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Monday evening downtown.

Well it is Monday night and we have a meeting with our attorney Bath Allen downtown at her office. Now the meeting was at 5:30 and it is always a question of how long it will take to get downtown during the evening rush hour. So I wanted to leave myself an hour so I got off work early to get ready. Well I was all ready and on my way by 4:20 and it turns out there was no traffic going the way I was so I was downtown by 4:45 and found a parking spot right out front of Beth’s office. I was paying for my parking when Amy walked up so we went in together and up to Bath’s office. We were the first two there so we waited in the office. Cassandra and Cristine also made it but Chris and Peggy couldn’t and of course Victoria is out of the country right now.

We met in her office and Victoria was on the phone with us while Beth gave us an update, BOLI has filed the complaint now and it looks like we will have our hearing in mid March so this is actually moving a lot faster than any of us thought. Beth went over how things would proceed and what we could expect and all our options now and going forward. This really is an interesting experience as I have never really been involved in something like this so I am learning some new things. We were at Beth’s office for over an hour.

After we left Beth’s office Cassandra, Cristine, Amy and I went to Fox & Hound for dinner and of course to talk. Veronica was in town so she joined us for dinner which was nice and gave us a chance to talk and catch up on what was new. We are trying to talk her into meeting us in Las Vegas for Diva Las Vegas this year. It was a fun evening and went by so fast and soon it was time for me to go home.


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  1. I tried hun…..I rode my Motorcycle to work just to go downtown to the meeting and not have to park my truck……unfortunately….I left my key in it (the motorcycle) during lunch. When this happens, it keeps the headlight on. Needless to say….when I tried to leave for downtown…..the bike wouldn’t start. I had to scramble just to get a ride home! In retrospect….with all the ice last night….I think someone was looking out for me by making my motorcycle not work…..
    Anyway…..talked to Cass….got all updated. Roxy helped me get my bike home and me back to work today so fairly painless….thankfully! See ya Friday!

    Comment by Chris Elliott | January 15, 2013 | Reply

  2. Susan, so proud of you and the others for continuing to work with Beth!!!!

    Comment by Alice Green | January 15, 2013 | Reply

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