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Friday night after Thanksgiving

I just wanted to start by wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving just a little late. I had a wonderful time with my family but as they know nothing about Susan or this side of my life Susan had to be all boxed up and put away for a few days. Actually most is always put away with the makeup which is all over my bathroom. It is funny about how much makeup one does have and you don’t think about it till you really have to make sure it is all put away. Any way as it is something that is not often said which is a shame I would like to let you all know how Thankful I am for all my wonderful friends who read my blog, are friends on facebook or Flickr, you have all in some small way helped shape Susan and become the person she is today. I think the key is to know you are not alone and have friends that will support you, so again Thanks to my great big extended family here and have a safe and happy Holiday season.

Well Friday night and it was time to get ready and go out for a fun night with my friends. I was getting ready and doing my makeup which did take longer tonight as I said I had put it all away so it messed up my routine as things were out of place and I had to look for things and also really think about what I was doing. It really is funny how accustomed we get to things. I really am a creature of habit as I found that I did things out of my normal order as I really had to think about what I was doing. When I was all done I took one final look in the mirror and something was not right, I had forgot my blush so I took a few moments and put everything back in there places in the drawer so next time it will be easier.

Well I was out the door and on my way and it was really raining so traffic was slow so it took just a little longer to get to Sweethome than normal. There parking lot was already full which isn’t saying much since they only have room for 4 cars so I had to park on the street which isn’t that bad except for the rain which had eased up some but as I was worried about my makeup I had to use my umbrella. This is one of those differences between male and female self, my male self would not have cared about this light of a rain.

Inside I found that Cassandra, Chris and Roxy were already there, they tend to get there earlier as Roxy has to work early on Saturdays so she doesn’t stay out to late. We talked a little especially about our Thanksgiving. Chris went over to Cassandra’s house and cooked Thanksgiving dinner and they had several of the group over which is nice. Well as normal it wasn’t long before more girls started to show up, we are starting to get our normal Friday night group back like we use to have before the P-Club asked us not to come back. I do think having a normal place we go every Friday night does help make it easier for some girls to get out as they feel more comfortable which is good but it can also be nice to try new places. Cassandra and I talked about it as we both also like the Boiler room, we talked about maybe doing a Saturday night out at the Boiler room maybe once a month which would be fun as we always have a fun time there also. Well we all ordered dinner, tonight’s special was chicken cordon blue which was very good by the way, they really do have good food here.

It was time to play some pool so I put my quarters on the table to play the winner and it turns out I got to play Cassandra who is probably our best player so she is the one everyone wants to win against. It was a good game and I was making some good shots but I still had 2 balls when Cassandra got to the 8 ball, she missed so it was my turn and I did well. I sunk both balls and the 8 ball to win so my night was awesome. I played a couple more games before losing. I made an effort to talk at least a little with everyone from our group tonight, sure hope I didn’t miss anyone.

Heather one of the girls from the Karaoke group that comes in was there, she is always so nice and talks with us and treats us all wonderful. She had on this really cute black dress and heels and looks so cute; I had to tell her how beautiful she looked. This is always a hard thing to do as I never want to come across as making it sound like they didn’t look good before which she always looks good but there is just something about a woman in a dress and heels that makes a statement. For me and our group we tend to always were dresses and heels when we can and I think it is because we only get to do it on a limited basis were as if you can dress this way all the time then I can see where it might not be as big of a deal.

Lorraine also made it again tonight which is always awesome; she is so wonderful and fun to be around. We had a good time talking and she even played Cassandra a game of pool and almost won. I got a chance to play pool again and won 5 games in a row including two games against regulars not from our group. It is so cool that we can intermingle with the other customers here and have a good time. I can really see where my pool game has improved over the last 2 years as I play more.

Well it was time for Karaoke and of course Chris, Lorraine and Lynn all sang and did an awesome job, actually everyone who sang did a great job. It would be fun to get up there and sing if I could just get over my fear of what people would think. It still amazes me that I worry about what they think of my singing but am so at ease about going out as Susan, any way Lorraine asked me several time what I was going to sing and I kind of promised her I would sing next week so now I have that to think about.

Any way we had another awesome night out and soon it was almost 1 which is earlier than we normal leave but with the busy last couple days we were all tired so we called it a night. As we left it was raining and you could see it had been raining hard from all the standing water in the parking lot so out came my umbrella again. Now this is the only bad part of being Susan, as I stepped out I had to walk through little puddles of water and as I had on my heels with open toes my feet got wet, well only my toes as my heels could have gone through a 3″ puddle and stayed dry. My toes got wet and cold but there was nothing I could do but keep going, the one drawback to open toed heels, they are not warm and will not keep your feet dry in the rain but it is a small price to pay for such cute shoes.

Now on the way home I was thinking, my toes are starting to look bad and I need a pedicure but with the busy time of year now I am not sure when I will have time to go and get one which by the way is awesome so I decided I will do my own again. Of course I don’t have any nail polish remover at home which means stopping at a store on the way home. So I made a quick stop at Walgreens for some nail polish remover and a bottle of top coat. So that is going to be my Saturday afternoon me time, watching a movie and painting my toes a pretty red color, what better way to spend a relaxing day.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I recently got a pedicure as a gift, I chose red. It was fun and made a statement and I loved the colour. I will not chose red again because it stained my toe nails. I never had this problem with other colours. I did enjoy the pedicure and back wax experiance, it made me feel like a million bucks!


    Prince George BC Canada

    Comment by Briana9519 | November 25, 2012 | Reply

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