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Susan’s first wedding and no it was not mine

Well today was another first for Susan, I got to go to a wedding as Susan. Two of my friends Maya & Darla got married; actually they got married on Wednesday but had a second wedding Saturday for all their T-girls friend plus Maya really wanted to wear a wedding dress. I have been to weddings before but this one I was really looking forward to.

The wedding started at 3 pm so I was needed to leave by 2 pm. I was all ready to leave and even though it was early afternoon on a Saturday I didn’t even look outside to see if it was clear as two of my neighbors already know about this side of me, after words I thought I should have looked as the rest of my neighbors I hope don’t know but being a rainy day no one was outside.

I got to their new house about 2:45 and went in. They have just bought the house and have not moved in so they had it all set up for the wedding. It really is a beautiful home with hard wood floors and a huge deck. The two brides were upstairs getting ready for their big day again, how lucky to be able to have two weddings in 3 days. Darla had a few of her co-workers there and the rest were from our group. It was a small wedding I would say 20 people but it was the most fun wedding I have ever been to. The house was beautiful, Peggy did the flowers and helped with both weddings and did a fabulous job. Peggy and Cassandra along with Jan & Lynn were in the wedding party which made it special as you had two married couples from our group standing up with them so 3 T-girls and 3 GG’s, the perfect wedding. The brides came in and both looked so beautiful and happy and the ceremony was beautiful.

After the ceremony there were so many pictures taken and everyone wanted a picture with the brides including Susan so here is the picture. This is Darla, Me and Maya and yes it is intimidating to be in pictures with two beautiful brides. I think it is every T-girls dream to wear a wedding dress and not only got to wear one but to do it while marring such a wonderful and supportive wife. You can see how happy they are from the smiles on their faces. Afterward they did the cake cutting and it was a beautiful cake. We were all wondering which one would smear the cake on the others face first, they came close a couple times but neither wanted to mess up their makeup which I can totally understand.

They had a professional photographer there and for the life of me I can’t remember her name but she was awesome and she was taking pictures of everyone after the wedding so as you know how much T-girls like to have their pictures taken we were all lining up. Those pictures will be in a future blog as she will be focusing on the first wedding Wednesday first as those are the ones for all their family and then she will get to the pictures from Saturday. I really can’t wait to see them. Any way she was so awesome and friendly to everyone I just had to get a picture with her after all she should at least be in one picture. She was so cute just wish she had worn heels as I towered over her. I asked if when she touched up the photos if she could make me shorter and she laughed.

They had so much food for after the wedding they could have fed 50 people but it was so good. It was funny as Peggy made this awesome punch that needed pineapple juice and we discovered as we were putting it together that as they have not moved in yet they had no can opener to open the can. I pulled my MacGyver and opened the can with an old key and flashlight, for those too young to remember this show this will not make sense. Well we got this taken care of and discovered there was no cork screw to open the wine and for that we had to send someone to the store.

We had an awesome time talking and taking more pictures and then it was time to pick things up. It was funny to see all of us moving chairs and tables in our dresses and heels. We go the chairs out to Peggy’s car and working on the tables and Cassandra turned the on over and tried to take it apart and finally said, “This table does not come apart” at which point Peggy walked over twisted and the base and support came apart and we all broke up laughing and of course I promised Cassandra this would be in my blog so here you are. After that May and Darla headed home to change before going to the Boiler Room. I stayed and helped Peggy clean up while the rest went to the Boiler room. It really only took about 30 minutes and yes even cleaning up was fun although I did take my heels off as my feet were starting to hurt.

We got to the Boiler room about 7:15 and they were already a little busy, turns out tonight was Santa Con. I had never heard of Santa Con, December 15 people everywhere dress in Santa or Mrs. Santa outfits and go out and the streets of Portland were full of Santa’s. The bartender Amanda was there tonight and of course remembered all of us including me which is awesome as the last time I was there was last summer. Any way while we were there two girls came over in really cute Santa outfits, they were there for the Santa con, the one was celebrating her 30th birthday and the other was her mom and they wanted to meet us and of course get a picture and I was only too happy to agree. It was such a fun day and night and we all had a wonderful time.

I want to thank Maya and Darla for doing a second wedding and including us in their special day. You two are awesome and I wish you both every happiness in your life together.

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