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Reflecting on the week at Starbucks.

Wow it has been an interesting couple days for Susan. I am out for the night at Starbucks and have a lot to write about. If your read my blog and I hope you do you know our group the Rose City T-Girls were asked not to come back to the P-Club back in June and 6 of us filed a complaint with BOLI in Oregon over this in early August based on gender discrimination as the sole reason we were asked not to come back was because we are transgender. Now these investigations usually take 6 months to a year to complete but we found out yesterday afternoon that BOLI had finished and after interviewing members of our group, current and past employees of the P-Club and some customers that came forward BOLI found that Chris Penner the owner of the P-Club had indeed discriminated against us based on Gender identity.

Now I was at work when text messages started flying in our group. Amy way I got a phone call and answered it thinking it might be from our Attorney’s office, well it wasn’t it was from Kaitlyn Bolduc from KPTV 12 the local fox station and she wanted to ask me some questions which was hard as I was at work she also wanted to interview me for TV. Now this sounded fun and scary at the same time but I agreed to meet her at Fox & Hound at 6:30. I then contacted Cassandra and told her so she could be there also if she wanted. She contacted the others in the complaint so we could all be there. Turns out KOIN news also contacted and wanted to interview us at 5:30 which there was no way I could make that, Cassandra, Cristine and Victoria did make it for that one though. Me I had to work to 5 so Susan was in speed mode and luckily this week I was working close to home. I got home about 5:10 and did the fastest transformation into Susan I have ever done. As I was walking out the door at 5:50, 40 minutes to go from my male self to Susan.

On the drive downtown I got caught in traffic which gave me time to think and start to worry. Not about being on TV but the fact I got ready so fast and now I was going to be interviewed on TV where everyone would see me, god I hope my makeup looks good. I got downtown Portland by 6:15 and Cassandra, Cristine, Chris, Victoria and Beth Allen our awesome attorney were already there since they had been there for the first interviews. We all talked about what this all means for the 6 of us, the group, and transgender people in general. Now that we have the finding that he discriminated against us hopefully other businesses we realize that you can’t discriminate against someone based on gender identity. This is what we wanted and with the news coverage the word is getting out so we are all happy.

Well right at 6:30 Kaitlyn Bolduc showed up with her camera man and we went outside to talk with her and be interviewed. Now mind you ever since I talked with her I had been thinking of the questions she would ask and how I would answer them as I was going to be all ready and come across really awesome on TV. I had good answers for every question I thought she might ask. We talked with her and she told us she would ask us each some questions and just to relaxed and answer how we felt which helped put me at ease. I was the first one she interviewed and I was ready for the questions. The camera was rolling and the first question she asked was please state your name you use and spell it. And a panic came over me as all I could think about was my god don’t give your male name. Susan miller came out of my mouth and then my fear turned to, oh god don’t misspell your name. Funny how when a camera is rolling on you the things you think about. My interview was probably a minute or less, she had 5 questions, the same for each of us and in the end my interview on TV was maybe 10 to 15 seconds. So that is my 15 seconds of fame. I had even practiced my feminine voice all the way down there and on camera although it wasn’t my normal voice it was closer to my male voice then the voice I had practiced.

Now I wonder if anyone will recognize me as I am sure people who know me in my male life had to have seen it. In that short time will they be able to recognize me. I have watched it on TV and several times on line (here is the link) and I must say I think it would be hard for someone to put it to together in that short of a clip as I really didn’t look that much like my male self which is good the other thing is wow the camera is not that flattering as the camera man zoomed in right on my face which really showed me not in such a feminine look. I need a little distance on film. Guess Susan being a movie star is out of the question. Although towards the end of the interview he did get a close up shot of my feet, wow I am glad I re did my toenail polish last week as my feet looked awesome.

After the interview we talked more with Kaitlyn Bolduc about the case and about Chris Penner. She had some information we had not heard yet and Beth Allen our awesome Attorney explained what happens now. Beth Allen is really awesome and if you live in the Portland area and need an Attorney I would highly recommend her.

Well after this was all over we went back inside Fox & Hound and had dinner and talked more about the complaint, most of us had not read it at this point as it all happened so fast which also made the interview a little hard as Kaitlyn asked questions about the finding that had not read yet. Well it was a little after 9 when we left Fox & Hound, most of the girls went over to CC Slaughters but I headed home as I had not even planned on being out plus to be honest I wanted to get home so I could watch the 10 o’clock news, after all I am blonde and didn’t think to set up to record the 10 o’clock news even though I was going downtown to be interviewed for it. My blonde moment.

Well after being out last night I was thinking of staying home tonight but Stefia contacted me to see if I would be at Starbucks and since she was going to meet me if I went out plus I needed to write my blog from last night and what girl would pass up a chance to go out here I am at Starbucks tonight. Stefia got here about 7:20 and we had a nice chat. It is funny how as Susan I love to sit around and talk and Stefia is nice to chat with. She caught me up on what she has been doing and also some of the people we both know. It was a fun time but as always good things must end and she had to leave a little after 8 so that gave me time to write my blog.

This week will be a busy week for Susan as I have already been out 2 days and will be out with my friends tomorrow night for are normal Friday night out as a group. This week we will be at Sweethome as the group seems to like this place and I think it is turning into our regular Friday night place which is good as it makes a lot of the girls feel more comfortable going out to a place that is familiar. And then of Course Saturday being the second Saturday of the month will be our monthly outing to Harvey’s Comedy Club. We already have 16 that have said they were going so we should have an awesome night as always. Any way I will of course blog about these nights also.

Thanks for reading.

Kaitlyn Bolduc

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  1. Hi Sysan

    Wow! Way to go. Loved the clip, you come across so natural. So pleased for you and your group. It’s great to share in this whole action via your blog from beginning to end and I look forward to hearing any other repurcussions. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m rushing now, but will come back later. Just wanted to show my huge support for you.

    Hugs TinaCortina x

    Comment by TinaCortina | October 13, 2012 | Reply

  2. […] In October 2012 BOLI found that we were discriminated against in violation of law. […]

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