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A fun Saturday for Susan

Well today Susan was going to have an awesome day. Cassie one of the girls from our group has in the past set up makeup classes at Nordstrom’s through the MAC counter, turns out she does a lot of shopping here and knows most of the employees personally. Now I have never been able to make it to any of the other classes but today I was able to make it and I have been looking forward to it all week. The class was on eye brows and what could be more fun than learning makeup tip, I know going to Nordstrom’s to the MAC counter as Susan.

The class was at 4 pm which would mean leaving my house by 3:15 as it was at the Washington Square Nordstrom’s so I would be out during the day on a Saturday at a busy mall. Now normally I would wear Capri’s, or slacks with a nice top but being Saturday and the fact our group was going to Harvey’s tonight and I would not have time to go home and change I did wear a dress to go shopping. It was a nice black dress and medium heels. I was ready and out the door right on schedule and on my way. I got to Washington Square about 3:50 and being Saturday it was busy so I went and parked in the parking garage and walked into Nordstrom’s and headed to the cosmetic section. Now walking into a crowded store like Nordstrom’s on a Saturday after non is something I would have never done just a couple years ago but today I really didn’t give it a second thought, just parked and walked in.

I got to the MAC counter right at 4 thinking I would be late and it turns out I was the first there. I wasn’t even sure how many were coming. Thai Carr the MAC makeup artist came over and introduced herself to me and told me Cassie had called and was caught in traffic, she was so nice actually all the ladies working there were awesome and all said hi to me, Nordstrom’s really does have awesome customer service, they also all commented on how nice my wrap looked and it really does. Now the cosmetic section was packed and the MAC counter was the busiest so there were all kinds of people there and I just browsed with the rest of them. I talked with several of the girls at the MAC counter while waiting and I guess it was about 4:15 When Laura showed up so I wasn’t there by myself. Maybe 5 minutes later Cassie showed up and it was time to start. Now in the past they held these classes in one of their rooms but as there were so few of us and they had the room Thai had set up some chairs right in the cosmetic section by the MAC counter so we would be out with all the other customers.

The class was great and Thai did an awesome job, she explained how to do the eye brow, where it starts, ends and where the high point should be. She showed several different products brow pencil, gel, powder and how to use them by themselves or combined with each other and the looks were very different. I actually learned a lot plus it was fun to watch her do different eyebrows on the model. What cool jobs, being able to do makeup on people all day or even being the model and having them do your makeup over and over. She spent about an hour teaching us and then after asked if we had any questions about anything else so I took the opportunity to ask some questions I have had including how to do the winged or cat eye eyeliner which Thai was only too happy to show us. It was really an awesome after noon and I did get a couple pictures but being blonde forgot to ask Cassie and Laura if they minded me posting them in my blog so I cropped this one just so I would have a picture, after all one must have a picture of such a fun day. This is Thai and me after the class and yes I did spend some money, bought the eye brow pencil and the shadow duo as I am almost out of the one I have been using and also needed some more of the Studio Fix makeup as I love the coverage I get from this so I am willing to pay more after all Susan is worth it. If you are in the Portland area and want some help and a fun experience I would highly recommend Thai Carr at the MAC counter at Nordstrom’s at Washington Square.

After the class Cassie and I went upstairs and looked at some dresses and of course Cassie talked to everyone, seems she knows almost everyone in the store. It was fun to walk around the store and shop, it is funny as we walked around the store the busiest section was the cosmetic section. I would say half the people shopping there were in the cosmetic section.

Well it was time to go and I was off on my own walking out to my car and again felt totally at ease. It was about 5:45 now so I headed to Fox and Hound as I was meeting my friends there around 7 as we always meat here when we go to Harvey’s as parking is so much better here and it is only a 7 block walk to Harvey’s. I got there about 6:15 and Jan was already there so I joined her. It wasn’t long before others started to show up. We had a fun time talking as we didn’t need to leave for Harvey’s till 8:30. Now we had a big group tonight going to Harvey’s I think 23 so it was going to be a fun night. Loraine even was able to go and she brought a couple of her friends with her. I think by the time we left for Harvey’s we had 15 of us there so off we went 15 of us walking down the streets of Portland and yes it was cold out, right about freezing and the only thing that got cold were my toes as I wore open toed heels.

We got to Harvey’s and the rest of our group was already there waiting in the lounge. There was one other big group of 24 there also, turns out it was one of their birthdays, I think his name was Dan. Any way he and a couple of his group started talking to Jan and I about Harvey’s and the shows as we told them we came here all the time. Any way Jan and I put are arms around him so one of his friends could get a picture and before we knew it I think everyone in his group had their cameras out and were taking pictures. Well of course they also had some questions about us and our group of which Jan and I were only too happy to answer. We ended up talking to them for about 30 minutes while we waited to go in to the showroom.

Well we finally got inside and Kim who is an awesome person and always our waitress was there and she already had our tables reserved for us. She really does take good care of us and always looks forward to the nights we come; she even greets us all by name. If you are ever in Portland and want a fun night out Harvey’s is an awesome choice for a fun night out. The show was great as always but I think I liked the featured comedian better than the headliner. This is always such a fun night out, Loraine and her friends sat with me. We actually had 6 tables so this was our biggest group I think we have had at Harvey’s. After the show Kim gave us all a hug and said she would see us next month.

Well it was almost midnight and we walked back to Fox & Hound, a few of us went inside to get warm as my toes were again frozen. Lorain’s two friends had left as they were going to another club so I told Lorain I would give her a ride home as they had all came down on the bus and I didn’t want her to have to take a bus home at this time of night plus it was nice to have someone ride with me even if only part of the way. It really was a fun day all the way around.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Susan, you look awesome!…even the make girl should be proud…hehehe

    Comment by Cass | January 15, 2013 | Reply

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