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Awesome Halloween Party 2012

Wow what an awesome night! It was are 4th annual Halloween Party that Cassandra and Peggy host every year and they really go all out. I think most of the group looks forward to this all year long as there are some girls that this is their only chance to go out. In have had my costume for a few weeks but up to now had not put the whole thing together so I gave myself extra time. I started getting ready at 3 with the hope of being all ready by 5:30. Actually the look went together really well and I was happy with how it turned out. I have never really done a Smokey eye look so this was my fist attempt and think it turned out well and I was ready to leave by 5.

I got to the party thinking I would be early and there were already. Now I know you all are wondering about my costume so here is a picture. This is probably the skimpiest costume I have ever worn but it was a lot of fun. What really made this costume work was I went bare foot so I was one of the shorter girls at the party. Now I thought I would be cold in this costume but I really was quite comfortable.

It was an awesome party and the decorations were incredible, Peggy really outdid herself. She started decorating the first of the month to get ready. She put so much time and energy into making this party perfect. I brought a vegetable tray and this year I got it beforehand instead of on the way as my costume was a little too well just didn’t want to stop and go shopping in a cold store dressed like this.

Well there was so much food and all of it was awesome. By about 6:30 people started to show up and the costumes were really good. Now Cassandra and Peggy had a dance floor set up and of course they also had Karaoke. Now I am not a dancer so that was out of the question but I was going to do Karaoke as I have done it the last two years even though I can’t sing.

It was so much fun to see all my friends and spend a fun night with them. There was even a new girl Ashley who made it to the party, it was her first time out. She had on this really cute devil outfit. She really looked good and very passable. I think this is what makes these parties as wonderful as for those who have never been out before it really is a safe and accepting place to go. Hopefully it will give her the self confidence to go out again.

I also got to meet a girl named Bobbie for the first time. I am not sure if she has gone out before but it was nice to talk with her and get to know her. I made some new friends which is always fun. As I said earlier I did sing a song badly for Karaoke and then a little later we did something called suicide Karaoke. This is where you draw a number and get a song to sing by random. Luckily I was 7 to sing and the songs before me were different. Some a lot harder to sing then others but all songs I was familiar with. My turn finally came and wouldn’t you know it I got a song I have never heard before, country western which is why. Boy did I suck at this song but it was fun. I also got to follow Cassandra which made it easier as she set the bar pretty low.

We took so many pictures; I think I uploaded 98 to our group page. It was such a fun night. We even voted on best costumes in 4 different categories. Actually they had so many prizes, costumes, dancing, and singing as I said Cassandra and Peggy go way over board for this party. It was so much fun and yes I did try to do a little belly dancing if you can call it that. Actually by the end of the night I was kind of getting the hang of it as long as I didn’t go longer than 10 seconds. It was a fun night and a fun costume.

I am not sure how many people were there but I would guess more then 50. A couple of us tried counting but it really is hard as people circulate around the house. Now I am going to include a couple more pictures. This is Kim and me, she crossdressed the other way for the party and had a great costume. This is not a great shot of me but it shows my eyes which I really worked hard on to get this look so I had to include it. Her costume was really good and really original. She had a trench coat and was actually a flasher. Now the horror of the night, I lost a finger nail, AI am not sure where or when but one popped off my pinky finger. This is the first time I have lost a finger nail without actually hitting it on something and knowing it. It was so funny as I was worried about it even though I knew no one would probably even notice.

The last picture is Teresa and me. Again not a great picture but I just love the way my eyes look in this picture. It was such a fun night and went by so fast. Soon it was after 1 am and time for this girl to head home, as always it takes a while to say good bye to everyone. Well when I got home around 2 am I took the time to upload all my pictures to the group while I got ready for bed and changed back to my male self. As I was getting my camera out of my purse I found my nail. It must have popped off when I was getting my camera out. It was just an awesome night and I have some wonderful pictures for memories.

I want to Thank Cassandra and Peggy for all they did for this party including opening their home to us. You two are truly awesome people.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy fun Halloween.

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