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Friday night out with the girls

Well it has been another long week for Susan’s male self so there was no chance to get out during the week so I was really looking forward to Friday night with my friends. We always have such a fun time when we go out together and Sweethome is such an awesome and friendly place to go. I find my time as Susan is so relaxing for me but also I think spending time with my friends has the same effect so it is such a wonderful evening and anything that is wrong in my life is gone by the end of the night, Friends really do make you happy.

Well I spent a little more time getting ready tonight, a little over 1 ½ hours, now it really doesn’t take me that long to get ready but I find the time spent transforming myself into Susan is also very relaxing and just plain fun. Carefully doing your makeup, nails, hair or in my case wig and of course clothes. I guess I am just making up for when I was little and didn’t get the chance to play dress up. How much fun would that have been if when I was say 6 to 14 if I could have been able to dress up like all the other little girls. Any way I was out my door by 6:30 and on my way.

I got to Sweethome before 7 and for the first time in weeks was able to park in their parking lot which really is a big thing as they only have 4 parking spots. Cassandra and Chris were the only 2 from our group there so far but there were several other people there playing video lottery. They actually do a good business here for their video lottery, they have 6 or 7 machines but I would say there were at least 3 people playing the whole time we were there from 7 till almost 1:30 and it is like that every Friday. Well I ordered dinner as this girl was hungry and they really do have wonderful food here. It was kind of slow till about a little after 8 when people started to show up including girls from our group. I think we had about 15 from our group here tonight which makes it a lot of fun.

One of the girls, I really should learn her name, came over to our table from the Karaoke group. The next two weeks they have birthdays in their groups on Friday nights and they are doing a theme night and wanted to invite us to participate in it. Next Friday is a gangster night so they are dressing up in outfits from the 1920-1930 so for the woman it would be like flapper dresses. I am not sure I can find an outfit like that so may just wear my little black dress and just do my makeup in that time period look. The following Friday is Rocky Horror picture show night and again I don’t think I have anything I could wear for that. Either way it will be a lot of fun and how cool is it that they included us in it.

Well Danielle was there, the first time in several weeks, she is the GG that contacted me on Facebook and told me about this place so really without her we would never have found Sweethome. I only got to talk with her for a short time which was too bad as she really is nice but it was my turn to play pool. I played against Petra and it was a close game. She was down to the 8 ball and I still had 2 balls but one was right in front of the corner and it was my shot. I had a good shot at the one ball but the only problem was if I missed Petra would have an easy shot at the 8 but if I made it I could run the table so I took the shot and missed so I lost but a really good game.

Lorraine also made it again tonight and she brought her boyfriend for a little bit, I think he had to go to work so he wasn’t there long. We have met him before at the P-Club and he is also very nice. Any way I got a chance to talk with Lorraine for a while. Later Michelle, Lorraine and I were talking and of course we had to get a few pictures this is the 3 of us. It was a really fun night.

The Karaoke was awesome as usual with Lorraine, Chris, Lynn and even Jan Singing and they all did an awesome job. It really looks like so much fun and I have thought about giving it a try but I can’t get past the fear of being up in front of people singing which makes no sense as I have no problem going out dressed as Susan and could care less what people think. Well maybe I will get over this fear someday.

Later on Tania showed up with a bunch of her friends. I actually met her here several weeks ago and she was the one that wanted me to sing with her. She is also really awesome, should have got a picture with her also but forgot. She introduced me to her fiancée and 4 of her friends and for the life of me I can’t remember any of their names, giving this blonde that much information all at once is just too much. Any way they were all really nice and we had a fun time. It really is a fun place to go on a Friday night.

Well it was late and after 1 when we left. I cannot think of a better way to end a long busy week than with friends.

Thanks for reading.

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