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Out on a Friday night with my friends

It is Friday night and for those who follow my blog know this is Susan’s night out with her friends and I so look forward to it every week. Well it has been another long busy week for Susan so I am really in need of a night out with the girls. I got home and relaxed for a bit before starting the transformation into Susan which I totally enjoy. I had already decided on what I would wear but as always I knew by the time I was done getting ready it would not be in the outfit I had picked, one of the joys of being a girl as you can change your mind. As I started to get ready I knew it was going to be a challenge tonight, have you ever had one of those night where things go wrong well that was tonight for Susan.

I love red in case you don’t know that, red nails and lipstick. Well I know bright red lipstick is not an everyday color so when I go out on Friday nights I almost always wear red as we are going to a bar/club and it fits in their way better than say the mall or Starbuck’s. Well my makeup was done and time for my lips and wouldn’t you know it my bright red lip liner is out. Now the lip liner I use and love is color stay by Revlon the only bad part is they come in a plastic pencil that you twist to advance instead of sharpening which is way more convenient but as it does not get shorter as you sharpen it so you really have no idea how much is left till it runs out on you. to, now I need to line my lips to keep the lipstick from bleeding plus it makes the lipstick stay on way better so I knew right away there I would have to go with a different color which I did not that big a deal, a nice wine color.

Well now I was getting dressed and yes it was a different dress than I had originally planned on wearing well as I was putting on my pantyhose wouldn’t you know it I got a big run in them so off they went and I went over to my draw to get another pair and I was down to just one and they were a black pair which of course would not go with the dress on my bed so once again a wardrobe change. So now I am finally all dressed and ready to go out. well as I get into the car I get caught on the seatbelt which has not rolled up as it is an older car and I immediately know something is wrong and I look and I have another run in my brand new pantyhose but this one is at least above the hem of my dress so upstairs again to get some clear nail polish to keep it from getting any worse and off I go again. So now I am in my car and on my way.

Well as I drive I think to myself there is a Walgreen right across the street from Sweet Home and I do have to get more pantyhose and I do need some lip liner so I decide to stop first and get what I need. Now remember I am in 3″ heels and a nice dress and full makeup so again not your normal look for shopping but hay this is an emergency. They are kind of busy so I have to park a ways out and walk across the parking lot in my heels which is okay just not really fast and it was cold out tonight. Didn’t really notice anyone give me funny looks but then I was on a mission as I wanted to get across the street with my friends. Now if you have never been to a Walgreens the cosmetic section is usually right inside the doors so I didn’t have to walk too far. Now the sad part is they did not have the red lip liner I use so I bought a wine colored one as I am guessing that one is also getting low and of course some new panty hose on I was on my way.

I drove across the street and parked and as I set my hand break yes you guessed it I popped off a nail so now I only have 9 pretty red long nails. Now in all the times I have done my nails this way it is over the last 3 years this is only the second time I have lost a nail so I don’t carry spares. So in I went and of course Chris, Roxy, Amy, Laura & Cassandra were already there so I joined them. Well it turns out Cassandra lost a nail and as this seems to happen to her a lot she had spares so I manages to borrow a nail from her but it was not the same color red but in the dime light of the bar no one would notice and I would have 10 long nails so now I was good and ready for my fun night out.

Now we had a new girl show up named Sasha and this was her first time out, well I guess she went out years ago down in LA but she has not gone out for many years so it was great she could join us as we always have such a fun time. We all chatted for a bit and got to know a little more about her which is always fun as you can never have too many friends. She seems really nice and I hope she comes out with us more.

Kelsey and her fiancé Chuck were there early, Kelsey is the girl I sang Karaoke with last week. They are both really nice and of course we got a chance to talk. Normally they come later for the Karaoke but tonight they didn’t stay for that, they just played pool and hug out but it was still good they could make it.

Kim showed up again which is always fun as she really is awesome and so supportive of our group. It was fun to talk with her and her and Chris did both sin Karaoke and did a fabulous job. We talked more about movies and what we both like and we are already planning another movie night. I hope maybe once a month I can have her over for dinner and a movie which would be fun. We also talked about the movie the Hobbit and possible going to see that which would also be a lot of fun but if we do that I would have to decide if I went as Susan or my male self, who knew being female could be so complicated.

Heather also showed up, she is one of the Karaoke group the love us and always come over and talks with us. Rachel was also there, she is the one we met at the P-Club before we were kicked out and she is the one who contacted me on Facebook and told me about Sweet Home and that the owner had asked us to come there so actually if it was not for Rachel we would not know about this awesome place and have met all these awesome people.

Well it was now time for Karaoke to start and that is when it really gets busy here so there was a good crowd. Jessica and Michelle both showed up for the Karaoke as they are also part of that group and they both had on these really cute high heels. They are both really nice and I have talked with them before but tonight I had to tell them both how cute their heels were and that got us talking. I must have stood and talked with them for better than 30 minutes and of course it started about heels and where they got them and on to shopping and clothes. I think actually I know I learned more about them last night than in all my previous conversations with them. It was really nice to get to know them better.

Well it was late and even though my evening had started off a little rough it turned out to be awesome as usual and I know it is because of the time with my awesome friends. Cassandra and I were the last of our group to leave at 2 am which is late for this girl, not getting any younger. Well as I said it was a cold night and all the cars outside had frost on them and as we walked to our cars I could see light in my car. Yes when I got there and lost my nail I had turned on the dome light to look for it and being blonde forgot to turn it off so it had been on the whole time I was there, almost 7 hours so now my thoughts changes to one last problem, would my car start. Well it did evidently my battery is good enough and my car started. That would have been a bad ending to my night out. I will have to be more careful in the future. Now I just have to find that nail in my car as the last thing I want is to be giving a ride to someone else and have them find it, my project for Saturday.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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  1. Hope you find the nail!! And have a GREAT Birthday next week!!!!

    Comment by Alice | January 19, 2013 | Reply

  2. Have a great day with the girls on your Birthday !

    Comment by angeladevial | January 22, 2013 | Reply

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