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Thursdays quick shopping trip and then to Starbuck’s

Well it has been a fun day today. I got off work early had some over time to make up for so it gave me a chance to get out a little early. Actually I needed some more foundation which means a trip to the MAC counter at Nordstrom’s. I was out of the house a little before 5 and got to deal with the rush hour traffic. Driving down the freeway as Susan is kind of interesting as you wonder if the people in the cars you go by can tell but in rush hours when you are just crawling along if someone figures it out you may be stuck next to them. The good thing is most people are too focused on the traffic to really pay attention to people in other cars.

I got to Lloyd center about 5:40 which with traffic was good. My first stop was the food court as I was hungry as I skipped eating to get out early. There was no problem standing in line and really no one paid attention to me as I think they were all focused on food. From here I went back to Nordstrom’s and to the MAC counter. I have always been treated well here and they are so helpful. I got my foundation and was on my way by 6:15. It was a pretty quick trip but still fun.

I got to Starbucks a little before 7 which really surprised me as traffic was better than on the way there. They were not that busy and the girls behind the counter asked how my day was going and of course knew what I wanted to drink, a cool lime refresher. The funny thing is I switched to this for the summer when it was hot and now with the weather getting cold it will be time for something hot again so I will probably confuse them for a bit.

Although they were not very busy I couldn’t get a table within reach of my power cord so tonight is all battery power so I will see how long my computer lasts, it should have enough power to make it till they close. Stefia stopped by for a few minutes in boy mode tonight. I have seen her a couple times that way. She won’t be able to make it to the Halloween party coming up which is sad. I am so looking forward to it though. It should be so much fun.

I have my costume already and from the sounds of it we should have a really good turnout. Funny a lot of t-girls are way more comfortable going to a private party at a home then out in public. I can remember back when I was so scared to go out for fear someone would say something or someone I knew would recognized me and yes these are still concerns for me but not that scary any more. Any way the last couple years this party has had around 80 people at it yes not all there at the same time as some come early and don’t stay that late and others come late but still it is always a good turnout and so many good costumes. It is always a good time to catch up with those you don’t see out. I must remember to get batteries for my camera before the party. I plan on taking a lot of pictures for the group. Always nice to try to get a picture of everyone that wants their picture taken. I am always careful of this and never post a picture of someone without asking first and that is something everyone in the group does. But I will for sure have a picture of my costume to post.

Well need to get some work done now before they close. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend and hope you all are ready for Halloween as it is almost here.


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  1. Hi!
    I admire Susan’s courage as she has expanded out more and more into the public. As this is my first year at dressing out for a halloween party. I will be going as myself Briana. I appreciate these articals from Susan as they give me more courage to be more out in my community.

    Thanks Susan!

    Comment by Briana | October 21, 2012 | Reply

  2. I’m always amazed at how quickly you get ready. And I hope that we get to see a lot of pictures from you Halloween party. I’ve already started guessing what you will be…

    Comment by Alexis Alexandra | October 23, 2012 | Reply

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