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Friday with friend’s awesome ending to a long week

Well it has been another long week for my male side and tonight I didn’t get off work till late so it was after 5 when I got home. This use to bother me as it took so long to get ready but as with anything practice helps improve everything we do and now I can get ready in an hour or so when I have to. I still like to take my time and enjoy the experience of becoming Susan but tonight it was all about being out with my friends. I think the biggest issue is deciding what outfit to wear, tonight was lucky as I went with my second choice. It really is funny as my male self never puts so much effort into what to wear. Susan does though, shoes have to match the outfit, what color lipstick am I wearing, even how I do my eye makeup may change what I wear. I think this is one of the joys of being Susan. any way I was on my way just a little later than normal and as it gets dark now by 6:30 I don’t have to really worry about my neighbors seeing me leave plus the fact they know about this side of me now so I am not really sure why I think about it any way. By the way they still seem fine about it although with the cold rainy weather we don’t run into each other as much outside.

Anyway I got to Sweethome just a little after 7 and their small parking lot was full so had to park on the street about a block away, it is still early but dark outside so this does give a little concern as it should to any female. One can never be too carful no matter who you are. I got out and chose to walk down the street along the cars instead of on the sidewalk. Portland streets are very beautiful as they are all tree lined but this does make them a lot darker this time of year plus the sidewalks were all covered with wet leaves and being in open toed heels just didn’t want to get my pretty shoes dirty, such a girly concerned.

Well I got inside to find Cassandra, Chris, Roxy and Michelle already there so I joined them. Levi the bar tender brought me my drink, how cool as he remembers what most of us drink and is totally cool with us being there. Cassandra and I talked about Diva Las Vegas this coming year. We are both planning on going and there are 2 others that have said they were going which will make at least 4 of us. She was checking room rates on the strip and they are a lot higher than last year so she is worried. I think it is just so far out they are still hopeful of selling rooms that the prices are high and believe once it gets closer they will drop some. Any way we talked about staying off the strip as those hotel casinos are always less expensive and since Diva Las Vegas is not about one place it really does not matter where you stay.

Well it wasn’t long and more from our group started to show up. Now here is the funny part as we have 3 Michelle’s in our group and all 3 showed up here tonight. One of the Michelle’s this was the first time I have met her. Actually her first time out ever as Michelle was last Monday night and then again on Wednesday night so this was only her 3rd time out. She seem really nice and we chatted a while across the table. It was nice to meet her and I hope she comes out more.

Eva also made it, she use to go out with the group about 3 years ago but she never became a member so when we quit going to Embers she lost contact with us. Not sure how she found us again but she met us last Friday here and again tonight. I sent her an invite to join our group this way she can join and know where we will be out and when. She is also very nice and fun to talk with. She even got up and sang Karaoke.

Bobbie also showed up and yes we have 2 Bobbie’s also and both were there so can be a little confusing. Any way the one Bobbie I think this is the first time I have seen her out in public, she came to the first Halloween party 4 years ago and was also at the Halloween party last week. I got a good chance to talk with her at the party and again last night. It was great to see here out as she really is nice and fun to talk with. I really am not sure how many from out group was there but would guess 18 give or take some. It really was a good turnout.

Yes we did play pool, I played one of the regulars and won and this was after she beat Cassandra so I was pretty happy as I really did have a good game. I played a couple more games and won so I was having a good night at pool. In my 4th game I made some really good shots and was down to the 8 ball. My only shot was to bank it off the far end and pull it back to the corner between a couple other balls. I called the shot and did it perfectly and even sunk it in the right corner. The problem was as the cue ball rolled down the table on the side one of the other ball that had been hit came off the side rail and across the table and hit the cue ball just as it passed the side pocket and you guessed it, it fell in the pocket as a scratch so I lost. It really was an awesome shot.

It was a little less crowded this week as the other group that is always there on Friday night to sing Karaoke was not there. I had talked with several of them last week and it turns out Karaoke is not their only interest. They are also into Science Fiction and it turns out this weekend was a big Science fiction convention here in Portland called OryCon and they were all going to this. Seems they all dress up as their favorite character from Science Fiction. I am sure they had a fun time but it made it a lot quieter here and we missed them. Now there were others there including Rachel, she is actually the one that told me about this place and got us to come here. She is really awesome and she and a group of her friends were there and they were a blast. We played pool against several of them and just had a really good time interacting with them. It was so much fun and as always the night went by way to fast. It was almost 1:30 when the last few of us left. One of the girls there wanted me to sing karaoke with her before we left and I talked my way out of it by telling her I would next Friday so yes I may have to sing next week.

It was a really fun night and I can think of no better way to end a long week then being out with my best friends. I hope each and everyone of you have an awesome weekend. Thanks for reading.

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