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Another new experience for Susan

Well it is Thursday night and my night to be Susan but this week is different. Instead of going out I am staying home which I never do for a couple of reasons. First Susan really likes to go out but even more important is I have this fear of someone just stopping by; it is a long story any way as I said tonight I am staying home for a really simple reason. If you read my last blog I mentioned that Kim wanted to do a movie night, she is one of the GG’s in or group, anyway tonight is the night. This also marks a first as I have never told anyone from the group where I live, oh yes they have a general idea but not the address till now. So now I am just waiting for Kim to show up.

This actually led to some other questions such as what I should wear. I debated about being Susan or my male self at least for a brief moment, Kim has never seen me other than as Susan but then again this is Susan night so yes I am Susan for the evening. It will be different to have someone else here while I am dressed as Susan. I also picked up a pizza earlier on my way home so yes I will be cooking also tonight or at least putting the pizza in the oven.

It took Kim a little while to find my place as we discovered the difference between Avenue and Street which in this case is about 10 miles. Well Kim got to my place with the movies but as it was later we only had time to watch one, so I put the pizza in and we started watching pulp fiction. The movie was good but we didn’t get much time to talk as by the time the movie got over it was getting late but it was still a lot of fun.

It is funny as just a couple of years ago I would never have had anyone over to my house while I was Susan. I guess Susan has really come a long way in the last few years.

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  1. Sounds like a fun night. So you girls didn’t paint each others toe nails, brush each others hair, drink chardonnay, and bitch about boys? My fantasy of a girl night ruined.

    Comment by Alexis Alexandra | January 11, 2013 | Reply

  2. Great to finally have a guest of Susan at your place!!!!

    Comment by Alice Green | January 11, 2013 | Reply

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