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Friday night at Sweethome

Well it has been a good week but long again for my male side but now that we are past the Holidays it should start to settle down and be less busy. I always look forward to Friday nights as I get to spend them with my good friends; well actually I look more on them as Family now. I really am lucky to have found such wonderful people in my life. Now the fact I got o go out Thursday night for dinner with Stefia this makes 2 nights in a row for Susan, by the way if you looked at last night’s blog I had a blonde moment when I wrote it and put the picture of us having dinner a year ago in instead of the one from Thursday night so I have updated the picture to the correct one.

Well the biggest news this week is I have registered for Diva Las Vegas which this year is April 14 – 19, actually there are 3 from our group who are going for sure a few others thinking about it plus a couple who will fly in for just a few days of it so it will be a blast. I missed last year but had so much fun in 2010 & 2011 that I just have to go back. If you are transgender you must check out their web page . Registration is open now to those who have gone before but on February 1 they will open it up to anyone who has subscribed to their mailing list, which by the way most months you only get 1 e-mail accept for the couple months leading up to Diva Las Vegas and a couple months after when they are looking for feedback and pictures so no need to worry about getting a ton of e-mails from them. March 1 they will open it to anyone for registration and then the signups for event will begging the end of March and yes it is in order of when you registered but this is really not that big a deal as most things do not have limits for how many can go. Plus booking a hotel now is the best time as prices are good. We have already booked a few rooms at the Quad (formerly the Imperial Palace where we have stayed). It is not on their recommended list this year simply because they are remolding it. we checked the rates before Christmas and they were a little over $500 for the 6 nights (Sunday through Friday) but the last few weeks they have really come down and I think we got $252 taxes included for the 6 nights so with 2 in each room you can’t beat the price. By the way they do get some T-Girls from all over the world here so a great way to meet new people.

Well as I said it is Friday night and I am going out with my friends so I got all ready and off I went. I got there and Chris, Roxy, Samantha and Amy were already there, it is great seeing girls out earlier now. Sweethome is really a nice place and yes we could go other places and do other things which would be fun don’t get me wrong but for me it is the social part, spending time with my friends and that could be anyplace, it is all about the people you are with.

Kim showed up which is so awesome as she has been coming out a lot and she is so much fun. So cool to find a GG that is okay with transgender people. Actually our group has a lot of GG’s that are supportive of us not to mention the people we have met here at Sweethome. Any way Kim and I had a chance to talk which was fun; we even talked about movies and maybe doing a movie night sometime which would be fun. She had to work Saturday so couldn’t stay to late but was awesome to see her.

Melissa and Heather also showed up again this week which was cool, again 2 more GG’s that love us. It was funny as Cassandra could not make it out tonight and she was so bored at home she kept texting us, Chris, Melissa and me to see what was going on so at one point all three of us were texting her at the same time. Cristine and Bobby also showed up, Cristine is going to Diva Las Vegas too and also registered today so we are both set.

Lynn also made it although Jan had to work, she is the wife of Jan and still came out to spend time with our group, and she is another very supportive GG in our group. I guess I am really lucky to be involved in such a diverse supportive group. Well it was time for Karaoke and that is always fun. Several of our group sang and all did awesome including Chris, Heather and Lynn. It was just an all round wonderful evening.

Even some of the regulars from Sweethome look forward to seeing us there each week. Kelsey showed up and I have talked to her many times but last week she came over and talked with several of us for about 30 minutes so of course she came over again and asked me if I was going to sing Karaoke with her, any way I wasn’t sure but promised her I would next Friday and we even decided which song we would sing. There is no way I would go up and sing by myself but singing with someone else I think I can do.

Well it was after midnight and I was the last one from our group still there and getting ready to leave when Jodi came over and sat with me. She is one of the bartenders here a couple nights a week but has Fridays off but loves it so much here she still comes in on her days off. We had a good time talking plus I still wasn’t ready to call it a night. Even Paul the owner came over and talked with us how cool is that. I got to know a little about him, turns out he bought the bar in 2006 and at that time Levi the bar tender was already working there as was Peter, seems they came with the bar. Now I know I am going to date myself here but it reminds me of the TV show Cheers, for those who don’t remember this Google it. Cheers was a friendly neighborhood bar and par of the theme song was “where everyone knows your name” and that really is the best way to describe this place. Well it was almost 1 am when I finally left. It was a really fun night and a great way to start the weekend.

Remember that life is a journey and it is the people we meet along the way and the friendships we form that really make life wonderful.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.


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