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Wednesday night out for dinner

Well it is Wednesday night and I really hadn’t planned on going out but Cassandra sent a text to the group and wanted to know if we wanted to put $5 in on some Powerball tickets as a group. The jackpot was 550 million dollars so I figured I had to take a chance. Cassandra was going to buy the tickets all we had to do was get her our money so it was an excuse to go out not that I really needed one. Besides it would be nice to go out to dinner with my awesome friends.

I made it downtown by 6:30 and several of the girls were already there, Chris, Roxy, Michelle, Cristine, Cassandra, Kim, Victoria and Amy. I got Cassandra my $5 and I was in. we had a blast talking about what we would all do if we won the jackpot even though we all knew we probably wouldn’t it was fun to think about it.

Well we all moved to a table and ordered dinner as we kept talking about and having a good time. It was after 7 and Cassandra wanted to check the tickets and I just kept saying let’s wait after all till we checked the tickets we were all winners and having so much fun. Cassandra finally couldn’t take it anymore and went and checked our tickets and we won, well $4 which was better than nothing. Since we had 18 of us put in $5 we had agreed to take our winnings and buy another ticket.

Even though we didn’t win we still had a wonderful time. It was fun to spend some time with them and have a great evening out but as always the night went by so fast. Soon it was after 9 and the group was going over to CC Slaughters and it was time for me to head home. I really do have some awesome friends.


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