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Great night out with my friends

Well it has been a long and ruff week for me and I was so looking forward to my Friday night out with my friends, actually I think more of them as my big quirky lovable family. We have different views on some things politics being one but in the end we all share a common bond of femininity and not just the T-girls in the group. The wives, girlfriends and even the GG’s in the group accept us all for who we are and the admirers in the group are just as accepting. Having a group like this is awesome and it has helped shape not only who I am but each and every member in the group. Besides I needed to be with friends and have some fun out with the girls.

As I was getting ready to go out I was thinking about what I could wear as the other group at Sweethome known as the Karaoke group who by the way I am happy to call friends as they have accepted us there were doing a theme night for one of their member’s birthday. It was a 1920’s – 1930’s gangster night. Now as a guy I could have put on my suit and been good as that is what men wore back then but the woman I guess what you would call flapper dresses and cute little hats and this is something my limited wardrobe is missing. The closes thing I have is my blue dress which is kind of layered so that was my choice for the night. I also decided to wear my one black wig that kind of has the era style, the big thing I thought was my makeup as I could do it in that look of course most woman back then wore red lipstick which is my favorite color and I tend to wear it a lot on Fridays.

Well I got to Sweethome just a little after 7 and Chris, Amy, Roxy and Samantha were all ready there. It was so great to be out with my friends, I got to talk with Samantha for a bit. Seems one of her neighbors saw her leave tonight so she is wondering if they figured it out and what or if they will say anything. I know that feeling so well as do most T-Girls. Soon more girls started to show up, from our group Cristine, Jan, Lynn and myself were the only ones who dressed for their theme night and Jan and Cristine really did a good job. It was so nice of them to include us in this as it did make us feel like part of the bigger group and yes even though only a few of us dressed the theme even their own group not everyone was in theme. Heather, one of the girls from their group wore this beautiful Aqua blue dress which it turns out was here prom dress and she looked amazing. Most of their group wore hats and they really looked good and of course they had a great time.

We had a good turnout maybe 15 again which is becoming our normal amount which is nice to see our girls getting out again. We always have such a fun time when we are out together. How awesome is it for a group of T-Girls to be able to get together and go out not only on a weekly basis but 2 or 3 times a week. This kind of support is so wonderful and makes it so easy to be who we truly are inside and for me that is a combination of female and male. Where ever you live find some friends to hang out with, join a group and if there is not one nearby start a group. One of the great things about being Susan is hugs, it is very common for females to hug where men almost never do this at least not with the same gender and that is sad as a hug gives you such a good and warm feeling. Everyone needs hugs throughout their day as it just makes you feel wonderful so if you have a friend give them a hug.

Kim showed up tonight which was awesome as she is such a nice person and fun to talk with. Her and Chris were going to well they did sing a duet in karaoke. They sang “the love shack” and did an awesome job and just had so much fun. I am still thinking about trying to sing one of these Fridays, I actually have a Christmas song I could probably do an okay job at but someone else sang it tonight and I didn’t want to repeat it, not a great excuse but it is the best one I have. I was a little more quiet tonight then normal from the long stressful week but being out with my friend and spending time as Susan really did help and what better way to start a weekend.

It was after 2 and by now it was just Cassandra and me and we were getting ready to leave when Bleue came over and sat with us to talk. She is one of the Karaoke group and has always been nice and said hi but it was nice to just sit and talk with her. Sadly I couldn’t remember her name and had to ask, I didn’t feel too bad as she couldn’t remember mine either. When she told me Blue I instantly remembered it as she has Blue hair and the first time I met her I told her I would remember it as her name and hair were the same, and yes the blue hair on her looks good. We chatted for a while and had a nice time. Mark the guy who does host the Karaoke came over and talked to us also and told us how nice it was our group was coming there. It is things like this that make one feel happy and accepted. Sweethome is really a wonderful accepting place to go and have a fun night out.

Well we finally left and my car had ice on the windshield which is the first time in a long time so had to sit and let my car warm up which when you are in a dress and open toed shoes you feel the cold more. It was a fun night and I think I got home around 2. I went straight to bed as I do have to get up a little early as I have this blog to update and a few things to do and then I have to start getting Susan ready as she has a wedding to go to today. How fun will that be? Maya one of the T-girls from our group got married to Darla who is a GG from our group on Wednesday, this was their traditional wedding for Family, today they are having another one for all their t-girl friends and yes both will wear wedding dresses today. Susan has never been to a weeding and this will be such a fun thing so yes there will be another blog and maybe some pictures.

Thanks for reading

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