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Out early on A Friday night with friends 1/25/13

Well it is Friday night and that means a night out for Susan which I look forward to all week long. Tonight though I was out earlier as we had a meeting set up with our Attorney Beth Allen, she has just been appoint to a Judge position starting February 1st and we are all so happy for her as she will be an awesome Judge. Now there is one bad part of this and that is she can no longer practice as an attorney once she is a Judge so she was meeting with us to give us an update on our complaint against the P-Club and what happens now. For those who have not followed my previous blogs last summer the owner of the P-Club called one of our members twice and left two different voice mails asking us not to come back as he felt his place was getting a reputation as a tranny bar and this was after we had been going there almost two years with never a complaint that we knew of. Any way Cassandra posted the messages on her YouTube videos (here is the video) and sent them to a couple attorneys and the state of Oregon and Beth contacted her as did BOLI and from there we went on to file a formal complaint with the state of Oregon who has now filed a commissioners complaint against the P-Club and the owner Chris Penner. We were meeting her at Sweet Home at 6 this is the awesome bar we have been going to for the last several months.

I wanted to be early and was shooting to be there by 5 but you know how girls are getting ready, it takes a lot more time to be pretty so I was just a little late and got there about 5:20 which as I left extra time was still fine. Cassandra had just got there and was setting up her laptop so we could Skype with Victoria who is still over in Thailand. By 6 all of us were there, Cassandra, Peggy, Chris, Cristine, Amy, me and Victoria on Skype, we are the 7 listed in the formal complaint. Beth showed up and gave us a brief update which was pretty easy as we had just met with her a little over a week ago and not much is new. Now she is selling her practice to an attorney in her firm but she has a friend who is an Attorney that does a lot of labor cases through BOLI and has told her about our case and is recommending we use her for the case as she can no longer represent us. She even arranged for her to join us tonight at 7 so we could meet her, her name is Sue-Del McCulloch. Well with a name that starts with Sue this Susan was happy.

Sue-Del showed up and we all introduced ourselves to her and she seemed really nice and as excited about the case as Beth is which is a good sign, Cassandra played the voice mails Chris Penner left on her phone as she had not heard them and she was just as shocked that he would leave such a message. Now as it was after 7 other girls had started to show up so they got our regular table while we finished with our meeting. After meeting Sue-Del I feel really good about her and think she will represent us well and I think the other girls feel the same so I think we have a new Attorney, but we are all a little sad as we really liked Beth and will miss her. We all wished her the best in her on her new path and gave a toast to her.

Well the meeting over and it was about 7:40 so we joined the rest of our group which was about 10 so it looks like we will have a really good turnout tonight. Kim, Roxy, Samantha, Laura, Michelle, both Sasha’s and a couple more this poor blonde can’t think of right now were there. Peggy had to leave as she couldn’t stay, she had come for just the meeting so that was sad but it was great to see her again. I ordered dinner and found a seat by Kim which was nice as it gave us a chance to talk. She is really awesome and fun to hang out with.

Kimberley showed up, I first met her online probably 10 years ago back when I was on Yahoo360 which is where this blog started and even though she lives here in the Portland area we have never had a chance to meet in person till tonight so that was awesome. We talked for quite a while, I told her all about our wonderful group and I hope she will join it and come out with us more. She really is nice.

Soon more girls started to show up including Petra and Victoria, yes we have more than one Victoria also. It was cool to see Victoria out as she doesn’t get out as much. She has a business her in the Portland area called over the rainbow transformations and does makeovers for transgender people and is very supportive of the transgender community. If you are ever in the Portland area and want some help or just a safe place to dress check out her web page Alicia also made it out tonight which was nice, I think the last time I saw her was at Harvey’s the time before last.

I tried to count how many we had there but as it was really busy last night and Sweet Home is such an accepting place we all intermingle with the regulars there so I couldn’t get an accurate count but I would guess 23 which is a really good turnout for our group. Well it was time for Karaoke and of course several of our group got up and sand, Chris, Kim and even Sasha and all did great. It was a fun night and of course we all talked about our going to the Rocky Horror picture show and what we were going to wear. I really don’t have the proper costume but I do have fishnets and a red corset so I will probably wear that with a short skirt, should be interesting as the movie starts at midnight and we are all meeting at 52
street sports bar first around 7:30. Little nervous about showing up there dressed for the movie, Cassandra called the bar tender to see if she was okay with it and she was but still not the normal dress for a bar.

Lorraine was also her tonight and she is so much fun, she is planning on going to the Super Bowl party at Cassandra’s so that will be awesome. I have made some really awesome friends as Susan over the last years which I think has really helped me blossom and become more comfortable with who I am. I didn’t get a chance to play pool tonight but Laura was the star, I think she must have won 15 games in a row.

Well it got late and people started to leave, Cassandra and I were the last of our group and tonight we stayed till the very end. It was after closing time at 2:30 when we left. We were just having such a fun time with the regulars. I met a new GG named Venus, what a cool name. She was really awesome and told me how beautiful I looked and what girl doesn’t want to hear that. Even Britney showed up just before closing, she is the wife of the KJ (Mark the guy who does Karaoke), I am blonde and didn’t know that KJ is the name for the Karaoke Jockey but it makes sense, kind of like a DJ is a disc jockey. She is also really nice and came over and talked to Cassandra and me and gave me a hug which is always nice. Girls seem to hug a lot which men don’t do which is really a shame as everyone needs a hug.

It was a really fun night but it was after 3 am when I finally got home which is the latest this poor girl has been out in a long time.

Well thanks for reading and have a great weekend.


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