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Wow a fun night with friends and an end to a long week

Well it is Friday night again and the end of a very long week not only for my male self but also for Susan. If you have been reading my blogs you will see this is the 3rd night in a row Susan has gotten out. I usually try to limit my Susan time to twice a week but there are those occasions that pop up now and then that only Susan can handle and since there are weeks that I may not get out at all heaven forbid I think it all works out in the end. Now some people may say if I like it why do I set limits so here are my words of wisdom on this and this is for me and not others. As much as I enjoy being Susan I also enjoy, like and need my male side too. For me I need balance and just the same way I won’t deny my Susan side I also can’t deny my male side. Look at it this way, I love Ice Cream and cookies but I can’t eat them all the time and they can’t be my only source of food or Susan would not fit in any of her dresses. I think finding a balance that is right for you is what makes you happy, it may be once a month, week or a little everyday but it is something we all have to figure out for ourselves and I am lucky as I have figured it out after many years.

Any way I started getting ready a little early as I knew some would be at Sweethome early as they were going to watch a college football game, sounds funny for a group of men to dress as woman to go to a bar to watch football. Any way as I was getting ready and as I had time I tried a different look on my eyes. It turned out well and I wish I had thought enough to get a picture but I am blonde and tend to forget things like that. Any way it took me a lot longer to do my eyes as I had a lot more blending to do.

I got to Sweethome about 6:45 so still earlier than normal and Cassandra, Chris and Roxy were already there. Cassandra had gotten there at 5 and Chris & Roxy just a little before 6. Cassandra had already eaten so I went ahead and ordered dinner as I was hungry as I skipped lunch to try and get home and get ready to go out early. I even made it early enough to catch the end of the game not that Susan or my male self for that matter is that big of a football fan, but what is important is spending time with my friends.

Well where we sit we can see outside whenever someone comes in and it wasn’t long after I got there that it really started to rain hard and every time the door opened you could just see the rain coming down and of course I left my umbrella in the car, another blonde moment. Well it was about 7:30 when other girls started to show up, first was Samantha. She comes up from Eugene Oregon every once in a while, she is not actually a member of the group but found out about our group from my blog here so when she is coming up she e-mails me to see if we will be out and where so I guess my blog does serve a purpose other than just being an online diary of my life as Susan. Any way Samantha is really nice and always fun to hang out with.

A few of the Karaoke group started to show up as some get there early like us. Heather was trying to hang some decorations as it turns out her sister’s husband I think was having a birthday that night. Well as I am a little taller than the average girl especially when I have my 3 ½ inch heels on I helped her as I could reach up without standing on a chair, yes the ceilings are a little low in this bar. Actually Heather is really an awesome person so it was fun to help her out.

Amy showed up which is always nice, and she brought Pam with her. This is the first time I have met Pam, Pam is married to Bobbie and they are in town because Bobbie is having some of his surgeries over the next couple weeks. Pam is totally supportive of Bobbie which is so awesome. I got to talk with her for a bit and she is really nice so it goes to show there are woman out there that are okay with transgender people. It was funny we got on the topic of how we do are nails, Cassandra and I both do them the same way. Well it turns out Cassandra carries almost all her nails with her in her purse. Well maybe not all of them but she did have 3 plastic bags and I bet enough nails to do 10 girls so Cassandra took Pam and Samantha over to a table and within 10 minutes both girls had long pink nails. Pam was thrilled and planed on wearing them back to Amy’s to show Bobbie who by the way didn’t make it out tonight as she is resting up for her surgeries. Pam said this was the first time she has ever had long nails like this. Funny to think that a GG has never had long nails, even I would probably have long nails all the time if it was okay for a man to do that.

Lorraine also showed up she has been coming out almost every week to hang out with our group. She is really fun and one of the bright spots from our time at the P-club. There is no update on the P-Club issue yet, BOLI is still preparing the case against them and I think probably sometime after January we may have a hearing date. I am still nervous about being a witness in a hearing. Any way it was fun to talk with Lorraine. We didn’t get a chance to play pool tonight as for some reason the night went by way to fast.

We had a good group again maybe 15 of us and the karaoke group was huge so the place was packed. Now as it has been a very busy week and Susan was incredibly tired so I guess it showed as Michelle one of the Karaoke girls came over and asked if I was okay as I had not been smiling like normal which was nice of her and have us a chance to talk. It was funny as I was sitting with 2 of the Michelle’s from our group so introductions were easy. Actually everyone in the Karaoke group is awesome and treats us wonderful.

Well Michelle the one from our group put in for Karaoke and wanted me and Cassandra to go up and sing with her so we did. So yes I did Karaoke tonight, not by myself but it was a start. Maybe someday I will be able to just go up and sing off key of course.

Well it was getting late almost 2 am which is the latest we have stayed here when this man who had been playing video poker walked by, he leaned next to me and said, I must tell you that you are very beautiful. I turned and said thank you at which point he heard my voice and I am guessing got a closer look at me because his next words were Holly shit you’re a guy, I think he was not bothered by the fact I was a crossdresser as the fact that he didn’t realize it before he spoke. He just smiled and walked away over to the bar and that was the end but Cassandra, Cristine and I all broke out into giggles. Now I have had men tall me I was beautiful before but have always wondered if they knew I was a guy first or not. This is the first time that I know of that the person really thought I was a GG when he made the comment so it made my night.

Well as it poured rain all night long I was not looking forward to going out and getting wet, Susan and rain do not get along as it makes my makeup run. Well it was about 2:20 am when we finally left and as luck would have it, it had stopped raining so I guess someone was looking out for this pore girl.

Thanks for reading; I have added an old picture here as I want to try some of the picture features the wordpress has without messing up one of my previous blogs. Although the dress I am wearing is the same one I wore tonight. It was taken at Harvey’s Comedy club several months ago. It is Cassandra, Diane and me before the show.

Out at Harvey's Comedy Club

Cassandra, Diane and Susan

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  1. Susan,

    As all your blogs, this one is exquisitely delicious…especially for those who are fairly new to CD and have never “gone out” en femme. Thank you for your exuberance and spirit and for showing us “The Promised Land.”


    Randa Lane

    Comment by pi314chron | December 2, 2012 | Reply

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