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Well what do you know; I made it to Starbuck’s

Well it is another busy week for my male self, busy every night this week but tonight so I decided to make a run for Starbuck’s. It seems like it has been for ever since I have been here and actually it has. I was looking back over my blog yes I am blonde and getting older and really need help remembering things hence the blog and it has was almost two months ago I was last at Starbuck’s. wow how fast time goes by. I got to Starbucks by 7 and there was plenty of parking so I figured they weren’t very busy but I was wrong, there are about 20 people here but I did find a small table right in the middle. Everyone must have had the same idea I did because half the people here are on lap tops so I guess it is the night for that.

Now the girls that are normally working are not here tonight but the girl behind the counter did remember what I like to drink which considering how long it has been and the fact I didn’t remember her was impressive. I must say I have always been treated awesome here no matter who is working. I must say that Starbucks is a pretty good place to go when you want to express your other side.

It is strange how relaxing it is to just sit here at Starbucks and work on my computer well I guess it is more play than work but I do manage to get a little work done. The funny thing is while I am here I am really not thinking about the fact I am Susan or that I am crossdressing it really does feel natural and normal and I could almost forget about it accept for my pretty red nails I can see while typing on my keyboard. It is amazing how much I have grown as Susan over the last couple years. Now I know what everyone is thinking and I do get asked it quite often and that is where this is leading and when am I going to transition. Well let me answer that the best I can, I don’t know where my life will go and what will happen down the road accept for one thing and that is that I will not transition. Will Susan play a bigger part in my life I would think so but Susan will never be my whole life. A few years back I was amazed that I was going out once a week and now it is twice a week and that feel right. Susan is a big part of who I am and I would not be complete without her but the same goes for my male self. I need both to be complete and the person I am so no I will not transition and that I am sure of.

Well I am getting ready for Diva Las Vegas, I have my vacation set and I have my hotel reservations I just need to do some shopping as I do need some more and newer cloths. I figure this is a good excuse to but girl cloths. Right now we have Cassandra, Cristine and myself going for sure and a couple girl planning on coming in for the last few days from our group here so on Thursday and Friday of that week we could have as many as 7 or 8 from our group there on those days. How fun would that be. right now they are only registering those who have gone before but starting February first they will start registering those on the mailing list so if you want to go subscribe to the mailing list otherwise you can’t register till March first when they have open registration. They should have a list of activities by the end of March as they will start having people sign up for events the last week of March so there is still plenty of time.

I am so looking forward to this trip as I once again plan on being Susan 24/7, 10 full days and yes I will get acrylic nails. I really love acrylic nails, having them and even getting them done. That is the one part of Susan I wish I could do all the time. If you have never had acrylic nails you should try them at least once just for the experience. The other thing is a pedicure, god I love those. I really need to get another pedicure but just can’t seem to find the time. I may have to paint my toes again myself as they are starting to look bad again. Girls really do get the best cloths and to be pampered a lot more than men.

Well we have another meeting with our attorney coming up soon. I had to write out a statement and will have to do a deposition which will have to be notarized which means giving my legal name. we have our hearing date set up in mid March and I have time off work for that too. This still scares me as this means being very open and public about myself but I feel it is worth it. I never really pictures myself doing something like this as this is the first time I have personally been involved in something like this so I really don’t know what will happen and how things will go. It is a learning experience though. I was talking to Cassandra the other day and we are both amazed that the first time we are in court and being questioned we will be there as girls. It is scary but also sounds fun in a way, being in such a public situation and being there as a female.

Well thanks for reading and have a great rest of the week.


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  1. Great to read your blog again. I registered to the mailing list of Diva Las Vegas and try to go there and hoping to see you. I have get my SO to give me OK to go. We only have to find a reasonable lie to tell our neighbours and friends where I am that week.
    You mentioned the attorney twice in your blogs but since I have only followed your blogs for about 2 months now I have no idea what this is all about. Can you give me some info about this or is it a private matter ?


    Comment by angeladevial | January 23, 2013 | Reply

    • Tell them you had to go out of town for work, family or just a trip with the guys, really no one will care. Hope you can make it to Diva Las Vegas so much fun.
      Last summer after going to a local bar for almost two years the owner left a couple voice messages telling our group not to come back because he thought his bar was getting a reputation as a tranny bar. Well long story short the state of Oregon filed a complaint against him for discrimination and we have an attorney representing us in that case. There is a little more info in my current blog plus a link to the voice messages.

      Comment by susanmiller64 | January 26, 2013 | Reply

  2. It was nice to see a blog entree this early in the week. I am not as far as you are in my female life, I find you an inspiration to me. someday I hope to move to a bigger centre and be more connected.
    – Briana , Prince George BC Canada

    Comment by Briana9519 | January 23, 2013 | Reply

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