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Saturday night out with friends at Harvey’s Comedy Club

Well tonight was Susan’s 4th night in a row out this week which is more than I normally go out but it just worked out this way. Tonight our group was going to Harvey’s Comedy Club which is always such a fun night out. As normal the plan for those who can is to meet at Fox & hound at 7 for drinks and snacks and a little social time before the show. Actually we do this as parking is easier here than by Harvey’s and it is only a 7 block walk from there.

I was out my door and on my way by 6:20 which was good as I didn’t know how traffic was. I got to Fox & Hound at 6:50 and found a parking spot right outside the door. I went in and I was the first one there so I got a table and waited. It was only a couple minutes when Kim showed up so it gave us a chance to talk. It really wasn’t long before others started to show up. By about 8 we had 13 of us there at Fox & Hound, Amy & Petra showed up just to have dinner with us. We tried to talk them into going to Harvey’s but they couldn’t but was still awesome to see them out. We had a great time and finally it was 8:30 and time to walk over to Harvey’s and yes I remembered my umbrella as rain and Susan do not mix. Actually it was just barely raining but still in 7 blocks I am sure my makeup would have run. I walked with Pam and Bobbi which gave me a chance to talk with them more; they are a very nice couple.

We got to Harvey’s and went into their lounge and found the rest of our group we actually had 20 of us there for the show. More people started to show up and the lounge got full so we knew there would be a good crowd tonight. A couple girls wanted to get their pictures taken with us and after all I and most of our group never turn down a chance to have our picture taken so we agreed as long as we could also get a picture with also so out came the cameras. These two girls were so awesome and took pictures with several of us. We were all having such a fun time and what better way to pass time waiting for the show to start. As I was looking around I noticed several other people taking pictures of us including another woman so I went over and asked her if she wanted to get a picture of her with me and of course she did, after all who wouldn’t. She also let me get a picture with her which is the next picture here. I really wish I had thought to at least ask their names but what can I say I had a blonde moment. Actually she ended up getting her picture with several of the girls also. It was turning out to be a really fun night.

Well we had a great time talking but finally it was time to go in for the show, Kim our waitress had our tables already for us which kind of makes you feel important while others had to wait to be seated we just walked in to our tables. It didn’t take long for the showroom to fill up. Kim came and took our orders, she is so awesome and remembers most of us by name and even what we want so really all I had to do was say yes when she asked if I wanted what I always get

The show was really good and the MC and both comedians were awesome as always. It was funny as all the times we have gone here I can’t remember have in bad comedian, yes there was one that was not that good but still a fun night. Any way tonight’s headliner was Steven Kent McFarlin who is known as Spanky and he was awesome, we were laughing so hard by the end of the show that my sides hurt. He was truly awesome and if you ever get the chance to see his show you must.

Harvey’s is such a fun night out and if you like comedy you really should go check them out. Good food, great staff and an awesome show what could be a more fun night. We have never had a bad night there and the staff treats us so well. Well after the show was over we took some more pictures as I needed well wanted a few more pictures to post. Well the show was over and time to head back to fox & Hound where we had parked. It was late and I was going to go home. Any way as we left it was really raining so out came the umbrella’s after all this is Portland Oregon. The walk back was not bad but did discover that walking in the rain even with an umbrella your feet get wet in open toe heels and yes they also get cold. Any way we were stopped at an intersection waiting for a light when a cab went by and hit a puddle and yes you guessed it sprayed water all over my feet and lower legs, luckily I was wearing a dress that was above the knees so the dress did not get wet as that would have been terrible. It still was a fun night and I look forward to the next night out at Harvey’s.

Thanks for reading.

Shania and Susan at Harvey’s Comedy Club

Susan and Bobbi at Harvey’s Comedy Club


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  1. Susan,

    Great blog as always. It was wonderful to see you and go to Harvey’s with everyone. It has been a very long time since I laughed so much. I should have stayed a little longer.


    Comment by Sandy | December 8, 2012 | Reply

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