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Last Friday of the year with my friends

Well it has been another long and busy week for my male side so again no midweek outing, it has been a month sense I have been out to Starbucks but then the holidays can do that. I had an awesome Christmas with family coming to town and yes that means all traces of Susan had to be hid away. it is funny as over the last year going out so much and as I live by myself Susan’s stuff has kind of mingled with her male counterparts stuff where I use to be really careful to keep them separate. I was really worried I might miss something and someone else would find it, actually I did but I was the one who found it first. It was a lot of work hiding everything for a couple of days plus it felt like I was getting rid of Susan as least temporarily which was not a good feeling. It gives on perspective as I know Susan is a big part of me and will never go away just like my male side. It was nice though to spend the time with my family and I guess the few days of Susan being locked away was worth it. I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful Christmas and got time to spend with family and friends as that is really the best present you can get.

Oh and here is just a little side note, one of the girls in our group has opened a restaurant and bar called Tiger Lily located at 1109 Washington St. in Vancouver, WA 98660, her name is Jackie Stone and I just wanted to give her a little plug here to help support another T-Girl who is starting a business. I have not been there yet but hope to soon but several of the girls from the group have gone and all say it is really good and very comfortable so if you are in Vancouver Washington please check her place out and once I go there I will let you know my thoughts.

Well as I said it was a busy week so I got home late which means Susan had to rush to get ready which is okay on occasion but I do really like the fun relaxing time getting Susan ready. It was almost 7 when I left home so I got to Sweethome about 7:30 so being later than normal I had to park out on the street, I parked right behind another car which turned out to be Laura so we walked in together. Amy, Cassandra, Chris and Roxy were already there. Well it turns out Levi the bar tender is sick tonight so Jodie was working; now here is the funny part. I have met here on many occasions here and even got pictures with her but did not know she worked here as Friday night is her normal night off so she has come in as a customer, I guess we do learn a little more each day.

There were two women playing video poker and chatting with us as our table was right next to them well after they finished they came over and asked if they could join us. Their names were Jennifer and Maria and they were just awesome and they thought we were pretty great too. They actually hung out with us all night long.

Well more of our group started to show up and again we had a great turnout including some girls that don’t get out mush. Well I had ordered dinner and was eating when I almost fell off my chair as Melissa and Heather walked in, they have not been out with the group for a long time. We have kept in touch on facebook and the occasional text but well the last time I saw either of them Melissa had shaved her head and as you can see from the picture her hair is almost down to her shoulders now, Melissa is the one on the left side of picture. It was so awesome to see them again. It was wonderful to talk with them and catch up on what is new; yes facebook is great for keeping up with friends and so is e-mail and texting but nothing is as nice as sitting face to face and talking. I think that is the one bad thing about technology is we are losing the personal connection between people. Don’t get me wrong as technology is great and does give us a lot of advantages as through my facebook and this blog I have met some awesome friends around the world that I would never have known if it was not for the internet but if I ever won the lottery I would love to travel sand meet them in person. Any way Heather was commenting that she hasn’t added any new pictures to her facebook page and yes I will send her the above picture but what a great excuse to have another picture taken, yes Susan like most T-Girls love to have their picture taken.

Well by 9:30 the bar was getting busy but with the Holiday not overly busy but it was a fun night. It was finally time for Karaoke and several of our group sang and did a wonderful job. Blue also showed up and of course came over and talked with us, she is one of the Karaoke group and that group has been so wonderful to us here. We talked for a bit and of course I had to find out how things were with her and the guy she met a couple weeks ago you know girl talk.

Well it was getting late and most of our group had left, Jennifer and Maria also left but said they would be back again on Friday nights so hopefully we will see them again as they really were fun. Kelsey one of the girls who comes in to sing came over and talked with us, I have met here once before here but this was the first time we have really talked. She was also really nice. She is the one who wanted me to sing with here awhile back that I told her I would the next week as that night she had had a little much to drink and I figured she wouldn’t remember the next week. Well again tonight she asked me to sing with her and I promise next Friday I would but tonight she had not drank as much so I may find myself singing next Friday. We will see.

Well we all paid our bills and put our coats on and were ready to leave when another woman came over to talk to us, she just wanted to tell us how nice we looked and how you don’t see woman dress up like we were as much anymore. What a nice compliment and of course we all thanked her and exchanged names but as I had another blonde moment I can’t recall here name. Now on her comment about woman not dressing up as much anymore I just want to clarify that that is okay. For us T-Girls we get a limited amount of time dressing so we are willing to put in the time and effort, but dressing every day this would be a lot of work. Even with going out about twice a week for the last few years if you add all the times I have ever dressed as Susan it would probably only be about 2 years of dressing if I did it every day. So for me it is still fun and exciting to try the different looks, makeup, dresses and heels. Most girls get this dressing by the time they are in their early teens. But all that matters is that one is happy with whom they are in life and live their life the way they want to.

Thanks for reading and may you all have a Happy and safe New Year!


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