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Another Friday night in my life a Susan

Well it is another Friday and another long week so I am glad it is over. I seem to really look forward to Fridays as I get to spend Friday nights not only as Susan but also with my best friends. Don’t get me wrong as I have some awesome friends in my male life also but my male life is and I hate to put it this way but my regular everyday life where Susan is my fun time. I heard a long time ago what keeps you young and healthy is having goals or things you can look forward to and for me that is my time as Susan and I really believe this to be true. So if you do not have goals in your life or something to look forward to you need to find something

Well I was already to leave my house yes I took extra time tonight to get ready as that is part of what I enjoy about being Susan, the getting ready and doing my makeup. Now it gets dark way before I leave and yes I still look out my front window even though at least two of my neighbors know, I guess habits are hard to break. I got in my car in the garage and started it and then opened the door like I have done so many times and started to pull out. I was about half out of the garage when I thought to myself, I had forgot to put perfume on and left my lipstick on the bathroom counter. Now the lipstick was not that big of a concern as I have gotten pretty good with doing my lips that I usually can go the whole night without needing to touch them up but I do so love my perfume and after all, all girls should smell good.

Now normally I would either just skip it for the night or pull back into my garage and shut the door but after all my neighbors do know so I just shut off my car and went back into the house with the door open and finished what needed to be done and then walked back out to my car. It really felt nice not having to hide it.

I got to sweethome and several of the group was already there so you know the group is becoming comfortable there, as when we first started going there if you were there by 7:30 you were the first one there and now some show up before 7. It is nice to get there early as it is less crowded and give us a chance to talk. They do have a juke box that people play and if I had to find one bad thing about this place it is the volume on the juke box but then again where we sit is pretty close to it. Now the conversation did eventually go to politics and the election this week and even in our group of t-girls we have different political views so some were happy and some were not. Now I am not going to get deep into politics here as that is not what this blog is about but however you voted was your right and I support your views, if you did not vote shame on you. We live in a great country and what makes it great is our freedom which we exercise every election and if you don’t vote then you really have no reason to complain. Now I know some people say their vote does not matter and I will admit that can be true but I feel we all still have a duty to vote our conscious. There is a city just north of where I live that twice in the last 20 years have decided their mayor race with a flip of a coin because after the election it was an even tie so people there who didn’t vote felt bad. Okay enough of that. Even talking politics the girls out last night were able to express their views and still be friends in the group. I think this is what makes our group so wonderful. We are all a little different but accept each other for who we are without judging them, wow how wonderful the world would be if everyone could do this.

Well we all ordered dinner and by the way Sweethome has wonderful food and always some kind of dinner special. More girls started to show up around 8 and that always makes it more fun. We had a really good turnout, I would guess 15 but it really is hard to count here as we actually have so much interaction with the other customer here. Not only the staff here but also the customers in general are not only okay with our group being here but they are happy we are here which is awesome and makes you feel great inside.

Lorraine showed up and she is always so much fun, we sat and talked for a while and yes we got on the subject of James Bond as the new Bond opened this week. I really need to go see it as I do like James Bond. Any way we had a good conversation on the subject. Victoria and Michelle came over and joined in and the 4 of us just kept talking. At one point I got out my camera to show Lorraine the pictures from the Halloween party. Lorraine is not a member of our group so all she could see were the pictures I had posted to my facebbok page. It was a lot of fun.

I did play one game of pool against Cassandra and came close to winning but on my 8 ball shot I scratched and lost but had a lot of fun. Cassandra was really on her game and won like 6 in a row so I don’t feel that bad. several of us talked about Diva Las Vegas in the spring and we have 4 that are planning on going and a few more that are thinking about it so that will be a lot of fun.

About 10 they got the Karaoke going and that always brings in people, actually there is another group that most Fridays have more people than our group there, they are known as the Karaoke group in the bar and they are so much fun. We have a blast with them and as I said our groups do tend to intermingle which is awesome. It really is a fun night out and we always have a blast. The hard part is some of us are torn now as it would be nice to try other places and also go back to the Boiler Room. We have also always been treated awesome at the Boiler room and have fun there also. The question is do we pick maybe one Friday a month to go to the Boiler Room or someplace different or do we maybe pick another night like Saturday. Years ago when I joined the group Saturday was the big night out and now on Saturdays we don’t do much except Harvey’s once a month and a party. Fridays are our big night out followed by Wednesday’s and of course now Monday night for football so our group is active 3 nights a week. Maybe I will have to talk to some of the other girls for their thoughts.

Well it was almost 2 when the last of our group, me included left and yet the bar was still busy and Karaoke still going strong. What a fun night but I will feel it tomorrow.

Well thanks for reading and have a great weekend

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