I went up to the bar to get another drink and started talking to Brenda the bar tender and she still remembered me even though it has been months since I have been here and I think I only went twice so that was nice. Actually she is really awesome and Cassandra and I got a couple pictures with her in the middle but I am not sure on who’s camera as I don’t have the picture and Cassandra didn’t post it either.

Any way we talked for maybe 15 minutes and she was sad she had to work tonight and couldn’t go with us, she said it would be a blast to go party with us at the movie and dress up which is true. What better group to dress up with and go to Rocky Horror picture show with than a group of T-Girls.

Well it was my turn to play pool, my first game was against Cassandra and I did lose but not too bad considering I had a hard time bending over, had to keep well actually the corset forced me to keep my back straight. You really never think about how much you bend in the middle till you can’t. On the bright side I am sure it gave me a sexy pose went I bent over to make a shot. I also got to play one of the regular girls wanted and she told me she was not very good, which neither am I but I am getting better and I had a disadvantage tonight because of my corset. I won this game but just barely.

Now we have heard there is a line at the show so we left for the theater at 10:45 but first a couple more photos, yes this blog has a lot of photos. I wanted a close up so I could see my makeup job, a little heavy but then that is what the characters in the movie had on. What cute smiles we both have, I really think a smile makes the photo plus as we are sitting we appear to be the same height.

Well since I didn’t know where the Clinton Street Theater was Kim road with me so I didn’t get lost which is good because I am not at all familiar with this part of Portland. It only took about 15 minutes to get there so we met up with Chris, Roxy and Michelle in a little café and they got a little something to eat while we waited for the theater to open. About 11:30 we headed over and bought our tickets and there was no line.

Now the Clinton Street Theater is an older Theater and actually has a stage in front of the screen. It turns out on the first and third Saturday nights they do a live performance and the other two Saturdays they just show the movie. Now inside were several other members of our group who just went straight to the theater for the movie. In all I think we had about 15 of us from our group there, also the Karaoke group from Sweet Home who we invited to come with us also showed up with about the same amount. How cool is that, we really have made some awesome friends at the Sweet Home Bar & Grill.

Now even though this is just the movie night the actors were still there and interacted with the crowd and the movie. Actually they had everyone that has never seen the movie there before go up on stage and had fun with them and yes I fell into this category so I found myself on the stage with about 30 other people. It was cool as you could see what other were wearing and yes our group had the best outfits. Okay here is my last photo from the night. Look how straight I am sitting up what proper posture and what a cute couple we make.

Any way the movie didn’t actually start till almost 12:40 so I knew it would be a late night. Now if you have never seen Rocky Horror Picture show in a theater you really should as there is a lot of audience participation. In the opening scene at the wedding everyone throws rice just like in the movie, yes I had rice every place. During the dance scenes some of the audience goes up on stage and dances right along with the movie it really is an experience and makes it like a party atmosphere and a lot more fun. It was an awesome night.

It was well after 2 am when we got out of the movie theater and I headed home. When I got home I stood in my shower and took off my corset and could just hear the rice falling out. It was a really awesome fun night.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Really cool to hear about your fun night out Susan. Sounds like a blast and that you need to have some more corset training and need to work on you posture a bit too. 😉 I really love corsets too, but never feel comfortable wearing them out, so bravo girl! They do make it really difficult to sit or do much of anything but stand there and look pretty.

    Comment by Alexis Alexandra | January 29, 2013 | Reply

  2. […] Home is the interaction we have with the other customers there, as I said last week when we did Rocky Horror picture show about 12 of their group met us for the show which is awesome. We have made some good friends […]

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