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Cold Friday night out with friends 1/11/13

Well it has been another long week but a good one. Last night Susan entertained for her first time ever at home which was really a big step and just goes to show how much Susan has grown and evolved over the last few years and it is all because of my wonderful and supportive friends I have. Well as I said it is Friday night and I can think of nothing better than spending time with my friends so I started getting ready as I wanted to be ready to leave by 6:30 so I could be to Sweethome before 7 as it only take me 20 to 30 minutes to get there from where I live. I actually spent a lot of time tonight thinking about what I would wear as girls tend to do that plus tomorrow is our Saturday night to go to Harvey’s so had to take that into consideration. I finally decided on my grey sweater dress as it is cute and warm.

I was out the door right on time and driving down the freeway when I hit traffic and that is an understatement it was almost completely stopped. Turns out they had a stall or wreck ahead blocking the center lane so here I sat. I debated about going another rout but that would add 10 miles to my trip so I just figured not much difference well I was wrong as it took me over an hour to go 3 miles and so my 20 to 30 minute trip turned into an hour and 20 minutes so I got to Sweethome at 7:50 which is the latest I have ever been. Now I was not that bothered by the delay after all back in December I learned that it is sometime good to be delayed and in a funny way it was kind of fun to be stuck in traffic as it seemed like such a normal thing in one’s life, I mean I sit in traffic as my male self all the time right. After all that is what I want for Susan to be just as much a normal part of my life as my male self.

Well I finally made it to Sweethome and the only drawback was I missed about an hour of time I could have spent with my friends. Samantha, Cassandra, Chris, Roxy, Wilma and Amy were all there so the table was kind of full but I could squeeze on more stool in so I did between Chris and Wilma as I really wanted to talk to her. Wilma has not been out with the group for a while as she has been working a lot over the Holidays so it was great she made it as it is always nice to see her out.

Samantha has also been getting out with the group more, she is not a member but she e-mails me to see if we are going out and then drives up and joins us and for her that is about a 2 hour drive. It is great that having a group like this that does go out regularly makes it so easy for t-girls to get out as they know they won’t be alone which makes a big difference.

Katie, Bobby and Cristine also showed up. It has been awhile since Katie has been out with the group so it was good to see her. Katie didn’t stay long as her and Amy were going over to Vancouver to Tiger Lily.

Kim also made it which is nice as she has been coming out a lot with the group lately. It also gave us a chance to talk about the movie we watch last night at my place. well we found out that some of the girls loved the movie and some did not and that is okay as we all don’t need to like the same thing just accept each other’s right to their opinion, wow the same goes for how we act or dress. Funny how even small things like this mimic life. Well we all got talking about movies and Kim brought up the Rocky Horror picture show and it turns out one of the theaters here does a midnight showing of that movie every Saturday so we as a group plan on going in a couple weeks. Cassandra went over and talked to the Karaoke group about it and it looks like they are now planning on going the same night as us, how fun would that be.

Heather also showed up, she is one of the Karaoke group but do to work and other things has not been out for a while, she came over and talked with us. She is really nice and always fun to talk too. It is funny as in some ways our two groups have kind of connected which makes it a really fun place to be.

Well Karaoke started and of course Kim and Chris sang “I got you Babe” and did a fabulous job. They actually sang twice and did great both times. I even did get up once as last week I promised Kelsey I would sing with her and her and her fiancé showed up and she asked me if I was going to sing with her as I said last week so I agreed and she put our names in. we sang “old time rock and roll” and as well as I know the song being up in front with people looking at me I really had to focus and read the words so I didn’t screw up. It really was fun though and I am sure I will sing again, not by myself as I am not ready for that but I could do a duet with others. It is a little less scary when you are not up there alone.

It was a fun night and always a great way to end a week. I think friends play such a big part in one’s life, they shape who we are and I am truly blessed to have such awesome friends.

There was this one guy who kept coming over and messing with our group. He had on the horrible fake mustache and beard and was coming over and hitting on one of us after another. He even asked me to dance and I politely turned him down as I really can’t dance. Then he offered to buy me a drink or food, very persistent and I was trying to be nice but something was failure about him I just couldn’t place it. After all going out as much as I do now I have met so many people as Susan. it took this poor blonde a while to realize it was our own Michelle, she had not had time to get dressed as Michelle so she went the other way and was having fun with the group. She got everyone as none of us figured it out right away. Very funny Michelle, will have to think of something for you. Either way it was great she could still make it out with the group.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome weekend and a better week ahead.


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  1. Did anyone get a picture of Michelle? “He” was so funny……he took a Tater Tot from my plate and I’m thinking……Who is this stranger just taking food off my plate! I was totally fooled!

    Comment by Chris | January 12, 2013 | Reply

    • I think Cassandra got a picture of her. it was so funny the look on your face was si funny and probably the same look i had when he asked me to dance.
      but the best was when he was hitting on Cristine and Bobby came over. Michelle actually got behgind Cristine till she calmed Bobby down and told him who she was. Fun night

      Comment by susanmiller64 | January 12, 2013 | Reply

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