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Going to Harvey’s Comedy club Saturday night

Well it is Saturday night and our group is going to Harvey’s Comedy Club. Last I heard we had 21 of us going so should be a lot of fun. I got all dressed up and was out the door. Funny as I still looked out to see if my neighbors were out even though I know they now know about Susan, think it was just out of habit. I got downtown Portland at 7 and wow there was no parking so I had to park about 3 blocks away. Julie pulled in right next to me so we walked together to Fox & Hound. On the way at one of the intersections were two men and the one asked if he could take our picture so of course we had to stop as I hate to miss a photo opt. after he took the picture I asked if he wanted his picture taken with us and he did so his friend took another picture of the 3 of us. They thanked us and asked us where we were going and I told him Harvey’s Comedy club to which the one said oh you two performing there. yes they must have thought we were drag queens, I think most people just assume a guy in a dress is a performer. We both smiled and I just said no we were just out for a fun night and to see the show. They seemed fine with this and we were off again walking to Fox & Hound.

Wilma, Cassandra, Guinn, Brenna & Silver were already there and it was just 7. Well we put some tables together and waited for others to show up. A couple of the girls ordered food the rest of us just drinks as we wanted to eat at Harvey’s. it wasn’t long before others started to show up, Victoria, Michelle and Teresa. we had an enjoyable time just chatting amongst ourselves. I got a chance to talk to Teresa as she sat next to me which was nice as she does not get out as much as she use to.

Well about 8:15 we left and walked the 8 blocks to Harvey’s, yes I forgot and wore my 3″1/2 inch spike heels so I walked slower but then again most of the girls had heels so I wasn’t alone. We got there by 8:30 and since the ticket window doesn’t open till 8:45 we just went into the lounge to wait. Jan & her wife Lynn were already inside at the bar. Jenn showed up next turns out she got to Fox & Hound just a few minutes after we left so she had to walk by herself which is something I hate to see. Cristine, Bobbie, Sophia and her wife Lorna also showed up. Now I don’t know why I thought of it but tonight I remembered I had my Camera and since I haven’t been taking many pictures I figured this was a good chance. Well being blonde I never thought to check the batteries which I haven’t changed in a long time so I only got a few pictures before the batteries went dead but a few are better than none. The first one is Jenn, me and Michelle. Michelle’s yellow dress was really cute; I need to start getting some more color in my wardrobe as most of my stuff is black. When I first started dressing I always leaned to black as I felt colors didn’t look as good on me but as you can see from my dress I am starting to expand my colors. I actually love the dress I am wearing.

This is a picture of Me with Brenna; she has not joined the group yet but then again has only been in Portland a short time. She is just so much fun to be around as she has so much energy. I guess youth will do that for you. Michelle also showed up yes pour group has more than one Michelle. This Michelle just got all her paper work done so know she is legally female so she came out to celebrate with us. It has been a long time since I have seen her out but several months ago we chatted online on one of the nights I was at Starbucks. she is really happy about it so we all congratulated her. I think that is one of the greatest things about our group is that we are diverse as we have members from all areas of the transgender community.

Well my last picture is of Me with Victoria. she had on this really awesome little black dress. Well it was finally time to go into the show room for the show. We had already talked with the host to make sure we were seated in Kim’s section. Don’t get me wrong as all the staff here is awesome and treat us wonderful but Kim I think was our waitress the first night we went there and she is more like a friend. She knows most of us by name and even remembers what we want to drink and when you think we only go once a month that is pretty good. Plus she is always happy to see us.

We had really good seats which is hard to do with a group of 21. Kim came and took our orders; I of course got the chicken strips which are really good. Well it turns out Julie ordered 3 appetizer platters for the tables which was awesome of her.

The opening act was great and I wish I could remember his name as he really was good. The headliner was Mark Lundholm and he was awesome. If you get a chance to go see him you really should as he is really funny and he really interacts with the audience. It was a really fun night out with friends.

After the show both of the comedians came over and talked with us and told us how great it was for us to be there. next thing we knew they wanted a picture with our group so soon we found ourselves up on the stage with the Opening comedian so he could get a picture with us. Of all the nights for my batteries to go dead. Luckily Jenn had a camera with good batteries so there are pictures I just have to wait for her to post them. After this Mark Lundholm came up on stage to get a picture with us. It was an awesome night. Well we all walked back to Fox & Hound as a group and as it was after 12 I called it a night. We said our goodbyes and I walked to my car.

I will of course be out next Friday but the next big thing is the Halloween party on the 27th at Cassandra & Peggy’s home which I am really looking forward to. I have an awesome costume and it will be so much fun.

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